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do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)

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Headcanon that nursey comes to his room in the haus during second year and constantly finds dex asleep on his bunk, even before they get together

@checkzero, D-Man cuddle sessions are important for the overall team dynamic and fic fodder. hahaha. Thank you again for another great headcanon!

Nursey’s Internal Monologue:  So what if my partner falls asleep on my bunk for like 3rd time this week?  It’s the chilliest because we have an understanding. Like Dex is lucky to get like 5 hours of sleep a night. I don’t mind sharing my bed for impromptu nap times if mean Dex is overall less cranky. (Especially when Dex snuggles up to my side and starts to do the cutest little snores on the planet.) Who cares if Dex basically purrs when I scratch his head and/or stroke his hair? The Dude needs to just de-stress sometimes. I mean I’ve seen R&H spooning on the couch before, and Dex and I have never done that. Except maybe for that one time… it’s whatever.  

“Arrrrgh ! I don’t know what to say except that I’m so freaking thankful ! Thank you @GEEKMAGAZINE for choosing me to be on your cover. 
People who know me, know how shy I am, so at the beginning I didn’t want to do it. But I’m happy I changed my mind even if I would prefer doing it with my team… Anyway, this cover is dope, Haha ! Thanks again.

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You're going to get a billion of these, I bet, but James Flint! You write him with such a careful hand but every shade of his character is just perfect, so I'm curious what you keep in mind when getting him down on paper!

OH BOY thank you so much! i don’t even know if i’m doing this meme right. i knew this was coming and @reluming also asked for this and now i feel unbelievable pressure hahaha. i hope i’m doing my boy right :|

James Flint:

– He had a very mild religious upbringing. They celebrated holidays just to appease the neighbors, rarely went to church, and he had only read parts of the Bible, mostly in later life. Flint is self-aware enough that, given his history and his personality, this is probably for the best. The last thing he needs is Eternal Judgement.

– As a boy, he’d been helping his grandfather load his fishing boat when a Navy vessel had stopped at the Padstow docks for an emergency resupply. An officer had approached Flint, all of 13, to ask for directions, and had walked away, likely thinking Flint a simpleton with the way he’d answered (or more specifically, hadn’t). He couldn’t help it. The man had large, bright brown eyes and a straight, important nose, and stubble coating a sharp jaw and prominent Adam’s apple. His perfect Navy hat had sat atop long blond hair, tied neatly back even after days at sea. His broad shoulders had only been emphasized by his starched blue uniform, the brass buttons shining all the way down his chest, and he’d walked down the dock with a proud sailor swagger that kept Flint watching even as he disappeared into the town. Flint’s newfound teenage lust had mixed with his understandable ignorance, and so, as he’d continued to think of the officer days later, he had found himself overcome with the fierce desire to join His Majesty’s Royal Navy.

– The first time he’d killed a man, he’d only lit a fuse on a cannon, sending one ball after another rocking into an enemy ship. All he’d felt at the time was fear for his own life. The first kill that he’d ever felt guilty over was Gates. The first kill he’d ever felt real pleasure over was Thomas’s father. Every other death and injury had been just another means to an end, that rarely, if ever, gave him pause.

– A part of him is always waiting to die. It’s a part of him that wants to. But an equally greater part of himself wants to outlive the whole damn world, to be the last one left alive in this fucking ungrateful place. He wants to live a long and miserable life just because civilization itself doesn’t deem him worthy of it. Society sees him as a creature, undeserving to breath air, to taste food, to walk upright on his own two feet. To them, he will and should be put down by his own evilness, by his own deeds, and he wants nothing more to prove to them that one can live because of these deeds. One can thrive. He knows one of these impulses will win out in the end, but he honestly has no idea which one.

– The first time he’d seen Silver – properly saw him, stood before him in daylight – the thought had flittered through his mind that his mouth would look great around his cock. The thought had flashed through his mind like lightning, so quickly he wasn’t even sure it had happened, and mostly he was about to forget about it. As long as he could drown out the roll of thunder he heard in his heart and his stomach and lower still, whenever he looked at Silver’s lips.

– He sometimes idly thinks how much better his life would be if he could love women the way he loved men. Not because he felt shame any longer in who he was, but because every woman he knew was so much better than every man. Better than himself. Granted, he knew more men than women, but on average, men were violent, hateful, stupid people, responsible for all the suffering he had ever endured. Miranda, Eleanor, Madi – all had carried themselves with unwavering strength and intelligence, had elevated themselves in some fashion by will alone, and had maintained as much rationality as possible. He envied them, and he had loved them easily. While the love he felt for Thomas, for Silver, was hard, in every sense of the word, and Flint is a hard man, for all of his immeasurable softness.

