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opinion on shrooms???

i dont like drugs. esp psychedelics don’t trust that shit hahahah gonna unlock fuckin schizophrenia in me i swear haha ain’t ready to go not 2day

bookstore gothic

You work at a bookstore. 

It took you longer than you’d like to admit to realize that the bookstore is alive.

Circulation, cycles. Books in, books out. The bookstore is breathing. The rows upon rows of shelf-ribs expand and contract with their inventory as you constantly shelve and pull and straighten.

The dust. The dust is constant. You breathe it in. It seeks to consume you. The bookstore is digesting you, slowly. It means you no harm, it’s just unaware that you’re alive. You will be all paper on the inside soon.

You make ads online for the books. You describe each one - the condition, the contents, the most attractive photo of the jacket. Best foot forward. It wants to meet people in the area. It needs a good home. Someone will pay you good money to own it. To devour it. You put your hand on its spine and shudder.

People comment on the lovely smell of old books, but you’ve long since stopped being able to smell it.

The books are shelved by author - crime thrillers, fantasy, and horror all neck to neck. You laugh, because the lights over a popular horror author’s books are always flickering out. You laugh, as you shove your arm back into the dark, cobwebby back corner bottom shelf, shoulder-deep, and feel around for the requisite backstock. You laugh and laugh.

There’s extra books left over after pulling stock for orders today. They join the extra books held over from yesterday. And the day before. Who ordered these books? Why are they here? They overflow the holding shelf. No one knows. There’s more tomorrow. When you come in on Monday, they’re gone again.

The last copy of an expensive book suddenly slides out of your arms and spirals toward the ground. Did it land on a corner, a spine, or flat? You squeeze your eyes shut and pray.

The music in the shipping department is always the same 80’s scream-metal tape. The shipping guy is silent, and constantly moving. He keeps his head down, hands seeking boxes, jacket covers, and tape with practiced deftness. He repairs, binds, unbinds. Always moving. You bring him more flyers, always more flyers. The big laser printer has burned out. The flyers have run low. You try to fix it. He looks up and speaks only to ask for more flyers.

There’s one customer who pays well, but will only speak in ‘pirate’. Customer service is stumped - you help puzzle it out. You are elected to interpret for him. Pirate interpretor. You sweat as the messages become increasingly cryptic and erratic - you think he might be angry. Did you misplace an Arr? They look on expectantly.

The publishers are desperate. The small ones fold, the large ones merge. It’s the economy, they say. They urge James Patterson for one more book. You wonder how long his co-authors can hold out, Paetro, Karp, deJonge, Roughan, Grabenstein, Ellis. Paetro again. There are eight this year already, but a new one arrives in boxes the next day.

They bring in more boxes as you’re unboxing and shelving books. There’s no more room - you stack them higher. You fit them in sideways. You fit them in behind. They keep bringing in boxes. You keep fitting them in anyway, getting creative with space and time. You fit still more in. You don’t notice as they all leave, one by one, until they turn out the lights on you.

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$21 PER HOUR?? Jesus christ i'm moving to Australia

Hahahaha that’s like a pretty average wage for a normal aged person. For someone my age minimum wage is about $18 per hour so i’m not that far above everyone relax hahahah x


i was tagged by openletters14 , thank you my lovely<3

Nickname: its either Tasha, Tash, Nasha, Nat, Noodle or Tish Tash Tosh

Star sign: Sagittarius 

Gender: Female

Height: around 5′2-5′3

Time and date: 17:08, 29/05/2015

Average amount of sleep: school days its around 6, any other it varies like sometimes i dont even sleep because that’s how wild i am hah 

Lucky number: 15, no idea why 

School uniform: I just left school however it was a black polo shirt, either a black skater skirt or black trousers/jeans and black shoes like vans. Black to match my soul yay

How many blankets I sleep with: in the winter i sleep with two, but in the summer i sleep with a duvet

Favourite books: The Maze Runner or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I tag: hopedreamssoul hellohiimnice gladerintheglade candorpotato carryonmywaywardllama limping-newt iluvtintin

Exo reaction #66

Hii! thank you for your request!  I put this to expectation vs reality, cause for those people who are new on this fandom might think that all of them are playboys,but in realitys most of them are just silly boys, who can be really shy when it’s up to love. ENJOY!<333



Hi babe, my lips are ready






*expectation* You know… There’s something else i want to lick..

*Reality* Hi there… 

D.o: *Expectation*  Come just a little bit closer 

*Reality* What do i say to her?

Kai: *expectation* Oh babe… give me more

*Reality* HAHAHAH! Okay this is a little bit akward, but can i have your number?

Kris: *expectation* Hi babe… I’m Wu Yifan, but you can call me Galaxy… and what should we call you… my style?

*Reality* … Ummm… Hi I’m Galaxy Fanfan… and … This… is … swaggy?…wait… you know me already… sorry… i….

Lay: *expectation* Hi… Have i ever told you how beautiful you are?

*Reality* Hehheh… hi Y/N


*expectation*Hi there babe, now you have two deer you can ride on ;) … (BUM!!!)


Sehun: Okay… Sehun…there she is.  you can do this…

*expectation* Hi there! How are you?



*expectation* Hello…I’m Suho… the gardian of Exo

*Reality* omg there she is… what do i say?


*expectation* Hi there pretty girl, how are you doing?

*Reality*  *Baekhyun tells something funny about Tao*

umm… okay this doesn’t help at all…


*expectation* Hi! want to do something what you will never forget?

*Reality* Hi Y/N…umm… there’s something i want to tell you…

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I need a reaction gif for exaggeratedly rolling your eyes. I just did that to a guy who kept moving in front of me in the mirror (at the gym). Hahahah my inner thoughts have started to become my actions. I have been pretty good at internalizing things otherwise. I even am in a really good mood at work.


Oh somewhere Bill Clinton is sending notes that I imagine go like this

“Karma is a bitch.

Peace & love,


to some peeps this week.

So GOP thought they were too clever, they went after BC and boom impeachment. Only the men who were yelling the loudest where in fact themselves cheating on their wives…

Newt Gingrich, the one who led the impeachment effort because BC Lewinski’d himself, was also cheating.. 2 other GOP leaders at that time, were as well…. so they plucked this dude from nowhere to lead the party….. and now he too, he of family values, he too, = sexual misconduct.

Nabbed by the Feds paying off the victim. Appears its a SM with a former male student too (this part might get corrected). Oh worst of all, he was nabbed because of the first version of the Patriot Act HE passed in Congress when he was the GOP leader.


Oh Karma…

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Who do you think is the seme: Phun or Noh?

well, actually in the novel they are a reversible couple, in the series that’s not explicit (but probably it’s gonna be explicit very soon? IDK but well I hope it hehehe) but well, IMHO, at first I preferred Phun as THE seme but well recently I’ve started liking also Noh as a seme… idk, after watching THAT PREVIEW (that HELLA ASSERTIVE NOH, do u remember? okay) I’d love to see also Noh as a seme so well… okay a reversible couple is the best choice after all, I think hehehe xxD


I was looking for some nice CapWhite’s pics and I FOUND THIS ONE ?!? hahah…. How come I haven’t seen it before, srsly… okay sorry couldn’t help posting it lmfaooo Cap is getting a overpowering seme here srsly hahaha xD