hahaha what the actual fruit is this

haha okay yyaaay I finished iiit!!!
There are 344 frames in this sucker
It’s the longest animation I have made so far!
Ehh, I just hope you like it?
It’s okay, I wanted ‘you’ to have more movement but what do you expect, I’m an amateur animator hh
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic
Oh heyyy alsoo
This pretty much was @crowfry ’s idea, I thought it was adorable sooo here’s thiissss haha


Aries: *makes an incredibly adorable ‘will you go with me’ sign complete with a present and a pre-bought ticket* 

Taurus: “Naw, I’m not going It’s probably gonna be a bust” *actually isn’t going bc they think nobody’s gonna ask their ass*

Gemini: It’s a 4 hour rave music party with subpar DJ-ing, why wouldn’t anyone NOT go???

Cancer: *tries to actually dance to impress people* “nopenopenopenope that never happened whaT?  hahaha no that wasn’t me :)”

Leo: “Sorry, I was already asked by someone else ;((((((”

Virgo: but that PRECIOUS GOD-GIVEN time was MEANT for me to take for STUDYING?!!!!!? 

Libra: “Homecoming more like HOEcoming amirite?  Bc y'all better AWAIT my thotty arrival ;DDD”

Scorpio: “hahaha imagine if SOMEONE spiked the bowl of fruit punch with absinth?  That would be so unfortunate :)”

Sagittarius: “I’m PROBABLY gonna be hella tired from jumping and thirsty ASF from yelling and AWKWARD as hell when the slow dance comes but WHATEVER”

Capricorn: “Step aside 5′s, a 10 is coming to this dance”

Aquarius: *is asked to be a date to the dance* “Homecoming??? A Date??? In this economy???”

Pisces: *has never drank a drop of alcohol in her life* *is asked to count from 1 to 10 by the teacher to make sure she isn’t drunk* *sweats nervously* “8,4,3,5…”

anonymous asked:

In that post when you asked what Marinette was making in the bowl with cocoa powder and milk, i think i might have an answer. I lived in paris for a year, and while i was there i learned it is actually quite common as a breakfast food to make coffee in a bowl and dip pastries in it & then to follow it up w/ a piece of fruit. Its considered a cleansing of your system... She might've used cocoa powder instead of coffee though to discourage kids from drinking coffee at an early age 😊👌🏻(1/2)

Another fun fact, it is also common for Parisian’s to put cereal in their coffee as a breakfast treat, though i personally didnt care for it hahaha (2/2)

That’s interesting! Thank you for the information :D

So many version of what people say that scene was about and I like this one too!! Thank you!! :3