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OH MY GADEUUU your blog is AMAZING, I even scrolled down to your very first post HAHAHA It took me awhile but I also want to make a request, even though there are already similar posts to that, I hope you don't mind 😊 ...Seventeen catches their so crying in secret, when asked why she/he cried, their so would say "it's nothing, don't worry"

S.Coups, Jun, Hoshi & Seungkwan would walk over to you and ask you what’s wrong. No matter how many times you say you’re fine, they won’t believe you. They wouldn’t want you to keep it all inside, and they’d hold you in their arms while you let it all out.

Joshua, Wonwoo, Mingyu, The8 & Dino would frown and nod their head, but they wouldn’t leave your side until they know for certain that you’re all right again. They don’t like seeing you cry.

Jeonghan, Woozi, DK & Vernon would understand that you don’t want to talk about it right now. They’d wait patiently until you’re ready to tell them all about it.

until my very first post?? thank you for reading my past posts, and thank you for your request!! ^^

Asgardian Valentine // Thor x Reader

Pairing: Thor x Reader (POC), Slight Winter/Widow and Scarlett/Vision, Bonus Steve, Tony, Bruce, Pietro and Sam.
Word Count: 2.2k+
Warning: Super cute Valentines fluff, pls enjoy this holiday fluff.
Summary: Despite not being one to celebrate the holiday, Reader is a big help to the others. Vision still can’t cook by himself. Pietro is precious. Feelings are hard. Thor is a sweet giant dork, pass it on.  

A/N: Okay I was really inspired to write this because I don’t see a lot of Thor fics (that aren’t Loki centered) and the LOML needs more love ya know? Also look a that gif. Look at him. I love him send help. 

Inspiration: “Roses” ~ Shawn Mendes
“You can tell me to stop if you already know
Though I’m not sure my heart can take it
But the look on your face says don’t let me go

And I have to be honest with you baby
Tell me if I’m wrong and this is crazy
But I got you this rose and I need to know
Will you let it die or let it go?”

Originally posted by theplacewheredreamsgo

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Hi Optomstudies! I'm an introverted person and I’m okay with that but that means I can be socially awkward at times. I often don't have much to say to people and find it hard to continue conversations or reply enthusiastically and sometimes it takes me a while to think of how to reply ahaha ==’. I’d like to be a bit more like you :) What could I do to change things a bit? Thanks :D

Hello! I’m a bit of an introvert as well, though people usually think I’m an extrovert when I talk to them hahaha It’s true that sometimes you end up not clicking with people even if you try your best to start conversation, but with most people if you try little things, you’ll eventually get them to open up and the conversation flows almost automatically! 

I’m a big believer in honesty though, so I dislike platitudes and pretentiousness in conversation. At the same time, I also dislike when people say things that can be construed as having a double meaning and are offensive in a subtly passive aggressive way, just to set that straight and to somewhat explain the underlying reasoning behind my advice and what I believe in. I’m pretty sure that my advice is generic though, and even I struggle to follow every step when I’m feeling exhausted haha

As an introvert, meeting people drains your energy by definition, but remember that small things you can do don’t really take that much extra energy, especially when you think about it as being a way to make other people feel welcome and appreciated. It’s all a state of mind - there’s no conservation of energy when it comes to the energy to talk to others hahaha I also try and think that every single interaction you have with a person will (generally) make them like you more (provided you are actually talking nicely and being likeable). So whenever I was sitting at home thinking “idk… would it be awkward to suddenly send them a message” I would tell myself this to overcome that little procrastination speedbump. 

Try and compliment people in little ways - honestly and sincerely though! I had this classmate who honestly and truly believes that she is doing a good thing; every morning she saw me (or anyone else) she would try and compliment something about what I was wearing, even if just to say “that’s an interesting pattern you’re wearing today! :)”. I get this approach, and it can definitely cheer people up, make their day. I do believe that she thinks it’s either a way to make the world happier or a part of social convention, and I get that approach. I don’t believe it’s lying at any point either. But when I try and compliment someone, I don’t want to point out something just for the sake of pointing it out; complimenting should be honest and sincere, even when it’s something you wouldn’t wear yourself but the other person pulls it off spectacularly. Too many compliments to every person you see kind of lessens the meaning behind them. 

