hahaha this will never get old

Sooo BoruSara Fandom...


Regarding Boruto Episode 2…

No one here gonna spazz about

1.) How ChouChou teases Sarada to Boruto

ChouChou is not just any person, she’s Sarada’s BFF!!! Look at her face while teasing Sarada ohmygod hahaha How I wish she said “childhood sweethearts” instead :”>

2.) How the Uzumaki-Uchiha rivalry is starting to blossom rofl.

You know those shoujo mangas (ex: Special A, Last Game) where the male and female lead compete with each other then they’ll fall in love with each other eventually HAHAHAHAHA call me delusional but that’s how I see this. Hey I’m a BoruSara shipper so of course my shipper goggles is on :P

3.) How Sarada said “This is annoying” but watched Boruto’s fight anyway lmao

Yep, Sasuke’s tsundere genes check

4.) How Sarada clenched her fists and looked so concerned when Boruto was getting beaten by Iwabe

Of course BFF noticed right away! Damn I think ChouChou is the no.1 BoruSara shipper XD

5.) How Sarada looks so proud when Boruto won

Well everyone was happy but come on, earlier she said the fight was annoying (even Chouchou thought she was not interested with the fight haha) but after Boruto won she was relieved and looked so proud like “Yeah that’s my future husband right there shannaro!” XD



I’m sorry I just gotta let this out. It’s been a while since the last time I spazzed about an anime episode lol


It still feels like yesterday when Genin-Naruto did this move to Kakashi when he was trying to get the bells :’)

Edit: Ok, thank you for correcting me, it was Sasuke who made this move. Man Im gettiing old rofl XD that makes me more happy tho hahaha Future-Father-In-Law move

Also Im sad Sasuke wasn’t in the opening. Glad he’s in the ending with Sakura of course <3 SASUSAKU MY NO.1 OTP! CA-TO-THE-FUCKING-NON

Alright back to reality (and finishing my next BoruSara fanart)

Hubby Watches Riverdale - Episode 13 -

Here we go the final episode of the season.

Also at the end we have some final thoughts from hubby and whether he is on board for season 2.

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Hubby: It is a good thing that Jughead looks like his dad.

Me: Why?

Hubby: Because he could be the secret sibling.

Me: He’s not old enough.

Hubby: Oh, never mind.

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Hubby: Archie surely isn’t going to try to get in on this now. He said he didn’t want her in the first episode.

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Hubby: How does he not know where to get’s pigs blood from. Has he never watched Buffy.

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Hubby: HaHaHa! they almost slipped on their asses.

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Hubby: They just said they couldn’t go on the ice and now they are all on the ice.

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Hubby: That was a weird speech.

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Hubby: And now I feel like a milkshake.

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Hubby: Here we go we’ve been waiting for this all season. THE SEX.

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Hubby: In the kitchen!

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Hubby: Cock blocked again. Oh this will end well.

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Hubby: Oh shit, she set the house on FIRE!

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Hubby: Oh no. Fred. Why couldn’t they have shot Archie instead?

Me: So what did you think?

Hubby: I don’t like teen drama and I don’t want to like it but I find it oddly compelling.

Me: Is Veronica still your favourite character?

Hubby: I never said she was my favourite.

Me: You did. Earlier in the season.

Hubby: Well she’s not. I like Kevin. I think Kevin is my favourite.

Me: So are you watching next season with me?

Hubby: Yeah I think so. When is it back?

Me: October

Hubby: Why is all the good stuff coming out in October?

