*pabebe voice* shempre piksyur muna bago kumain ng oreo (hahaha kahit nakagatan na) hahahaha natatawa ko sa kapatid ko inupload ko ‘to sa fb ko pero private lang, pero dito nipost eno? HAHA. Feeling ko kasi ang cute ko kasi dito, kaya inupload ko hahahaha rt ni ati. Tas sabi ng kapatid ko “ate delete mo na nga yan” nasa phone nya kasi, phone nya gamit ko pamicture hahaha retrica eh, infrared eh feeler eh hahaha sabi ko, bat naman cute ko kaya sabi ng kapatid ko “luh pabebe” hahaha tas natatawa talaga ko hahahaha ok mga linggo ata yan eh last week hahaha after tsamu hahahahahahaha ok hahaha lakas maka printed animals ng headband eh haha pwe pakyut hahaha

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stop complaining u get "too many asks", I never get ANY. so shut up.

hahaha ok boo boo

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"You have the right to remain silent... Though I doubt you will." FUCK FUCK FUCK THESE 2 NEED 2 FUCK I LOVE IT

Levi releases a shaky breath, his back flush against Eren’s chest, the both of them standing and rutting against each other. Those sinful hands run up and down Levi’s chest, palming him roughly through his shirt, teasing and groping.

“Officer, why don’t you stop frisking me and we get on with this,” Levi says, voice gone ragged in need. Eren grins against his neck, licks a hungry stripe up to his ear.

Eren chuckles darkly into his ear and gives him a little push on his lower back. Levi drops forward onto the bed on his hands and knees.

“You’re going to look so good in nothing but my handcuffs.”

hahah ok but let’s be real, parents!hidekane au. Hide is the cool mom while Kaneki is the overprotective dad. And their teenage daughter brings home a boyfriend. Hide’s all excited, interrupting them all the time and bringing them sweets and drinks and Kaneki’s all worried and suspicious, asking Hide bunch of questions every time he comes back. And then Kaneki goes to check the two of them after some time and only the boy’s in the room, so he starts asking him a bunch of questions. When the daughter returns she’s like ‘oh god dad no’ and tries to push him outside and he’s like 'okay okay, i’ll go but boy, i got my EYE on you’ and he points at his left eye and leaves, feeling proud of himself.