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can you recc me a few more of your fav movies? they don't have to be scary!

sure! these are just random, in no particular order!

SnowPiercer (This is a Korean film, but with a few hollywood actors like Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton. It’s one of my fav movies, it’s so weird and surreal. It’s about the last people on earth have to take refuge in this constantly moving train to stay out of the freezing cold. The people at the front of the train are more elite, and the people at the back are poor, and it’s about their uprising and travels to the front of the train!)

The Taking of Deborah Logan (A horror movie where some college students are trying to do a case study for the effects of Alzheimer’s on Deborah Logan, but she has something much more sinister than Alzheimer’s)

Triangle (very very surreal movie that just made me contemplate life. It’s about time loops, and patterns that the main character Jess experiences when she and some survivors of a boat wreck find “safety” on this cruise ship. So creepy.)

Predestination (fucked up, it fucked me up so bad. More time loops and shit like that.)

Silence of the Lambs (I think we all know this one hahaha)

Sinister (just one of my fav horror movies starring Ethan Hawke. It’s nothing too special, I just really like it for some reason?)

4TH OF July. So today was the first time in 5 long years that I’ve been home for bot only summer but America’s birthday. It’s funny cause in the 12 hours I’ve been home my family has already reminded me why I do what I do. I couldn’t be happier right now. So take a moment raise your glasses and say a toast to my brothers and sisters around the world who can’t be home right now cheers yall. Happy 4th of July, god bless you all and god bless America.

I’m about to be super bitter in 3…2..1

I get that DSOTM has a 4th of July moment in it, but I get angry every time I see it on my dash.