alam kong nagsisimula pa lamang tayo

kahit gaano man kalayo ang kilometro

pintig ng puso ay tugma ngunit kalmado

handa maghintay at walang magbabago

maghapon tayong magkausap sa telepono

mga tanong na nagsisimula sa kung paano

sabay nagangarap upang tuparin ang plano

ikaw lang mahal at hindi ipagpapalit kahit kanino.

aweee // ahe


How are your conversations different with a show creator as opposed to a director?

Usually I would say, the show runner has made it clear, the tone, and the intentions, and all those things. And then you know, also, a lot of time on a show, a director will come in for at most, three or four episodes, sometimes just for one, you know, maybe two. […] ‘Cause not everybody has seen every episode, you know, most directors wouldn’t have seen more than one or two of a show, unless they really were fans of it, or they really wanted to prepare this or that. 
So you know, the lines kinda get blurred a little bit, I guess. But yeah, it’s very unique, tv, and just the way that it works.