🌸 I made a cake for my friend’s birthday last week!! 🌸

I present to you ヴィクトル・ケーキフォロフ !!! \(^♡^)/

To let Warren beat the shit out of Nathan or to not let the the shit be beaten out of Nathan, That is the question
—  Shakespeare ( LiS Edited)
  • Fan: John Barrowman was here recently at a con
  • David Tennant: I'm so sorry. Did he keep his trousers on?
  • Fan: Yes. While he was here he placed a phone call -
  • DT: I bet he did
  • Fan: To you
  • DT: Oh - oh! Yes!
  • Fan: I believe he left a shouty message to you
  • DT: Yesss. That was from here, was it?
  • Fan: It was from North Carolina yes
  • DT: Was it really? I didn't realise that. Yes, I did, and do you know, I nearly picked up. I got to the phone very late and went, 'What's John calling, what's that all about?' and then I listened back and went, 'I'm glad I didn't pick up that call!'

I have some very pertinent questions for you, determamfidd.

So first there was the OG Sansûkh fanfic, then Sansûkh fanart. Then the Sansûkh podfic, now the Sansûkh Choir.

I know a Sansûkh Graphic Novel was in the works a while back.

But when’s the Sansûkh Orchestra gonna be announced?

What about the Sansûkh Restaurant Chain where I can get my Broadbeam Dumpling Soup on the go?

How’s about a Sansûkh For Kids with pop-up pictures, narrated by the youth of the Sansûkhverse?

Maybe a live action Sansûkh TV Series? Or–better yet– Sansûkh Fan Film?

These are the questions that need answers. The world has to know.