Me: *grinning* (we’ve got him)

wonder woman thoughts *spoilers*

-Little diana is so fucking cute omg!!
-this scenery and everything is so beautiful wow
-Meeting Chris Pine aka steve holy fuck he is so hot i missed him on the big screen
-diana is so badass yes queen
-this fight is so stressful omfg
-Fuck the patriarchy lmao men ruin everything!!!!
-that lasso yes around steve trevor mmm even more yes he’s so cute and funny my sweet american man ugh
-Dr poison can fuck right off
-Look at daddy destroying that german base fuck he’s so hot
-Men are easily corrupted!!!! Bish ur not wrong
-YES BITCH scale that fucking wall and get that sword
-“Who will i b if i stay” QUEEEEN COMING TO SAVE US ALL
-“There are men who can stop him” “Im the man who can” YES SLAY U DONT NEED A MAN
-LOL this interaction on the boat…U dont sleep w women?
-Omg they’re Sleepin together this is cute af
-I was sculpted from Clay… thats neat LMFAO
-I Understand the Pleasures of flesh lmao omg
For Pleasure men are unnecessary… hahaha i love this
-Gal is so fucking mesmerizing wow so gorg
-She’s so cute in the real world
-Etta holding the shield and sword lmfao i love the comedic elements
-She doesnt take any shit from anybody i love her telling those old men off
-YOU WERE LYING??? LmFao they’re so cute i can’t
-“I am bothfrightened n aroused” me fucking too
-May we get what we want may we get what we need but may we never get what we deserve… same
-no mansland… but we got a woman to KILL IT
-I HAVE NO WORDS except yes bitch!!!! That whole fight sequence was amazing omfg what a badass queen i was cheering the whole time i lit up and chris pine helping her yes boo youre doing amazing sweetie
-You know, you did this…. we* did this omg they’re a we and now they’re dancing fuck!!!
-Shes so beautiful when she smiles/in general they’re so relieved and happy rn
-Ugh chris pine is so fuckin sexy, still thinking abt his naked body
-Omg r they gna fuck this is like her first kiss wat
-Chris’ German accent lmfao
-The village being gassed omg im crying
-MY Queen is pissED YES
-ITS not about what you deserve its what about what you believe
-She is shook Af… me too diana
-I knew he was fucking bad omg that old bitch I’m shook this dude is Ares!!! Hes real!!! Damn
-Shes the godliller not some sword!!!queen!!!
-Omfg is steve gonna die??? NOO WHY MY BABY PLS daddy NO
-He gave her his watch IM CRYING FUCK actual tears
-CMON BITCH U GOT THIS!!! I cant believe this old fuck is ares wtf
-HUMANS ARE SO MUCH MORE… ugh i love her
-I cant believe hes fucking dead im not okay this memorial is killing me i’m crying my sweet beautiful good steve trevor that pic is so adorable wtf i love him
-Love trumps hate!!!… yes OKAY THIS MOVIE WAS PHENOMENAL this is definitely what the dc universe needed to bring in back to life holy shit she is a goddess and chris pine is daddy this movie and the action and the premise and the destruction of all patriarchal values
-10/10 recommend… if u read this all lets be friends bc thank u for using ur time to read my thoughts xo until next movie I presume

“I hate Bakugou. He’s a jerk and even though its justified he never gets punished for it!” 

Hey, didn’t he literally get kidnapped and tortured because of the way he acted to his peers at the sports festival? That’s not a hot take on this 16 year old anymore! 

Sehun's birthday Reactions
  • Suho: It is amazing to see what a big difference one year can make in a person’s life. Last year, you were stupid and this year you have suddenly turned stupider. Congratulations and Happy birthday Sehunnie!
  • Chanyeol: OLD is an abbreviation for Obsolete, Lazy and Dull. Congratulations for turning one year OLDer. Happy birthday Maknae!
  • Kyungsoo: Don’t worry, I am right here by your side to help you mourn the death of your youth. Happy birthday.
  • Baekhyun: Getting someone as awesome as me to send a birthday message to you, has undoubtedly been your biggest achievement this year. Happy birthday Sehunnie!
  • Minseok: Did you just turn a year older? I feel your pain, I really do. But don’t worry because we are all in this boat called Life together. Happy birthday Sehun.
  • Jongin: Best friends never lie to each other and I must be honest with you. Damn, you’re getting old. Happy birthday Sehun-ah!
  • Chen: Here's to remembering the day you were expelled from that uterus!! Hahaha! Happy birthday Sehun!!
  • Luhan: Your birthday is just a remember that my birthday is just a few days away. THAT'S RIGHT EVERYONE MY BIRTHDAY IS JUST A FEW DAYS AWAY! And oh. Happy birthday Sehunnie! Love you!
  • Kris: I'm to lazy to wish you a happy birthday. Mind if I "like" someone else's post on Facebook?
  • Tao: Happy birthday Sehunnie! I sent you a lot of anti-aging creams knowing that now you will develop wrinkles on your face. P.s: I want Gucci merch in return.
  • Yixing: Wait what day is tod- SHIT! Happy birthday Sehunnie! Hyung loves you and I hope you stay healthy and wise all year!
  • Me: *Sehun comes in*
  • Me: *faints*

