Song Mino Scenario #10 “A happy song”

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

Mino was working on a song when you came into the studio.

You walked towards him stealthily, making sure every step it’s shorter and slower as you approach to him.

“Booh!” you screamed beside his head scaring him. “OH!…” he almost dropped his headphones.

“Y/N you scared me!” Mino was recovering his senses holding his chest with one hand and breathing harshly. “Hahaha” you laughed “Is not funny! I could have died hahaha”… 

You didn’t even notice a woman in her forties, was sitting on the couch behind you.

“If you kill him a lot of girls all over the world are going to kick your ass” she says to you. And you burst laughing.

She says goodbye and left the room “Make sure he goes home early, ok?” she walks out the door talking to you “Yeah!” you screamed so she could hear you.

Mino stares at you, smiling “What are you doing?” you said, evading his eyes sitting on the other chair next to him. “Wow! I love these chairs…” you said, as you spin on the chair “Hahaha you’re a little kid!” he laughs at you.

You turn around watching the monitor of the computer and all you can see is korean.

“Can you read that?” he is looking at the monitor, just like you. “Mmm…” you started but he interrupts you “Can’t you?” he smiles “Mmm… no really” you said honestly “Hahaha” he laughed.

“Don’t laugh at me! Learning korean is hard… at least I can speak”. He keeps looking at you, and you started to feel uncomfortable. You bite your lip looking away.

You two are good friends. But he has feelings for you and the same goes for you. You even tried to dating him at some point but it didn’t work out. Not because you didn’t want it, it’s just because he was super busy all the time. You dated him just in three occasions, but both of you ended up deciding that, stay as friends was the best for you two.

But you can’t control your feelings whenever he looks at you, with those beautiful eyes. Is impossible for you to hide your emotions.


입술 “Ib-sul… lips!” you could read that word.

아름다웠던 “A-leum-da-woss-deon… beautiful?” you tried to guess. “It was beautiful that’s what it says” Mino smiles at you.

Y/N: Mmm… sing it to me

M: WHAT?! hahaha

Y/N: Come on! I’ll be able to understand a little bit better if you sing

M: No…

Y/N: Why?!

M: Because I’m a rapper, not a singer

Y/N: If is too bad, I’ll let you know 

M: …

*He sighed.

Y/N: P L E A S E!!!

M: Ok!

When he sang the song, you felt overwhelmed with emotions. The song was beautiful, the music and his voice, sounds amazing. You could feel that song, the meaning of it.

“Is not finished yet” he says shyly “Sounds amazing!” you kept watching the lyrics on the monitor “Do you like it?… be honest”

“I loved it…” you looked at him, but within a second you totally regret it. The way he was looking back at you, made your heart dropped.

Your face feels warmer, a signal for you to know, that your cheeks are turning red. You clear your throat before you speak “But… it’s a sad song, right?”

He can tell you’re nervous, so he gave you a break by looking again at the screen “Yeah!” he answered

“Why you always write sad songs?”…

He has a sad smile “I’m not sure… there are lyrics with which, I am most identified. Is not like I chose to write sad songs. I just write what I feel” he looks serious. 

You didn’t say a word. For real, what would you say to that?

You were immersed in your thoughts, trying to figure out what to say. When Mino talks again “I should write something right now… I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a sad song” he smiles

“Why?” you asked curious.

“Because of you” he turns around completely facing you. The chairs for the desk have wheels so it was easy for him to do that. “What? hahaha… don’t joke with me” you scratch your head awkwardly.

He grabs the chair arms pulling you until you’re close enough to him. Your face is just a few centimeters away from his.

“I’m not joking” his hands keep holding your chair. But his eyes are no longer looking into your eyes, they dropped to your lips. You didn’t move when you saw him approaching even more to your lips.

When you could feel his breath in your face, you close your eyes. But he stops before his lips touch yours. “When I’m with you… happiness is all I feel” he whispered in your lips and you opened your eyes.

The look in your eyes said it all. You can’t control yourself anymore so you were the one who broke the space between you two. 

The second you kiss him everything goes black, everything around you disappeared and your mind is completely empty. Your heart is beating faster.

The deeper he kisses you, the number of “butterflies” in your stomach grows.

“I’ve waited a long time for this” he manages to say with his lips still on yours.

Suddenly someone opens the door “Hey dude are we… OH! IM SORRY” Taehyun was frozen at the door “Hi Y/N!… I’m sorry don’t mind me… I’m leaving” he closed the door.

“Hahaha that’s what I call perfect timing!” you said sarcastically

“Let’s pretend that never happened…” and he kisses you back.

anonymous asked:

Who is your favorite Gotham's character? And your favorite ship? =3

Awww such a sweet question <3

Gertrud and Elijah are surely my two favourite things in this world <3 So yes they are my favourite ship!

Then Harvey Bullock is just awesome, he makes me laugh so much!

I like Oswald’s character and I’m so sorry for him <:( but he’s too a bad boy to be my first favourite xD I’m a kind soul hahaha

So I could say Gertrud is my favourite but mmh well I love Carol Kane so maybe my subconscious chose her for me xD Same story for Elijah.

I love Gotham’s characters I really do! all of them! I can’t choose this is the truth ok. But I assure you my favourite ships are Gerijah and Gordlock <3