• Fan:John Barrowman was here recently at a con
  • David Tennant:I'm so sorry. Did he keep his trousers on?
  • Fan:Yes. While he was here he placed a phone call -
  • DT:I bet he did
  • Fan:To you
  • DT:Oh - oh! Yes!
  • Fan:I believe he left a shouty message to you
  • DT:Yesss. That was from here, was it?
  • Fan:It was from North Carolina yes
  • DT:Was it really? I didn't realise that. Yes, I did, and do you know, I nearly picked up. I got to the phone very late and went, 'What's John calling, what's that all about?' and then I listened back and went, 'I'm glad I didn't pick up that call!'

what does the llama say when it’s getting ready to go on holiday?

“alpaca suitcase”


Aww, the top picture. How sweet.

Anyways, today was slow. We fucked a few times to get that sweet xp boost, and Danse was being a lil brat about bringing a baby back to its parents, so I swapped him for dogmeat. Then we traded again, and went to help the Greygarden Robits. Thats always a fun quest. Danse had no issue with it! ???

Now we’re exploring Vault 81.