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Saw your personal post of your bookshelf and was wondering if you have any more books recs? (That is not Neil Gaiman's nor Terry Pratchett's 'cause I already added all of their books on my tbr list lol). I genuinely love your taste.

ahahaha I’m very flattered to hear that you trust my taste, thank you friend!! Definitely, definitely start with Discworld and Good Omens but here are some of my other all time favourites and some books that just stick out of the general mass to me, in no particular order:

the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - just an excellent freacking novel that somehow carried through as my main comfort book since childhood, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread it at this point but the last time was last December and boy does it just never lose its charm. Don’t get intimidated by the length, it reads very well (even my 9 year old self didnt find it boring hahaha) and the multiple interwoven storylines although complex are easy to follow.

Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham - tbh I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did but it won me over, it’s a quasi-autobiographical coming of age story about a shy boy with a club foot going through many of life’s ups and downs and trying to find the meaning in it. Maugham’s writing style is just lovely and it’s one of those books where you’ll find incoherent thoughts, fears and other emotions that youd usually brush off and not even bother to acknowledge staring back at you perfectly put into words and you just feel understood.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov - Easily an all time favourite. Religious satire, if you enjoy Good Omens, check this one out next. Premise: the devil comes to soviet-era Moscow, does some people-watching and throws a party. Bulgakov wrote it to be a caricature of soviet society but I think it nevertheless passes the test of time and will be enjoyable to anyone. As far as translations go, I checked out the Burgin & O'Connor one a few years ago and recommend that one, I found it does the book justice.

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan -  Another religious fiction. To be entirely honest I’m not yet done with this one but halfway through I do already love it enough to recommend it. Lucifer is offered a chance at redemption, the condition being that he has to take over the body of a writer who had just committed suicide and live a virtuous human life as him, with a trial period of a month to decide if he wants to commit to it. So he decides “fuck it I’m just gonna have some fun and also write a book about what’s it’s like to be me”. It’s profanely hilarious, witty and very thought provoking.

The Humans by Matt Haig - Similar premise to the last one actually, but in this case an alien takes over a scientist’s body and the book is his observations on humans. Not to sound dramatic but tbh this book cheered me up during a very unpleasant time in my life, it’s maybe nothing too elaborate and special but made me look at some simple every day things in a different light, and reading it just felt like a very good, long and comforting hug.

Momo by Michael Ende - Just a really sweet, whimsical and lighthearted tale about Time, Death and the dangers of capitalism. It’s a short childrens’ book that really sticks with you for a long time after you put it down and I strongly recommend it to anyone.

Century by Sarah Singleton - I generally have a huge weakness for cyclic storylines, and this one is just so aesthetic. I find it very similar in mood to a lot of Gaiman, like the Graveyard Book, Coraline, the Ocean at the End of the Lane. It’s melancholic, creepy, beautiful, has a nice steampunk-ish mood to it and the kind of plot that is better discovered as you go rather than described beforehand.

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly - This one is a bit on the “Edgier” side of fairy tale retellings that I’m usually strongly against, but BoLT struck a chord with me fsr. It’s very reminiscent in terms of atmosphere (and kind of plot too) of Over the Garden Wall. If you like the “more serious takes on fairy tales” genre, check it out!

