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What Would Dating Luhan Be Like

aaah, luhan 💕💖  the reason I found kpop in the first place (one day I googled celebs born on the same day as me & this beautiful boy popped up so I decided to investigate & nearly 5 years later, I’ve never looked back)

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  • first of all, he will always avidly avoid q’s about his age
  • “oh, lu, how old are you this birthday again?” you try to tease
  • before being picked up & thrown on the bed
  • and as he’s littering your neck with open mouthed kisses, you’re thinking ‘shit, was I saying something? I guess not if I can’t remember??’
  • impressing you with his rubix cube skillz
  • also, them finger skillz tho
  • sometimes wondering who luhan loves more; you or minseok
  • trying to make lu jealous by praising minseok like “wow, he looks so cool playing football” or “wow, his coffee tastes so great”
  • and luhan’s like “yeah, minseok is really great, isn’t he?”
  • you’ve even walked in on them watching tv, with luhan’s arm thrown over the back of the couch, that’s quickly removed when he sees you
  • “am I interrupting something?” you wonder
  • tbh they’re probably just watching a football game
  • or just some sport in general
  • no matter how much he adores minseok, he’ll always love you more
  • and shows it in little ways
  • like making you wear his hats
  • or complimenting your cooking since his is crap lol
  • he’s not quite ready for kids yet, but he would like them in the future. so he settles for getting a cat in the meantime
  • and to practice
  • this cat is SPOILED lemme tell you
  • he makes sure to buy her lots of treats, pets her all the time, and all around just loves her
  • which shows how good of a dad he’ll be
  • some day
  • if you’re unafraid of heights, please don’t drag him to rollercoasters or something like that. he’ll probably go to keep you happy & look “manly” but inside he’s oh so scared & terrified
  • so please don’t make him
  • but, if you’re like me, then you two will have lots of cute dates on the ground
  • because nope to heights
  • just nope
  • well, cute dates are whenever possible of course
  • as he’s always busy
  • you make special appearances on his youtube channel, most likely on ‘The Theater of Running Lu’
  • alongside your spoiled cat hahaha
  • he has so much patience
  • so fights are rare
  • but explosive when they happen, esp if he thinks he’s right
  • yet, he’s usually still the first to apologise
  • not having you by his side at night is too much for him to handle
  • his family already consider you family
  • also, side note: he smells so good
  • like, really, really good
  • the greatest
  • it’s a masculine cologne/spray type of scent that lingers when he leaves
  • 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌
  • pulls funny faces to make you laugh
  • his derp face is everything lbr
  • so if you want to annoy him just say
  • “ah, but you’re still so pretty!”
  • and find yourself once again on the bed, manly marks being left on your neck, thinking ‘was something happening before this? I don’t think so’
  • lu’s the type to be like
  • “look at my beautiful human” and show you off everywhere
  • not shy about PDA
  • it makes him feel manly
  • calls you his ‘queen/king’
  • asks your advice a lot, since he cherishes your opinion and you giving earnest opinions that are all in order to look after him, just makes him melt inside
  • night routines of brushing your teeth together then cuddling in bed with the cat at your feet
  • overall, the relationship is filled with adoration, trust and devotion
  • with a healthy dash of smut and cuddles

When I was in high school I had an amazing math teacher.  He was an old hippie from a tiny mining town in Pennsylvania and spoke with a voice full of gravel that could rival Tom Waits.  He was a journalist, a story teller, a blues singer and musician.  He helped make the literal internet, some of the first computers.  One of his professors at MIT held the plutonium in his lap in the back of a car on the way to the testing site.  He touched so many people in his lifetime and everyone he ever met was struck so hard they became dizzy after he sat them down and talked to them.

He used to give me extra credit in his class when I drew pictures for him.  He made us recite our favorite poems and gave us all nicknames, made us all enjoy math and learning, taught us that everything was inextricably intertwingled.  

I remember someone asking him why he was a teacher when he could be working at NASA or a “better job”.  He chuckled in that old voice of his and told them that kids were the future and asked why the man had so little foresight.

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Pidgy!! I just wanted to say hi ;3; I hope you're doing okay! <3

WHY HELLO!!! (-^   O ^-) thank you!!! i am so SO okay! better than okay! my sister just brought me home a great big Crystal Pepsi slurpee that makes me look like a kitty cat!!! XD HAHAHAH!!! i’m queen of the world right now!

Kuroshitsuji: How about a College AU? It’s the Foreign Languages crew. The Earl is flunking German and The Bass is… fluent? He’ll tutor for a taste.

(I took much liberty in piercing and inking this demon.)

I blame you both, @impala-pilot67 @kurobruja

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You don't believe in domesticating animals yet you own a pet cat? HAHAHAH 😂😂😂😂

Oh gosh. Okay. The domestic cat isn’t just a tame version of their wild counterpart. Domesticating an animal is a long process where the result is usually an animal that will by its very nature, almost by design, be depended on humans. It’s a new species. And apparently you’re implying the right thing to do after realizing domestication is wrong is to ignore the millions of helpless domesticated animals that we created and leave them to be killed in shelters or cities or wild. Adopting and taking care of a domesticated animal is not domestication, or supporting domestication, it’s taking responsibility for what we’ve done.