hahaha yeah right


Florent Dorin (x)


Uuuggghhhh there is a reason I do not cook, i don’t know wtf i’m doing

I follow instructions to the letter - mom just asked me to come out and stir her pan of noodles while she took a potty break, and so i did just that

almost burned the noodles

and she proceeds to get disappointed, going ‘i should have told you. when it starts sticking to the pan, you gotta put more water in’ well sorry, i didn’t know

Ya told me to stir your noodles, and that’s what I did

I don’t know to put more water in the stinkin pan because this isn’t something i’ve done

oleskellybones replied to your post:oleskellybones replied to your post “FRIEND SO…

IT’S SO BAD AHHH!! Ugh I know I hate everything about the anti-mage path jeeez but yeah like the pain is too real I actually almost FELL OUT OF MY SEAT on the bus because I was thinking about him & then thought a sad thing & wow that was terrible

Right?! Like even if there’s one or two good points on the Templar side, 95% of it just makes me feel dirty, gross and wrong. Hahaha we’ve all been there I think. Sometimes when I think/see/read really sad stuff about him I make some absurdly high pitched noises or just shout ‘NO’ and scare my cat out of the room >.> Like never ever talk to me about his solitary confinement or the fact that he’s still a Warden even after DA2 and what that means or really anything even moderately sad unless you’re willing to cry with me cause I can go from zero to upset screeching in like 2 seconds flat XD