The Secret History by Donna Tartt - This book is just. So damn immersive and picturesque. When a scene is described you feel as if you’re there. It’s basically a book about a murder that isn’t focused on the investigation but rather on all the events and characters involved in it, it’s more an aesthetic experience than a far reaching story. I fell in love with Donna Tartt’s slow pacing and long descriptions and awfully pretentious but tragically likeable characters.

the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny - An imo outrageously underrated sci-fi/fantasy series by a friend of George Martin’s, about a dysfunctional royal family fighting for the throne of their world. It’s a bit convoluted and would be long to describe but the world building in this series is absolutely incredible and very unique and different from most high-fantasy, I strongly strongly recommend it to all fans of more popular series like LoTR or ASoIF or Name of the Wind.

Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko - Modern fantasy book series that I’ll forever have a soft spot for. The set up is that among regular humans there are some called Others that can manipulate energy and cast spells, and basically have varying levels of supernatural powers. These are divided into the Dark Ones and the Light Ones and both sides try to keep up a balance of good and evil in the world by surveying one another. That one too is a bit complicated to explain but it’s really interesting and the stories touch up on lots of different topics and have lots of fascinating reflections about morality done in an entertaining way through endearing and marvelously flawed characters. Here though, I don’t know how well the translation was done, sorry about that.

A general author recommendation is Christopher Moore’s stuff!! I’ve been making my way through his books to ease my Discworld withdrawal pains, and while I do still prefer Pratchett by ten miles, Moore’s books are genuinely laugh-out-loud hilarious and endearing.

I just really love how pure Amedot is. A lot of the content, fan art or fanfiction, can be a mix of sweet and fluffy or silly and cheerful. I always enjoy seeing fan art of them chilling, pulling pranks (bonus: no sort of abuse in fan work where a character downright hurts another physically and hahaha it’s funny. thank friggin’ god). And in the show, the characters themselves have been there for each other as supports during times where they felt low. Their support alone never fixed their problems, understandably, but nonetheless helped them get on the right tracks. They blend so well together and have such natural conversations. Just… GEEZ, I REALLY LOVE THESE TWO!

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Hermione got tired of the bushy hair and choose to shave it all? I like it, Mione! Although is a very unusual idea, she looks great!

Unusual inspires me! choosing Hermione’s design isn’t being easy because there are so many different takes on her, from her skin color to the side of her hair. I love them all, it’s difficult to set up an unique design. I’ve posted those sketches on Instagram and here and i love how this is getting lots of ideas of why she would do such thing (or why she would never do it). They even suggest she might get ancient runes tattoos hahaha This what I like about being a fanartist. Even If someone doesn’t accept this, at least the design made them think and consider the possibility :) For me, it’s not because she wanted to get rid of her old hair. Maybe it’s for a noble reason. It was getting pretty obvious drawing Hermione with her bushy hair. War changes people. Not that Hermione has changed her personality, but maybe she got a different sort of guts after that. And now she deals with law and politics. While I think hair might define people, i also think it can’t. And drawing bald Hermione may show this. (Although I know this is her iconic feature) It was something I wasn’t confident in showing but yeah, if I draw Harry with a hipster man bun, so why not try this too?? Hahaha Just trying to find the fuel to inspire headcanons :)

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a - age: 26 (aka your mom)

b - biggest fear: Loneliness, yeah it’s a costant fear.

c - current time: 03:25 am and I really should be sleeping!

d - drink you last had: Beer.. omg the shame (*´▽`*)

e - every day starts with: hahaha it starts with some good mates (it’s kinda a tea that every Argentinian can not live without, mate is life!! can’t start our daily routine without it )

f - favorite song: Hard to decide!! : Oblivion

g - ghosts, are they real: unff, I’ve had a few experiences. I don’t know if they are actually ghosts, but maybe something like energy left behind by the ones who are not living . (when I was 13 and my brother 10 yrs old we used to hear the voice of an adult man sobbing through the walls of our shared room… I will never forget that)

h - hometown: “Reconquista”, a town in the north of the province of Santa Fe, in Argentina ^^ 

i - in love with: I whish to be in love one day maybe!!! hahaha!

