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Junhyung showcasing his sexy way of drying his hair after erm… locking himself out of his hotel room (ft. Dujun who’s just so done with him)

The worth of a man is in how he picks himself up after a fall... or *cough* after "capsizing” (Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017)

When Sho-kun does not appreciate being volunteered.

Sho (to Hatori-san): You’re just saying whatever you like to say aren’t you.

But still cutely gamely playing along.

Though when he “overturns” and manages to “resurface”, there are only good-looking onlookers nearby.

Upsy-daisy and here we go.  (notice the displaced position of the equipment)

And the adorable chipmunk just looks ADORABLE!!!

The proud proclamation of “What good waves there were today ne~”

└ Trust Sho-kun to look mecha mecha kakkoi while being bullied. (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017

She’s my subordinat-

She’s just my childhood silly frien-

She’s like a sist-

I don’t care about that idio-

She's interfering in my important cas-

I’m just thinking about that bimbo who could be a crim-

Yes, I’m listening to you Kudo-

I’m focuse-

Neither of them knew before how great it could feel. You read about it in books, you see it in movies, you don’t think it can happen to you. They only had small bites, but now, they received a whole meal and didn’t plan to share. Maybe it was 70 years, or maybe just 10 years, it didn’t matter. It was here and real and finally happening for both of them after years of being alone.

Being in love.

The bedroom was full of laughter, the covers were constantly being kicked down, and pillows were changing their placement. When Steve had taken a running start and knocked Tony onto the soft covers, the brunet had only time to squawk loudly in shock, before shock turned into a smile and a tight hug and more laughter, when the hilarious sound registered in Steve’s head.

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I feel so annoying posting all that unicorn crap now. like I wasn’t looking for a fight about what unicorns actually are. I just have no life or friends so like when else am I gonna get to share my vast knowledge about mythological creatures and harry potter if not on fucking tumblr. lmao 

Hm.. i just had this weird thought that in the first days/weeks that Ed and Al joined the military, Jean and Breda would take Edward to the gym or something to do some routine exercises and stretches to keep up in shape, then out of a sudden Ed would do the split (i don’t know if this is the correct term in english, i apologize if it isn’t) and make both Jean and Breda have heart attack, like-

“AMBULANCE!!” Breda shouted as he left the gymnasium as fast as his smaller legs could carry him, Jean was actually surprised with the feat even as he ran towards the smaller blond’s side.

“Are you ok? Can you get up kid?” He asked the younger blond worriedly.

Ed looked up and raised an eyebrow “why wouldn’t i be?”

Jean stared at the kid then looked pointedly down “uh… you’re not exactly in a natural position” he explained.

The smaller blond, now even more confused, looked down and up again “i’m fine” he said, then just to prove his point he got on his feet without a blink.

The older blond stared for a couple of minutes then, placing a hand on the smaller blond’s shoulder, he said with a straight face “never do that in front of the chief, he’ll have a hemorrage”

“Huh??” Edward clearly thought that everyone in the military had clearly lost their marbles. Or something.

Wtf brain, hahahahah

moone and flag love scene?!!

”Kinnaman recalls filming a love scene with Delevinge that was supposed to be minimal, but it turned into something much steamier. “There was this one scene with Cara, I thought it was just a flashback, it turned into this beautiful love scene. I was like ‘Wow!’” he admits. “I thought it was like [kissing noise], then we move onto the next, but it was [much longer kissing noise].”

Mikasa: …Wait… What.
Eren: You weren’t there at the shoot? Levi’s last name is Ackerman, too.
Mikasa: This is…
Eren: I know, it’s stupid. The directors never even bothered to tell us-
Mikasa: -amazing. Oh my GOD. (bursts into laughter)
Eren: …Are you serious?
Mikasa: (wheezing) I can’t breathe!
Eren: Mikasa, what the hell is wrong with you-
Mikasa: -wheeeew well this is awkward. So great. But so awkward. (soundless laughing) I bet he’s so red right now.
Eren: …You guys totally did it, didn’t you.
Mikasa: Last night after shooting. It just sort of, I don’t know, happened. But freaking hell, if that’s not irony I don’t know what is.
Eren: (in absolute shock) Oh my God.
Mikasa: The fans are gonna lose their shit, though. Hopefully we’re not actually related. Levi’s gonna die of a heart attack.
Eren: That fragile, huh.
Mikasa: Like you wouldn’t believe.