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Magcon Preference #3

Magcon Preference (Let Me Take A Selfie)
Request: I love your imagines!!!!💜💜💜🙈🙈🙈 you should do a preference about how yours and his relationship is or selfies or how he asks you out or how YOU get jealous or first date or first kiss! Yeah I’m a talker with an active imagination 🙈🙈🙈 but these are just suggestions if you have writers block or something. Again love your imagines!!💜💜😘😘💥💥🐱🐱🙈🙈💁💁 isabela4588
Hahaha thank you so much, I will not be doing all of them right now but I will do a preference since you asked so nicely. I will do the selfie one.

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This was actually a lot harder to find good selfies…sorry Aaron’s really isn’t a selfie but I thought it was cute. This Preference sucks…. hope you like it though haha. Also none of these pictures are mine!
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Rurouni Kenshin Cast in TOKIO Kakeru Part 2

Here’s another segment from the same episode I translated before. First off, I’m sorry if this is one longass entry. I don’t know how to make GIFs (Actually, I do. It’s  a pain, though. lol!), but I really wanted to show you how Takeru died of embarrassment… sort of. 

Here you go. Enjoy!

Yamaguchi: Takei-san, you’re now 20 years old.

Emi: Yes.

Yamaguchi: Do you want to fall in love?

Emi: Yeah. I would love to.

Yamaguchi. You’re in the right age, after all. It’s the right time. What type of guy do you like?

Emi: Someone kind would be nice. For example, he’d say things like, “I bought this for us. Let’s eat it together.”

TOKIO members: Ahhh.

Nagase: “It’s hot, so I bought you this ice cream.” Something like that, huh?

TOKIO member: That’s nice. It’s a thoughtful gesture.

Emi: Yeah, yeah.

TOKIO member: Like, “Which flavor do you want?”

Emi: Yeah. Haha.

Matsuoka: “Let’s cut the food in half and share.” Yihee!

[Everyone laughs]

TOKIO member: What’s wrong? What’s wrong?

Emi: Also, I would love it if he introduces me to other people.

Yamaguchi: Like, when you started dating…

Emi: That’s right. For example, he’d let me meet his friends and introduce me as his girlfriend.

TOKIO: Ahhh…

Emi: I’ll think he’s a nice person if he does that. He can say, “This is my girlfriend. She’s very cute, right?” Haha!

Nagase: Like, so he’ll look cool in front of his friends, he’ll act the same way as he is when it’s just the two of you together [Something like that; I didn’t get this part clearly].

Emi: Yeah. I’d like to try that.

Yamaguchi: So, shall we do it?

TOKIO members: What? What will we do?

Yamaguchi: Let’s do it. “Introduce Your Precious Girlfriend in a Manly Way: Make Takei Emi’s Heart Skip a Beat” Battle!

Kamiki: What is this?

Aoki: What is this?

Emi: Hahaha.

Voiceover: Since we have this many men in the studio today, let’s make Takei-san’s heart skip a beat. Here’s the setting: In the middle of a date, the couple bumps into an acquaintance, and the men should introduce Takei-san as their precious girlfriend. Whoever says the best line wins. Let’s start with TOKIO’s relationship expert, Matsuoka-san!

[Basically, all the single guys had to participate except TOKIO’s leader Joushima, who’s old enough to be Emi’s dad. Haha! Kamiki-kun also didn’t participate. Too bad! Lol.]

Yamaguchi: Alright. Begin!

[Joushima acts as the acquaintance]

Matsuoka: Hey!

Joushima: Hey, Matsuoka!

Matsuoka: How are you? Ah, have I introduced her to you?

Joushima: This is the first time we’ve met.

Matsuoka: She’s Emi.

Emi: Nice to meet you.

Matsuoka: We started dating last month.

Joushima: Ah, is that so?

Matsuoka: We’re off to grab a meal now.

Joushima: I see.

