There is nothing better than a jealous Kim Jongin catching his boyfriend Do Kyungsoo staring at someone else other than him. (+ please tell me I wasn't the only one who noticed when Baekhyun tightened his grip on Jongin’s shoulder, he turned back to the camera)

  • Fan: John Barrowman was here recently at a con
  • David Tennant: I'm so sorry. Did he keep his trousers on?
  • Fan: Yes. While he was here he placed a phone call -
  • DT: I bet he did
  • Fan: To you
  • DT: Oh - oh! Yes!
  • Fan: I believe he left a shouty message to you
  • DT: Yesss. That was from here, was it?
  • Fan: It was from North Carolina yes
  • DT: Was it really? I didn't realise that. Yes, I did, and do you know, I nearly picked up. I got to the phone very late and went, 'What's John calling, what's that all about?' and then I listened back and went, 'I'm glad I didn't pick up that call!'

what does the llama say when it’s getting ready to go on holiday?

“alpaca suitcase”

To let Warren beat the shit out of Nathan or to not let the the shit be beaten out of Nathan, That is the question
—  Shakespeare ( LiS Edited)