DCI Letter Ask.

Dear _____ (Tumblr user),

You would look awesome marching _____ (Instrument / Guard equipment) because you have _____ (Reasons why). I think you would look best with _____ (Corps) because you are _____ (Reasons why).

I think that if we marched the same corps we’d be good _____ (Relationship type), because _____ (Reasons why). If not, I would love to meet you at _____ (Specific show) and we could _____ (Activity description).


_____ (Asker)

P.S. (Whatever you want to add)

Don’t ask to be excused for being a generation of doers, for being warm and having courtesy, for not buying into the mistakes that your father did, for loving too much or too many. Do not fear condemnation because you are told you should, do not rebel against anything, no violence, no riots or wars will speak louder than just turning the opposite direction and completely not giving a fuck about their preconception of how, what, why, or where you should be. They will be dogs chasing tails, and we will move forward.
—  Sean Pefp, 2010

it’s ridiculous that in order to keep up with everyone else in my classes I have to work 110% harder than them, I have to fight to stay awake, I have to deal with the pain, the brain fog, then I have to come home and study just to remember the stuff that they managed to remember by skimming, yet I have 10% (a bit optimistic but oh well) of the energy that they do. 

Life on tumblr just became 1000000000 times easier for me.. T~T

I just found out some keyboard shortcuts that made my life on tumblr 1000000 times better lazier and more convenient~

  • Use J (down) and K (up) keys to scroll from one post to another post
  • While using J,K keys, to reblog the last post you just stopped on just press Shift + R

I find this one the best! To those who like to queue posts:

  • While using J/K key, to queue the post you are currently on, you just press SHIFT + E and it automatically queues it for you!!!

    It saves me soo much time, imo! XD