Matsuoka: She doesn’t like fish, so we’ll eat grilled meat.

Joushima (to Emi): Please take care of Matsuoka.

Matsuoka: Hey, listen to what I’m saying!

Emi: Hahaha! He’s a nice friend.

Matsuoka: I was about to say, “She doesn’t eat fish. She’s cute, right?” But you cut me halfway through.

Joushima: I really thought you were a couple.

Nagase: Please don’t go acting on your own.

Joushima: Sorry. Sorry.

Voiceover: Leader, please don’t talk too much, okay? The next person is Aoki-san, Takei-san’s co-star in the movie.

Yamaguchi: Alright. Begin!

[Aoki asks Emi to hold his hand. Hihi!]

Aoki: Ah, Leader. Hello!

Joushima: Ah, yeah. We met last time, right?

Aoki: That’s right. I think I haven’t introduced her to you yet. This is my girlfriend.

Joushima: Is that so?

Aoki: Yeah. We’ve been thinking about getting married.

Emi: Hahaha!

Aoki: Please watch over us warmly.

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut!

Matsuoka: That was the ideal, right?  Mine looked like I was just fooling around, acting a like a playboy.

Kamiki: Yeah, you did.

Matsuoka: I did, right? Haha!

Voiceover: Next is TOKIO’s Nagase. He wants to do a fun introduction. Here it is!

Nagase: Oh, Joushima-kun! Let me introduce her. Emi-chan!

[Nagase did this “Choo Choo Train” dance made popular by EXILE. Emi just followed him. Haha!]

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut! What the hell was that?

[Everyone’s laughing except Takeru]

Kokubun: Wait, only Takeru-kun doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

Matsuoka: That’s because he hates to lose.

Takeru: I get it. I get it.

Yamaguchi: He’s the last one, after all.

Takeru: Everyone, let me show you the right way to do it.

TOKIO members: Ohhhh.

Takeru: This will make Takei-san the happiest.

Aoki: Oooohhh! Haha!

Voiceover: And the last one is the very confident Sato Takeru-san. Please show us the right way to do it.

[This time, Kamiki acts as the acquaintance.]

Takeru (to Emi): Let’s pretend we’re going shopping.

Emi: Okay.

Takeru: So, where should we go next?

Emi: Hmm…

Takeru: Oh, Ryu-chan!

Kamiki: Take-chan!

Takeru: What’s up? Are you alone?

Kamiki: Yeah, I am.

[The two of them kept talking over the other. They’re obviously nervous. Haha! It was like a really awkward acting workshop,]

Takeru: Ah, this is my girlfriend. She’s cute, right?

Kamiki: Is that so?

Takeru (to Emi): Come on, show us a cute expression. Show us a cute expression.

[They started giggling.]

Emi: Pardon me.

Kamiki: Nice to meet you.

Takeru: She’s cute, right? [He’s running out of things to say.]

Yamaguchi: Okay, cut!

TOKIO members: What was that?

Matsuoka: Only the “She’s cute, right?” part was okay.

TOKIO member: What do you mean “the right way to do it?”

Matsuoka: “She’s cute, right?” was fine. Why did you even have to say “Show us a cute expression?”

Takeru: Eh? Was that bad?

Kokubun: Which part was “the right way to do it?”

Takeru: I thought mine was the most orthodox.

[Everyone laughs]

Yamaguchi: So, who won?

Emi: Matsuoka-san. It was a fun way to do it.

Nagase: Mine was fun, too.

Matsuoka: But, only you were having fun. It was awkward for the girlfriend.

Emi: That was embarrassing.

Kokubun: Someone even said something about getting married, yet he still lost.

Emi: It also made me embarrassed.


EDIT: Changed the photos because the first one was a mess and it annoyed the hell out of me.

amanda-teaches  asked:

I was wondering why all these people were calling you loser thinking "Who do Sam and Dean need to intimidate," until I saw the ask game. Then, I thought, "Oh! She's definitely one of my losers." Hahaha. Love you!

