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The worth of a man is in how he picks himself up after a fall... or *cough* after "capsizing” (Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017)

When Sho-kun does not appreciate being volunteered.

Sho (to Hatori-san): You’re just saying whatever you like to say aren’t you.

But still cutely gamely playing along.

Though when he “overturns” and manages to “resurface”, there are only good-looking onlookers nearby.

Upsy-daisy and here we go.  (notice the displaced position of the equipment)

And the adorable chipmunk just looks ADORABLE!!!

The proud proclamation of “What good waves there were today ne~”

└ Trust Sho-kun to look mecha mecha kakkoi while being bullied. (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017

She’s my subordinat-

She’s just my childhood silly frien-

She’s like a sist-

I don’t care about that idio-

She's interfering in my important cas-

I’m just thinking about that bimbo who could be a crim-

Yes, I’m listening to you Kudo-

I’m focuse-


Junhyung showcasing his sexy way of drying his hair after erm… locking himself out of his hotel room (ft. Dujun who’s just so done with him)

Awwww, Beatrice is showing a softer side!

She’s not all tsun tsun anymore.

I aplogize for the weeb language btw.

(I don’t)

Wait, Wirt has dark secrets?

What, he used magic to create that stupid fucking hat?

That’s about the only way it could’ve been created.

Her entire family cursed to become birds huh? That’s…. okay. I’m guessing the other birds that cursed her were given magic by the forest or something like that.

Also how old is Beatrice? A teen? An adult?



I love you Wirt.

“Wirt I want you call you an idiot but that’s so adorable I kinda wanna pet your hair now?”

moone and flag love scene?!!

”Kinnaman recalls filming a love scene with Delevinge that was supposed to be minimal, but it turned into something much steamier. “There was this one scene with Cara, I thought it was just a flashback, it turned into this beautiful love scene. I was like ‘Wow!’” he admits. “I thought it was like [kissing noise], then we move onto the next, but it was [much longer kissing noise].”

aviasus-matahari  asked:

Ello person, your friend Mitchel serving a mission in Portland, Oregon ("this is lit" he said") referred me to your blog. ("You should email me lel" he also said) okthxbye (he says to stay classy!)

((OMG I can’t believe Mitch sent you to my blog–but of course he would do that, why I am not surprised hehe

Tell him I will email him!! I promise I’ll do it tomorrow :0

Hahaha thanks for passing on the message! I really appreciate it ^^ (And I will stay classy)))

Hm.. i just had this weird thought that in the first days/weeks that Ed and Al joined the military, Jean and Breda would take Edward to the gym or something to do some routine exercises and stretches to keep up in shape, then out of a sudden Ed would do the split (i don’t know if this is the correct term in english, i apologize if it isn’t) and make both Jean and Breda have heart attack, like-

“AMBULANCE!!” Breda shouted as he left the gymnasium as fast as his smaller legs could carry him, Jean was actually surprised with the feat even as he ran towards the smaller blond’s side.

“Are you ok? Can you get up kid?” He asked the younger blond worriedly.

Ed looked up and raised an eyebrow “why wouldn’t i be?”

Jean stared at the kid then looked pointedly down “uh… you’re not exactly in a natural position” he explained.

The smaller blond, now even more confused, looked down and up again “i’m fine” he said, then just to prove his point he got on his feet without a blink.

The older blond stared for a couple of minutes then, placing a hand on the smaller blond’s shoulder, he said with a straight face “never do that in front of the chief, he’ll have a hemorrage”

“Huh??” Edward clearly thought that everyone in the military had clearly lost their marbles. Or something.

Wtf brain, hahahahah

Hi guys! I’ve been getting different requests lately and I just wanna make some things clear for you guys. I just got a new request from someone who didn’t know that I do Norman one shots (and a new fanfiction…according to my last post LOL. No self control hahaha)

Anyways, I just wanna let you all know that you’re not limited to certain characters or the boy characters. You can request whichever character you want, man or woman it’s all love here. You’re also not limited to the walking dead characters. You can also request the actors/actresses. And not just Norman (although I do enjoy writing about that little dork hahaha)

You want Andrew Lincoln? Done. Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Gladly. Lauren Cohan? Emily Kinney? Sure thang chicken wang. Chandler Riggs? Sure! I think you get the idea hahaha this blog is your oyster. Whatever your heart desires, I will write it. The only thing I won’t do is explicit smut for anyone under the age of eighteen. So Carl Grimes, Beth, and Edith and the other teenagers wouldn’t get smut. And since Chandler Riggs will forever be a baby to me (despite the four year age difference between us) I still might not be comfortable with Chandler smut even when he turns eighteen but we’ll see hahaha.


I just wanted everyone to know this because I didn’t know that some people weren’t aware of this haha. Love you guys!! <3