Try and look happy to see someone - give them a sincere smile, and lift the inflection of your greeting - not just a “hey there”, but a “hey! :)” (much easier for girls, but guys can do it too) Everyone wants to talk to someone that they think wants to listen to them, yourself included right? So even just leaning forward a little bit when you speak to them conveys your interest and appreciation. This is hard to do when you’re feeling emotionally exhausted I know, but you can always take a break :)

Keep asking questions. Kind of an age-old adage now, but everyone’s heard the fact that people love talking about themselves right? So just let them do the hard work. If you don’t have much to say to people, then just ask them and get them to say what they want. On the other hand, also volunteer a little information about yourself after you’ve heard them expound about their experiences. As a talkative person, I absolutely hate it when the other person just continues to grill me with questions, and force me to keep asking “what about you?” Conversation is a two-way street, so I shouldn’t have to prompt you to just say “oh hey me too, I also like _______”. 

Sometimes it’s hard to reply enthusiastically; you might have no idea about the topic someone is really passionate about. This is me with sport honestly lol I am terrible at it and it consequently leads to me tuning out (not on purpose!) when someone starts explaining in depth rules and gameplay. My advice is to maintain eye contact with them and listen attentively, although don’t call me an expert on this particular area. Eventually because you naturally don’t know about a topic, or naturally have no interest, your responses will become answers rather than discussions. Most of the time the other person notices and changes the topic. 

I have met the occasional person who continues to talk your ear off even though your eyes have started to glaze over though (at which point it becomes apparent that the other person has the problem with conversational skills). In that situation, try and change the topic smoothly. Think of something, anything else that is remotely related, and wait for a lull in conversation before asking them “oh btw….” I know it sounds overly simplistic, but it works! Make sure it’s really smooth though - it has to be a slightly related topic, or else the other person might be offended. It’s a way of taking control of the conversation. You can even just stop them and say “okay so what happened at the end?” - this forces them to summarise and cut to the chase. That’s a tip I got from a friend actually. 

That ended up being a bit of an essay hahahaha hope it helps though! ^__^


Request: Hii, could do you write a theo imagine based on ‘how to be a heartbreaker’ by marina and the diamonds?? I love your imagines btw xx  

Word Count: 1.34K words

Pairing:Theo Raeken X Reader



“Are you kidding me Stiles?”I asked him.

“Please Y/N,just pretend to be interested in him and make him fall for you.”Liam said.

“Yeah,that way we can know more about him,”Stiles said hopefully.

We were currently at the hallways.Stiles,me and Liam.They were asking me to make Theo,the mysterious boy who just came to Beacon Hills,to fall in love with me.

“C’mon you’re perfect for this job,”Stiles sighed.

“Excuse me?”I asked irritated.

Liam lightly punched Stiles and said,”he meant like you know only you can help us,we saw the way he looks at you,he’s totally into you.”

“Oh wow,”I mumbled.

“Yeah,we know this will be your first time to pretend to be in love,but it’s for the sake of the pack,please Y/N,”Stiles begged.

“Okay fine,I will try.”I sighed giving up.

Liam and Stiles hugged me tightly before saying thank you several times.

I chuckled and hugged them back.I love them.

Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun,
But baby when you’re done, you gotta be the first to run

I was nervous as to how I will pull this plan off,last night I couldn’t sleep.I made scenes in my head on how to approach and how to find out his secrets.

I decided I will start off by casual flirting,so when the next day I saw him in the hallways,I walked towards him confidently.


“Yeah,hi Y/N,”he said smirking.

“So,how’s school going so far?”I started making a conversation.

“It’s going pretty well,”he said.

The school bell rang.

“My first class is English,see you later Theo,”I said beginning to walk away.

“I have English now as well,you didn’t notice?”He chuckled.

“Oh right,I forgot,let’s walk together?”I asked playing it off cool.


*after few weeks*

“Your place tonight?”Theo asked while walking towards the school’s exit door.

“Yeah,we will have another Harry Potter marathon!”I said enthusiastically.

“Okay,or we could Netflix and chill,you know.”He winked.

I blushed and slapped his shoulder playfully.

These past few weeks I got Theo to like me more and things got a little intimate between us as well.He was amazing.

Rule number two, just don’t get attached to,
Somebody you could lose

Every passing day I felt guiltier to have to pretend with Theo.Now the situation have gone so far out of my hand that I actually started falling for him.

