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Ooh… you reached the cursed scene… I’m so sorry about this *sigh*

It’s quite bad that Atlus even thought that putting the only gay men in the game for the first time in years  as a “horrible stereotype” would even be funny… (there is Lala-chan that is awesome but we just get to see her later so… and Kanji was more bi on my opinion, and even on that they managed to put poor comedy). 

Like yeah of course “let’s leave our best friend with those gay men that want to rape him. Hahaha, funny right” yeah no shit Atlus you lost too many points with me already. Who the fuck would leave their friend like that what the…

Basically at this point we have so much bullshit going on with the actual head writer of P5. So, I won’t say much more because this discussion would get repetitive but you can check some things out on my actual tag for this.

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.

alright, so as many of you might know, the trump administration “asked” the previous surgeon general to resign. his name was dr. vivek murthy, he was an obama pick, and he was highly qualified, so of course he had to go. presumably, the trump administration will be working to replace him with someone who says abortion and vaccines cause cancer, but smoking does not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ however, in the meantime, this is our acting surgeon general:

her name is dr. sylvia trent-adams, and she is highly fucking qualified. she is the first surgeon general that doesn’t have an md (i.e. is not a medical doctor) but she does have a phd in nursing and a masters degree in health policy. she was the deputy surgeon general before the trump admin booted murthy. she is absolutely the most logical choice to be the acting surgeon general, and she is probably a thousand times more qualified than whatever fuckup trump is going to appoint to the position. so there’s no problem here, right?

hahaha yeah right, guess again. and while some of the criticism seems to be rooted in??? a complete lack of awareness of what the surgeon general does??? (they primarily advise the executive branch and the public on public health issues). a lot of it just seems to be “a NURSE couldn’t POSSIBLY be as educated or informed about medical/scientific issues as a doctor is!!” which is…pretty fuckin ridiculous when you think about the fact that this is a woman who has a motherfuckin phd.

fun fact: the primary reason to get a phd in nursing is because you’re interested in a career in research and/or administration. it’s basically four years (after your four years you spent getting your bsn) of learning about health policy, public health, epidemiology, research, etc. and to suggest that a highly educated woman is the equivalent of an anti-vaxxer, or that she’s unqualified to, you know, sift through peer-reviewed articles in order to make conclusions about health policy, when she probably spent a good portion of her 8+ years of higher education doing just that, is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

people act like there’s no way a nurse could know as much / more than an md about anything remotely health related–even if it’s something that many mds aren’t even trained in, like health economics or wtfever–and it’s just one way that the knowledge and skills of nursing professionals are completely devalued in our society, because nursing is typically viewed as a “woman’s job.”


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||June BPC: Just One Word|| 27. Witches. So … unpopular booklr opinion, but Harry Potter isn’t my favorite thing. I read the first four and a half books when they were coming out, lost interest in the fifth, and just never picked it back up again. The whole thing was just kinda meh for me. However! It’s one of my best friend’s favorite series, and I absolutely had to get her the Ravenclaw special edition cuz it’s gorgeous. And, naturally, I needed some pictures, so here they are!


Florent Dorin (x)


A friend wanted me to put sparkles in my hair and even though my bathroom floor is covered in sparkles, you can barley see them in the photos |D

sharing beds with their s.o the first time

since we don’t have yet requests in the ask box i figured we should have some headcanons:


he’s totally trying to fake his excitement and flustered state through a tsundere act but it’s not working because he’s so easy to read. he will be a professing embarrassed mess, constantly blabbering non-sense or stuttering in his words, avoiding eye-contact directly and it will only worsen if he has to change clothes with his s.o in a short distance meter ratio. 

he’ll also be worrying about the fact that he might drool on you or what if he’s spooning you and gets an unwanted boner and you end up running away thinking he’s a creep? or what if he has a wet dream? or what if he kicks you out of the bed and hurt you ? #self-conscious eren to ruin the night

“ M-me? embarrassed?! hahaha, wh-where did you g-get that conclusion (name)?! G-guys like me don’t get flustered over sharing beds with their partner! hahahaha! …. “


Much like Eren a bit self-conscious about himself and how he can affect his s.o. He tries to mask that but the way he’s so quiet and speaking in monosyllables is worrisome. you could be asking if he washed his teeth or cleaned up all his stuff and he would just reply to you with ‘mhmm.’ ‘ yes’ ‘ no’. he’s trying to just contain his self-judgement and nervousness by staying quiet. but the more quiet he is the more he’s focusing too much on that point.

