101 shows, 4 legs, 9 months, 4 talented band-members and one big amazing crowd. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Sounds Live Feels Live

Yung gusto ko din ireblog yung mga “send me hearts” or “ask questions to me” pero hahahaahahah wala namang magsesend 😂😂😂😂🔫

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Maaari bang pagbigyan... aalis na nga... maaari bang hawakan ang iyong mga kamay sana ay maabot ng langit ang iyong mga ngiti sana ay masilip :((( wala napakanta lang ako dahil sa url mo

diiii lang ikaw, di lang ikaw ang nahihi– i mean ang taong nagTA sakin ng ganyan HAHAHAAHAHAH kanta lang po sige para sa inyo talaga yan ahihihi jk

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Acho que eu e vc daríamos super certo, se vc n fosse apxd por outra pessoa... vc gosta de alguém né? Sou a menina q crusha vc, vou me apresentar aqui por "N" agr, é a inicial do meu nome, e vou te chamar de "R" já q é a inicial do seu, fica melhor eu acho kkk. ♡

eu amo alguém porém não é recíproco então é foda hahahaahahah que amorzinho, por que tu acha que daria certo comigo? sou azar na certa poxa, oi N ♥️ 

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I thought it was Calum or Ash 😱😳

Hahahaahahah I love them all dearly I’m just saying from when I met them the one I was had over heels for was Luke :3



I almost started writing smut but was like “NOOOOPEEE TOO EARLY!!” and I just embarrassed myself soo hahahaahahah NO SMUT NEVER!!!

Tobio is so cheesy and so sdjhfbdsoihfiwselfesh in my fics, why can’t I have a kageyama? A Hinata would be good as well…Can I have a kagehina in my life? Yes please ;-;

reading letters btwn the founders and other revolutionary war figures can be interesting, but 90% of the time all they’re saying is, “did you get my last letter??” and “why don’t you write me more?” and “i miss you wtf write me more” or “haha my letter must have gotten lost or smth cause of course you wouldn’t neglect me like this hahahaahahah please write me more”

5 Ships I’ll go Down With

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1. Mr and Mrs. Leia Organa [Han Solo x Leia Organa] Star Wars

2. Philinda [Phil Coulson x Melinda May] Agents of SHIELD

3. Han x Leia 2.0 Aka Sparky [John Sheppard x Elizabeth Weir] Stargate Atlantis

4. Gay - Angry Hanleia aka Kylux [Kylo Ren x General Hux] Star Wars

5. Clintasha [ Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff] - MCU [WHICH WILL RISE AGAIN! HAHAHAAHAHAH bte that’s a manip]

BONUS - FINNREY [Finn x Rey] Star Wars

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Jungkook - True Love

Upon meeting Jeon Jungkook on We Got Married and becoming your virtual husband for a season– the both of you recently revealed to the public that your affection towards each other on screen was no virtual thus your decision of dating even after the show. 

This made headline news, one being for a history made on We Got Married, another being, you’re both idols and most of all– it made headline news because you both came from two companies who supposedly, rivals in the music industry.


 The labelled you both attained. 

One of the famous magazine in the country wanted to feature the both of you for the next months issue; so here you are now, just arriving at the studio for a front cover shoot. 

“____-sshi! Welcome, welcome!” a man wearing a fisherman’s hat on and a  pair glasses with a big camera on his hands. The man whom you assumed was the photographer, extended his arm for a handshake.

You smiled sincerely and took his hand “Thank you” you replied ever so quietly. 

“Where’s Jungkook-sshi? I would’ve thought you guys would arrive at the same time?" 

"Ah… he’s on his way" 

The photographer wiggled his eyebrows at you before he burst into laughter and dismissed you to the stylist. "make our ___ look pretty!” he called out before he did some test shots on his camera. 

Seemed like the photographer was very fond of the both of you and Jungkook, you thought 


You’ve always liked getting your make-up done, it has always made you feel pretty– a princess perhaps. 

By this time you had your eyes closed as you leaned back to your seat whilst the make-up artist applied lipstick on you. 

It was subtle at first, the crimson crayon slowly masking your lips until you noticed how the lipstick kept sliding along your skin even pass you lip line. 

You heard a familiar chuckle followed by a few snickers and sighs before you opened your eyes. 

“JUNGKOOOK!” you cried the moment you met those mischievous eyes of his.

His chuckle grew into a very amused laughter, making him lean back his head whilst he place his hand on his stomach–“You…you look…you look like joker hahahaahahah” he said trying to contain his uncontrollable laughter.

 You slowly lean forward glaring at him. “You’re going to pay!” you announced as if declaring a war. 

Jungkook on the other hand gulped as his eyes grew wide. 

You perked your lips and closed your eyes. “Come my dear Jungkookie give me a smooch” you muffled against your perked lips as you approach him. 

Before you knew it he was on the run, making you smirk. 

“Jungkooook!” you whined as you ran after him. 

Jungkook, still giggling kept running away but soon stopped when he reached the dead end. He flung his arms back on the wall dramatically. “Jagiya… please… this is not the right time” he begged as you laughed evilly 

“A kiss wouldn’t kill” you said and tilted your head at him ready to give him a brief smack to smear the joker-like lipstick you had on. 

“No please!” he turned his head and dramatically closed his eyes

You laughed evilly once again before you took the last step forward and grabbed his face to your entirety.

You perked your lips again, without any hesitation you crushed your lips to his. You pulled away with a loud smooch sound “MWAAAA”

Jungkook started to chuckle and opened his eyes to look at you. “Yah you are ruthless” he said as his arms snake around your waist.

“And you’re mean” you retorted before grabbing his face one again and attacked him with kisses.

He on the other hand did not bothered to dodge your sloppy kisses as he chuckled uncontrollably but that’s before it was his turn to grab your chin and lead your lips back to his– 

Little did the both of you know,  the photographer had been watching the both of you and had been taking photos since. 

“A true love which needed no order to produce a good photograph.” the photographer mumbled with a smile at the look of the both of you and Jungkook.  The other staff members too, whom witnessed your fiasco couldn’t help but smile at the chemistry the both of you have.