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Yeah guy, it’s over.

This was an insane weekend, omg. But it worth it, every second of it.

Thank you so much everyone who helped me with the updates, who gave me sources, and who was here following everything with me. This means a lot and that’s why I’m so happy for being part of this family.

Don’t forget to check https://sprouseharts.tumblr.com/tagged/sdcc2017 for all the updates, gifs, photoshoots and bts.

It was a pleasure share and create all this content for you guys.

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how do u rate festive ditl from 1 to 10

394823094. it will always lowkey highkey be my favorite video of theirs i think. it holds like actual emotional significance for me with respect to being one of the most comforting things i turned to when i was in a rly bad place? i feel weird saying that because i don’t necessarily love the idea of relying on dan and phil and their mundane domestic lives for emotional comfort, but the reality is that that is what i did for a few months and in some ways it was unhealthy but one part of it that was just untainted and pure was festive ditl. it’s such a good little video and i associate it with first finding dan and phil at all and everything about it feels like magic. i love it. 

hey y’all, it’s macy aka kimsjaehwan aka baekhyeun ^.^ so the other day was this blog’s one month anniversary and right after i hit 1k followers??? wow, i’m in awe, i haven’t had this blog for long but i’ve already met some incredible people, my eyes have been blessed with beautiful creations, i’ve grown as a creator/editor and i feel so comfortable in this fandom, each and every one of you are amazing and i love and appreciate you all so, so much 😖❤💕💘

thank you so much to the lovely blogs i follow, you guys bless my dash with quality content all the time and i’m so grateful to you all 🌺

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HAH so uh. i’ve been going through yet another artistic identity crisis (or just in general) and felt i wanted to go with more of a style that’s somewhat toony but also has a robust sense of structure to it, which i felt my cartoony style lacked since i feel i’m not strong enough with fundamentals to exaggerate yet.

those first sketches are but a handful of the many iterations of tiny details shifted here n there, just trying to perfect this sweet radio man! you get to see how sloppy my sketches are, and why it takes me so long to just draw One character, nvm a whole lot of them hahaha;;;

still though, i think after doodling so much i’ve settled in a design! maybe a minor change in the grand scheme of things but i’m rather happy and just need to stop myself from continuing to nitpick any further for now haha

Story Time :)

I was outside studying today and it started raining (waaah). So I’m on my bike thinking “I should put my hood up. What’s the word for hood in German again?” My brain thought, “well, it’s either Kapuze or Kapusta, but I can’t remember which.” Kapusta is the Polish word for cabbage, so I wanted to put my cabbage up to protect myself from the rain