Bahaha!! You crack me up!! But hey, I will gladly have either Sam or Dean come to my house. I’ve got a, uh, burglar at my window. Yeah. He’s gonna steal something. Definitely need a Winchester right now!


Only Mine - Revamped [Chapter 3 ( 3 / 5 )]

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thecrazypencil-deactivated20170  asked:

Hello! ; U ; I just wanted to ask if you ever thought of your art as of right now ever lacking something? Or like, what is the one thing you don't like about your art? Because to me I'm like "gawd! You're style is to BOOT-TIFUL. ; A ; "

Have I ever thought of my art lacks of something??? Oh sweety, all the drawings that I’ve done til now have SO many things that are lacking. Hahaha although background not included because most are sketches and I intentionally do not ever want to make a background(Because I suck at it. Like REALLY sucks. I can only do trees tbh ahaha).

And the things that I don’t like about my art is the fact that I KNOW that I’ve made a lot of mistakes in ‘em. Okay, so some look great, AND of course, I’m atleast a lil satisfied with 'em, but yeah, not to sound perfectionist, they’re not perfect like i want 'em to be and I know that ahaha, which is frustrating. 

One of the thing that I don’t like about my art, just to let y'all know, is the FACT that they show my lack in creativity most of the time. But because I tend to take days to decide to actually post my art, the LESS creative and OMGWTF ones are still kept hidden. Let me just humour you with one example to prove my point.

I think Jean was 'vlogging’ and Marco’s like - um. I wish it wasn’t Marco, but I know. That. THAT. is. Marco. -teardrop-

The force of failed perspective and just - un - explainable - understanding - of the concept is just so strongly obvious in this one. -cries- Hahahaha but despite all of these kind of crap I’ve made, some actually made you guys atleast laugh, smile, and for god sake, actually cries(??) is just wonderful ya know?? So like, everyone, and 'thecrazypencil’, thank you ~ thank you so much for all the nice things you guys said about my art!!!

anonymous asked:

1) One of the anons aksed you about a con, where Jensen said, that he doesn't want more children. And just wanted to say, that he NEVER said that. When JJ was little over a year old, there were some rumors flying around, that D was pregnant again. And some paps from vancouver even asked Jensen about it and he said "One is more than enough RIGHT NOW!"(They post it on their blog btw). Which means, that back in 2014, Jensen thought that one kid is enough right now for him.

Hey, nonnie! Thank you for reaching out to me and I’m happy that tumblr didn’t eat any of your messages. It seem to be doing that a lot lately, which sucks because then I’m left confused hahaha.

I didn’t think he said that in the first place just because it’s not something I can imagine any celebrity talking about. I of course can imagine the fandom bringing it up, they have no boundaries anymore, but I couldn’t imagine Jensen saying something like that. You know? When your child is young, especially when they’re incredibly dependent on you, it’s hard to imagine having another one running around the house. I remember those days and I can also remember telling my mom and in-laws that our daughter was enough for us. Just thinking about the sleepless nights, the diapers and midnight feedings makes me tired hahaha.

Of course they misconstrued his words, it’s what they do. The only people that know if Jensen wanted more children is Jensen and Danneel. I don’t understand why the fandom feels like it’s their place to discuss their decision to expand their family. Last time I checked, we had no clue what was happening behind closed doors and 99% of what’s talked about on social media is just that, talk. I agree, I think twins was a huge shock for the both of them. According to Danneel, take it with a grain of salt, twins run in her family. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t shocked when they found out! I think the plan was for one, because I can’t imagine anyone hoping for twins, but life happens and our plans are often shot down.

Also, I know their has been talk about Danneel going behind his back to get pregnant and I don’t even know what to say about that. I honestly don’t even want to get into that, so if anyone wishes to discuss that please message me and we talk privately. I have no desire to get into a feud over something like that. 

Thank you again, nonnie!