I tried,I tried so much not to feel attached but I couldn’t stop myself.

“Hey you okay there?”Theo’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hmm,”I replied.

“You look distracted my love,you okay?”He asked concerned.

“No it’s nothing,”I said cuddling more to his side and trying to watch the movie,even though I paid no attention.

This is how to be a heartbreaker
Boys they like a little danger
We’ll get him falling for a stranger, a player

Currently we were baking cupcakes together at his place.He was so concentrated making the batter.I just admired him.Once he was done and put the batter in the oven I decided to talk to him.

“Theo?”I asked.

“Yes?”He smiled.

“Why do you love me?”I blurted out.

“Because you make amazing lasagna,”he joked.

“Oh shut up,like for real?”

“I love you because out of everything in my life you’re the only one who makes sense,who cares for me and god I don’t know but you’re just so perfect,beautiful and mine.”He started.

”Also,you’re the only girl I’ve seen who’s so strong,who wouldn’t settle for unfair business and is so smart.”He concluded.

I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks,this is not fair,he didn’t deserve me.

“Baby,why are you crying?”He asked coming closer to me and cupping my face.

“Nothing,I love you Theo,”I replied kissing him.

Cause I lo-lo-lo-love you. 

Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek
But never on your sleeve, unless you wanna taste defeat

Each passing day,I fall for him more.I lost,I lost when the first day he said he loved me,and I genuinely loved him,cared for him.

After the second week,I didn’t even pretend to be honest.It was genuine. 

Rule number four, gotta be looking pure
Kiss him goodbye at the door and leave him wanting more-more

Tonight was great,”Theo said walking me to my doorstep.

“It was,baby.”I kissed him,which soon turned into a makeout session.

“Okay,okay stop.”I laughed pulling off.

“Why so soon?I love you,kiss me.”He pouted.

“No,go home,I’ll see you at school.”I laughed.

“Fine,”he whined.

“Love you,”I called back.

“Love you more.”He yelled back.

Girls, we do, whatever it will take
Cause girls don’t want, we don’t want our hearts to break
In two, so it’s better to be fake
Can’t risk losing in love again babe.

I was tired to be fake around Theo,although I genuinely love him.I thought he didn’t deserve me,and this relationship started out as a lie.I decided to tell Stiles,now I don’t even pretend and I’m with him fully and deeply and madly.

I can’t risk him finding out from someone else,it’s time I inform Liam and Stiles to never mention it infront of him.

I walked towards the hallway and saw Stiles and Liam along with Hayden and Mason.

“Hi Y/N,”Hayden said smiling.

“Hey guys.”I smiled weakly.

“You look sad,what happened?”Mason asked concerned.

“I’m fine,just a bit tired,”I shrugged.

“Okay.”Stiles said smiling.

“Hayden,Mase?Can I talk with Liam and Stiles alone?If you don’t mind?”I asked.

“Sure Y/N,but you kids better not be plotting my murder.”Mason joked.

“Can’t make promises.”I chuckled lowly.

“Hahaha,okay gotta go,bye Liam,bye guys.”Hayden said kissing Liam briefly.

After they left Liam asked,”what is it Y/N?”

“I want you guys to know that,now I don’t even pretend.I fell for him,for real.”I sighed.

“No Y/N,he’s dangerous.”Stiles began.

“Oh how so?”I questioned.

“I don’t know,but I do know he’ll break your heart.”

“If he does break my heart,I deserve it since I started talking with him just because you guys said so,I was not even interested in him.”As I finished,I saw Liam and Stiles looking nervous.

I turned around to see what they were so nervous about and the colour of my face drained as I spotted Theo,who listened to only the last part of the conversation probably.

“Theo…”I said slowly.

I saw his face wore a hurt expression,he looked disappointed,he started walking outside the school.

“THEO,WAIT!”I yelled running after him.

“PLEASE THEO,STOP.”I stopped him as he was beginning to open his car door.

“Please let me explain baby,”I said my voice cracking.

“Don’t you dare baby me.”He said through gritted teeth.

“I swear after two weeks,I felt genuinely adoration towards you,please believe me.”I begged.

“You played with my heart,do you even love me?”He asked looking completely broken.

“I do!”I insisted cupping his face.

“Really Y/N?You sure you weren’t playing around?”He asked furiously.

“Please Theo believe me,if you listened to the conversation from the start you would’ve known I actually fell for you.”

