hahahah boring

I draw Lizzy too much xD Maybe i’m boring you? Hahahah i’m sorry ;v;

Should i finish this? I can make a few more decent pics for this theme~ 

Lizzy is such a great model for my designs :D [Yeah, i suck at fashion but i try since i like it!]

We all know that Adrien Agreste likes to make puns...

But you know who else made a pun in Episode 14 Kung Food?

That’s right. Evil Papillon not only made a pun on dish but he also made sure his mini villain ACTED on the pun by cooking a dinner dish lol.

hence Adrien’s dad Gabriel Agreste is Evil Papillon. he possesses high level pun skills lmfao.



the thing abt alison is she pushed emily to find someone better for her and someone better than ben, and in this entire scene (4x11) what alison is really saying is

“you’re not happy with this dude, u need to accept /who u are/, also ben’s a loser & you deserve sm better & to be happy” 

and she always had a rlly good eye for who was/wasn’t worthy of herself/& friends

yet here she is dating Lorenzo…… like I can’t tell if we’re supposed to accept this relationship as “alison’s trying to date a ‘good’ guy for once” or “alison doesn’t feel like she deserves anything good after what she’s done” hence the relationship & boring asf dude & hence her pushing emily away/avoiding her 

???? i just don’t understand lorenzo’s place in this story!!! why is he here???