He totally insists on you having your space and not changing in front of him. if you still want to do so, it’s not like he will murder you for it, but he will be that guy who’s peeking between his fingers and emitting a small squeal. will also probably compliment your outfit.

“ h-huh… cute pyjamas, (name)… “


Like Eren, Jean tries to seem a ‘cool’ guy, the though stuff. hahaha, yeah right jean. He’s totally avoiding looking at their partner, and stammering and emitting little high-pitched tones that it almost seems like you’re speaking to a living cartoon. he’s trying to suppress the blush crossing his face but it’s not working. imagination is quite more different than reality Jean.

Also like the others he’s worried that he might pop up a boner while cuddling you and therefore he will try no to cuddle you, but will feel obligated to to not hurt your feelings. #please help him.

“ m-me? i-i’m fine! hahahahaha! totally cool! “

“ Jean, your voice is high-pitched. “


to be honest, the most chill out of these four? but don’t get me wrong, he may appear calm but he totally is sweating and internally screaming a long AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  under that composed demeanor of the matched strongest soldier of humanity, lies a judgmental person , worrisome enough to question if this was the right choice even to begin with. 

what is life. what is this blessing? so grateful.

he’s also that guy who might end up accidentally crushing you while sleeping if you’re within his embrace or punching you.

Goodnight - Jinyoung [drabble]

From down the hall, you could hear Jinyoung tucking your 5-year-old son to bed after he finished reading a book. You could also hear your son’s clever remarks about the storyline and what not. You figured he was going to take after Jinyoung with his reading comprehension and analyzation. You smiled softly to yourself as you laid in bed drowsily. Before your eyes fully closed, Jinyoung entered the bedroom. He appeared content with the moment he had with his son. A bright smile plastered from eye to eye and you couldn’t help but reflect the exact expression although yours was more tired.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?” He snuck in beside you and nudged his nose against your cheek. It was as if to kiss and smell your floral scented lotion at the same time.

You shrugged away, tickled by his affection. “I wanted to hear you read to him.” Your voice was gentle and heartwarming, similar to all the times you both had made love. It made him want to shower you with kisses.

Jinyoung tucked aside a couple strands of hair to peck your lips lovingly. “Do you want me to read to you?” Sleep was getting to you already, so you declined the offer. You also wanted him to rest.

You shifted back and forth to find comfort, but it resulted in you returning to the original position you were in. You slept straight with your hands resting under your chest. Shuffles came from your husband, but you were too exhausted to check for the reasons. In less than a minute, you felt his palm rest over your baby bump with the his ear up against it to listen in.

“Baby, can you hear me? It’s appa. Rest well, okay? Don’t tire mommy out too much.” His soothing palm rubbed circles around the area. “Goodnight, princess.” He gave your baby bump a kiss before he returned to the pillow beside you. “Goodnight, babe.” He gave your cheek a chaste smooch before he snuggled into the crook of your neck and placed another there.

Faintly you whispered, “Goodnight.”

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why to post "b.a.p will be always my #1" every time i see someone put this, they time later, and forgetting about them lol. and yes ofc put whatever you want, its your tumblr after all.

Anon, I’ve been their fan for 5+ years hahah i’m not leaving them anytime soon ^^ It’s only gonna be like a few gifs max bc i spontaneously went to monsta x’s concert last night and got some pretty good fancams lolol

  • Wikipedia: I know everything!
  • Google: I have everything!
  • Facebook: I know everybody!
  • Internet: Without me you are nothing!
  • Electricity: Keep talking b*tches!
  • Benjamin Franklin : You sure about that?
  • Benjamin Franklin’s parents : Without us, all of you never existed!
  • Ancestors : Hahaha, yeah right.
  • Apes : Ehem, Take that back?
  • Cells : Look who’s talking!
  • God : … Sup?

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"Since when was owning a gun a basic human right the fuck" sometime around the year 1364CE.

Hahaha yeah right. Because the UN are going to call a summit to take action against countries that have gun control for breaching human rights.

There are 30 basic human rights; the right to bear arms (though constitutional) is by no means a human right. Deprival of a human right affects your ability to survive and be happy; never once have I felt that my life has been deprived by a lack of guns here in the UK, but I sure as shit would be deprived if any of the actual 30 human rights were taken away from me.


I came upon a post back then where it said “If you can live in any fictional universe, what’ll you do” or something like that, with a mild consequence inserted somewhere in there, but who cares? If I’m in Bullworth, this’ll probably be the first thing I’ll do. It’s a win-win situation, really. I can’t see any problems here (except that I might get expelled an hour in for harassing everyone).