“I don’t believe you,you’re a liar,a player.I trusted you so much,I spent nights showing you how much I loved you,and all these time you were just faking it.”He said shakily.

“Loved?”I said slowly.

“Yeah loved,because now I don’t think I will ever be able to love you again.”He said turning the other way.

“Please Theo,don’t let us end,give me a second chance,please Theo.”I said hugging him from behind.He tensed up.

“There was no us,it was only one sided,I can’t risk it.”

“Please Theo..”

“Stop it Y/N,you’ve done enough damage.”His voice cracked.

He got in his car and drove away,leaving me heartbroken.I deserved it.

Hey guys! Marini4 here. Just wanna make a quick announcement of what happen to the group and hopefully I could clear things up a bit.

So far like wow! You guys are amazing i`m like speechless of how you guys really like the blog so much that I got so many ask Bendy/Boris, like… REALLY A LOT. That’s amazing! 

But due to that ask Bendy/Boris situation which is why I wanna make an announcement. SO.

1. I`m very very sorry for those who sent some of the messages and didn’t get the reply, i absolutely read your questions but this is probably due to neither the question is hard to understand or probably I don`t have the idea what to reply yet because yeah tumblr is a new thing for me hahaha. (But i will try my best)

2. I also got a lot of people ask for more picture/draw type bendy/boris, I absolutely adore your enthusiast and idea of these 2! But its getting too over saturated i`m not even sure if I can draw ALL of em. I know its a 5-10 minute sketch but i got hand cramped incident once when clearing up 10 ask bendy/boris art related ONLY on a single night. So i made up my mind i`m gonna reply to you guys the art related ones slowly. So for those who didn`t get an art i`m so sorry >_<;;

3. I`m still a college student so replying you guys might take some time, and I don`t wanna engulf in the ask Bendy/Boris for too long because I wanna finish the comic for you guys. So some ask bendy/boris WILL COMING OUT in the comic soon so hold your horses because YOSH! Marini4 Will get it done no sweat!… 

Thats pretty much it. So sorry for if I didn`t reply to you guys nor if you wish your reply is bendy/boris art. As always

SUBMIT YOUR SOUL TO BENDY~!  Have a ink-tastic day!

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How to draw hands?

ok honestly

i have no idea what i’m doing 70% of the time i’m drawing HAHAHA

i’m a very free-flowy person when i draw (that’s why all my works are messy T_T) so i don’t usually follow bases (why are you asking me advice i’m just gonna disappoint u HAHAHAHA :(( )

and!!! does anyone really know how to draw hands omg HAHAHAHA i feel like i’ll never understand hand anatomy T_T

because of my lack of experience, i’ll attach some hand references and tutorials i’ve saved before at the end of this post!! ^o^)/ T_T

but if u want something from me… i used to use mcdo french fries as a base for hands (please don’t ask why i also don’t know) HAHAHAHA

maybe i was just hungry idk why i did this a lot before HAHAHA


but the thing i do the most is literally

stare at my hands. HAHAHAHA (stare at ur hands it’s efficient) it’s my best, most convenient reference T_T and drawing a live model again and again and again really helps!! (practicing is key!! ^o^)

anyway, this probably helped you 0%!!! (i’m not even that good with hands so) HAHAHA i’ll leave some links below!! :)) T_T

good references!! (because honestly you shouldn’t trust me HAHAHA)

for anatomy in general, this page called Cartoon Block shares really good tutorials!! ^o^)/ but keep in mind that live models are probably the best things to practice anatomy on!! (i wish i could go to a live model drawing session one day T_T)

Drunk Yoosung
Mysitc Messenger
Drunk Yoosung


Hello??? Who izz it??? How did ya know my phone numba?
I donneed insurance! Go awawy…

MC: Yoosung, what’s wrong?

Huh? You know my name? You jerk…
How did you get my info… I’m gonna tell Saeyoung to kick your butt!

Well… Is Saeyoung busy now?

My mom said… drinking is bad… no more drinking…
No more drinking by drinking it all! Hahahahahaha.

I’d have gotten rid of V if I could… V… I knew he’d do that… What did I tell y'all…

But what’s funny is… I’m not even disappointed… hahaha… He’s the one who kept disappointing everyone… Don’t even wanna look at his face…

The party will go on without V! Drink up~!!! But… my brain… my mind… it hurts… it hurts so bad I keep tearing up…

Zen… you understand, right? You drink more. Hmm? Why, don’t back out now. Take care of me…

If you don’t drink with me… harrrgggh…….



