Eight Days (Part 2/5)

Hahahaaaa remember when I said this was almost done three weeks ago? Laughs jokes liesss.(Though on the bright side–now five parts, eh??)

Here is part two, in all its over-written glory. I reserve the right to go back in and tweak this as needed because I know it’s a bit much but I can’t stare at it anymore. I’m pretty sure I’m making it worse.

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True to promise, The Cornish Pixie is the most properly dodgy dive bar James has encountered in ages. With paint peeling off the walls, rickety stools lining the few shabby wooden tables left standing, and a handful of aging bar-huggers who appear as if they may have very well first hunkered down for a pint around the time of the 1472 Goblin Rebellion, the locale delivers on all counts. James feels at once delighted, and vaguely in danger.

Though frankly, he feels decidedly more in danger when he inquires—politely, one last time—for Lily Evans, Jr. Quidditch Correspondent, to explain how her equally dodgy recording contraption works.

(Admittedly, it is the fourth time he’s asked.)

(Hardly his fault though, is it? The ruddy thing was wonky as hell, and who knew someone could look so bloody gorgeous while also looking so bloody homicidal?)

(Proper distracting, that. On several levels.)

“You’re not serious,” is what she says, with the look that adds, I may kill you if you are.

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Something didn’t feel right about this stranger- Auren couldn’t put her finger on it. Perhaps it was the dark clothing- hiding his face? She couldn’t get a good reading of them. Still- she put on her brave face, a wide smile as she leaned over the bar, head tilting.

“My- a little late to be roaming the streets, no?” The shorter, plump woman felt her hand began to tremble, placing it on her cheek. “But lucky you- we’re still open. Care for anything to eat? Maybe a hard drink?”

Did he even have a face under there? Did she want to know?!

I was tagged by @walking-breaking-saints to tell you all my top ten favorite bands.
Don’t be floored, I’m not into any super unknown (hahahaaaa I’m terrible) bands or anything

1. Alice in Chains
2. Pearl Jam
3. Nirvana
4. Soundgarden
5. Megadeth
6. Metallica
7. Pink Floyd (some of that is hella trippy 10/10)
8. Hater (Baby Ben’s small lil voice so cute)
9. Led Zeppelin
10. Dada (Basically just Puzzle and American Highway Flower am I trash yes I am)

Am I going to tag anyone this time? Maybe like two people!:
@there-are-five-oranges , @discogrohl , @andcovermewithdirt , @heartshinebutterfly , @apointofdelirium , @wipe-that-grunge-off-your-face
Don’t do it if you don’t want to and stuff like that or if you’ve already done it don’t feel like you have to do this that is the moral of this here

still reeling over the fact that my hair was not only patted down but rubbed and pulled at when going thru airport security when my white sis on the side didn’t have anything like that done to her 🙃🙃🙃 haaahhhhahaha do they think black people just keep weapons and drugs in their hair hahahaaaa luv it

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anonymous asked:

A Murda Inc album wouldn't be piff even tho all their collabs were fire? 😂😂😂😂 The Commissio, a DUO containing the GOAT & his HOF MC homie, would've suffered cuzza Lil-fucking-Cease? 😂😂😂😂 Imagine Puff, Big & Hov letting all that $ & a potential classic be ruined by some shitty 16's from Big's weed Uber nigga? 😂😂😂😂 U need to start requiring drug tests along with image captchas for these Q's fam 😂😂😂😂

Hahahaaaa oh man, you snapped. Big or Hov would have penned something for Cease if he couldn’t deliver you reckon? Probably. And I know X would have barked Hov and Ja all the way back to the hood for the Murder Inc. album. *plays Murdergram*