DCI Letter Ask.

Dear _____ (Tumblr user),

You would look awesome marching _____ (Instrument / Guard equipment) because you have _____ (Reasons why). I think you would look best with _____ (Corps) because you are _____ (Reasons why).

I think that if we marched the same corps we’d be good _____ (Relationship type), because _____ (Reasons why). If not, I would love to meet you at _____ (Specific show) and we could _____ (Activity description).


_____ (Asker)

P.S. (Whatever you want to add)

it’s ridiculous that in order to keep up with everyone else in my classes I have to work 110% harder than them, I have to fight to stay awake, I have to deal with the pain, the brain fog, then I have to come home and study just to remember the stuff that they managed to remember by skimming, yet I have 10% (a bit optimistic but oh well) of the energy that they do. 

Life on tumblr just became 1000000000 times easier for me.. T~T

I just found out some keyboard shortcuts that made my life on tumblr 1000000 times better lazier and more convenient~

  • Use J (down) and K (up) keys to scroll from one post to another post
  • While using J,K keys, to reblog the last post you just stopped on just press Shift + R

I find this one the best! To those who like to queue posts:

  • While using J/K key, to queue the post you are currently on, you just press SHIFT + E and it automatically queues it for you!!!

    It saves me soo much time, imo! XD