ZEN: Hey… Who are you calling?

I dunno. Hehehe…..

ZEN: Hey! Did you just drunk call her? Give me your phone.

No, no, no! You know! Tell Saeyoung to be careful… and… you be careful, too…..

ZEN: Hey, what are you doing!? She’s having a hard time as it is~!

Oh yeah… What was I gonna say?
Saeyoung… you… all be happy…

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OOOOHHMFG MY MIND IS BLOWN I always thought your url was meant to be stayinGherewithyou but that was taken so you took the g of hahaha

I cabt beliebe you took me for some kind of second hand URL forger…. if your URL doesn’t make people question who you killed to get it what are you even doing??? Haha no though. I was looking for an URL for a loooong time. Like 12 hours (long in my book) because I made this blog right after Isak and even kisses for the first time and I kept changing the URL because everything I wanted was either taken or too long. I really didn’t want to alter a URL but I came close beause there are some really good ones out there.

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congrats on your 500+ followers! you deserve it and also i really love your art! ^_^ may i request conductor!denmark and choirboy!norway? hihi

Thank yooou! And thank you again! haha

Oh gosh, I saw a pic like that floating around, I wonder if we saw the same thing. hehee

First I tried this:

I dont even know. So then I tried again:

And then I realized it’s late and no matter what I do is gonna look the same. hahaha I might try again for something a little more serious tomorrow :P

(Sometimes I wonder if people mind that my style is either hot shirtless dudes or stupid cartoons… whoops)

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Shinobun! Because you're smol, you're cute :3 also I'm sorry too for being angry to the point I want to troll you so hard even tho what you do is being a bigger procrastinator. Fyi I got all cards fron the newest enstars gacha, even the Chiaki :D

Why you do this Deachin, why must you poke fun at my height :’D Not that I mind being compared with Shinobun, because Shinobun IS cute and adorable and both of us are shy to people we don’t know well enough lololol (Though I guess I’m more like Midori personality-wise? Hahaha) xD

And OMG SAY WHAAAA—- Why you girls keep getting Chiaki ; v ; @ranami68 got Chiaki too on her very first Scout; HE, why you so unfair? T_T

I Can’t Lose You

PAIRNG- Steve x reader


WARNINGS-non unless the slight use of swearing

Request from @diving-down-to-wonderland

Oh please let me send you a request :) I thought about something where the Reader is also an avenger (maybe something with electrical powers) and during one Mission in a fight against Hydra, you get attacked and thrown in a nearby lake while saving the Captain. You nearly drown and also cause of your powers you get into some shock. The others almost realize it too late but Steve Comes after you to save you. You have to be revived but you survive and Steve finally tells you that he loves you? :)

I freaking loved this request, I may have changed things slightly from the prompt, whoops. But I hope that its not too far away from what you wanted, I tried my best ( and I was also thinking about a reader with electrical powers so this has helped me greatly hahaha) 

Originally posted by thatplaidnerd

Originally posted by livida-mente

You should really learn that going into a fight against Hydra would never be simple, nor would it be easy! Sam’s previous words to you as you flew in the Jet towards the Hydra base replayed in your mind.

“Come on man, It’ll be easy, fun even we’ll make a bet out of it”

As you took down your thirtieth Hydra Agent you knew you would be having words with the winged superhero.

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@carolithe replied to your post “@carolithe replied to your post: …”

Nooooo I’m not sweet on Mister Unhinged 😅 …I’m willing to believe he’s an okay guy underneath the crazy, but… there is an awful lot of crazy to dig through to find the man. I laughed my head off at the end of the route when Saizo observed that perhaps there WAS someone for everyone, after all 😂                

What’s wrong Carol? Just a bit too extreme for your tastes, aye? And Saizo that savage troll. HAHAHA. 😂 Hey, has Hotaru shaken your core love for Saizo? Even just little? Where do these guys rank for you? Just curious. I’m currently half way through his route now, and was totally expecting it to blow my mind. And it has, in a way, but I also agree very heartily with what you’ve said! There are a lot of ‘layers’ with this guy, to say the least. More than anything, I just love how real MC seems here. Her reactions (so far) have been hilarious and pretty on point. 

Tagging @tokyun because I’ve been keeping your words in mind as I go through his route, and maaaaate, there’s…. quite a lot to process. When do we get to the ‘otp: flower for his flower’ part? (Yeah, I read your tags!). LOL. Is that his epilogue?