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Tbh I have this headcanon that Hanzo craves affection and touch half the time and the other half he doesn't like being touched at all. Bonus McCree being really confused the first time Hanzo gets clingy and rolls with it, but when McCree goes to hug him and he shrinks away McCree is like ??? What. But he gets the hang of it and eventually can usually tell what mood Han is in.

yeah i HC both parties have moments/nights/days when touching is THE BEST (having both been touch-starved AF after years alone on the run) or touching is a NO NO, considering their past abuses/traumas. but as they grow closer, they learn how to support each other when bad days hit. whether that’s providing psychical comfort or their presence/emotional support or even space. but there are DEFINITELY days when they can’t keep their hands off each other -like in the “i love you and i’m still here” or “i love you lets do nothing but cuddle all day” kind of ways. sorry i went off on a rant hahahaa
i love my boys and they need to be McHeld. 

So ranunculusranunculusranunculus drew some Highland Fling  fanart which made me want to read it again (or at least listen to the podcast this time), which made me want to draw fanart of it too hahahaa

I tried to make a compromise between my design and the one picascribit gave in the fic. I think it worked out pretty well if I do say so myself :)