Aww, the top picture. How sweet.

Anyways, today was slow. We fucked a few times to get that sweet xp boost, and Danse was being a lil brat about bringing a baby back to its parents, so I swapped him for dogmeat. Then we traded again, and went to help the Greygarden Robits. Thats always a fun quest. Danse had no issue with it! ???

Now we’re exploring Vault 81. 

  • The datemate and I are secretly doing research on male names with an M and three letters. The datemate's brother is getting a child, they said the kid would get a male name with three letters and an M, since everybody in their family has a name with an M. Their brother's wife is dutch. The datemate is Danish.
  • Me: *scrolls down list*
  • Me: It could be Max.
  • Me: There aren't that many names with an M and only three letters.
  • Me: Moe, but that sounds weird.
  • Datemate: Yes.
  • Me: So, Max.
  • Me: *scrolls down list*
  • Me: Or Mat, because that would also work for Dutch, as far as I know.
  • Datemate: Yeah, that would also work for Danish. They said it's hard to find a name that'll work for both languages.
  • Me: There aren't that many options.
  • Me: So either Mat or Max.
  • Me: *giggles*
  • Me: They could be calling them Mat Max.