j - jealous of: naah, I get jealous of other amazing artists very often tbh! don’t hate me! , but being jealous is what motivates me to practice and improve.

k - killed someone: (I would kill cockroaches if only I wasn’t so afraid of them)

l - last time you cried: Recently I’ve discovered that I’ve been betrayed by someone who I considered a good friend of mine irl… it had me crying a lot. It’s the worst feeling…

m - middle name: uugggh !! ok… Beatriz \_(シ)_/

n - number of siblings: 1, my younger brother ^w^

o - one wish: I whish I was creative enough to create my own stories and characters…

p - person you last called/texted: my cousin, via whatsapp 

q - questions you’re always asked: “You look young! How old are you?”, “do you have a boyfriend? why not!?”

r - reasons to smile: My dogs, friends and Kind people from the internet (so kind and funny, whenever real life is too much to take I come online and there’s always going to be a smile on my face, for sure!)

s - song last sang: Idea of You.

t - time you woke up: 9 am (because I didn’t have to work today, otherwhise it’s always 6:30 am)

u - underwear color: aaww I blush ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ… it’s pink

v - vacation destination: umm, anywhere out of this country, maybe London<3.

w - worst habit: … I drink Beer at least 4 times a week… 

x - x-rays you’ve had: yes! a pair of my head from all sides, for the dentist.

y - your favorite food: Pizza, noodles, 

z - zodiac sign: Aries!

Time to tag: @guardiandae @virushoney @beanpots @awsmmasa @vinzha-vz @luci-fer1094 @blazemalefica and all of you guys if you want to!! <333

MysMe Headcons “Pets”

My very first headcons guys♥ Requests and critic are very welcome

Saeran (Chinchilla)

  • He is literally a nervous (but also curious) mess
  • He would ask you so many questions (What’s a chinchilla? What do they eat? Since when have you had them? etc etc)
  • He’s fidgeting a lot when he enters your flat
  • When Saeran sees the big cage his eyes will get soooooooooooooo big (adorable!!!!)
  • Saeran will sneak to the cage like a cat (Imagine him with cat ears- DO IT)
  • Names?What?” What are their names?
  • “Oh… The dark one is Lucy and the light grey is Maze”
  • He would be so quiet observing them
  • When you open the cage to get one out he literally scoots backwards
  • “Wanna hold her?”
  • OOOOH shit what have you done
  • He shakes his head so violently and presses his back to the wall
  • Poor baby is too afraid he would hurt the tiny creature
  • It takes at least 3 more days until you can coax him to hold one
  • But only if you hold her with me! “How???Just don’t let go!!!! “Alright alright….
  • He would sit on the floor with a blanket over his lap (I am too bony, she should at least have it nice)
  • He mutters tiny prayers under his breath when you approach him with one of your girls
  • As you kneel beside him, you place the animal in his lap
  • “No hunny, I won’t let go”
  • Saeran is still so afraid
  • You end up guiding his shaking hand
  • When he touches the chinchilla, his jaw drops
  • S-soft, you had almost missed that whisper
  • He is literally melting, OK???
  • From this point petting and holding the chinchillas are his favorite coping skill
  • like, Anxiety? Chinchillas!
  • Lonely? Chinchillas!

707 (Rats)

  • Oh boy he is so excited
  • like, literally, he will jump up and down
  • When you open the door to your flat, he sprints past you and searches for the cage
  • Where are our children???
  • “Uh what?”
  • You guide him to the big ass cage where tiny eyes curiously watch him
  • Seven would squeal and turn into his heart eye emoji
  • You open the cage and the rats would crawl all over you, you would hand him the rats one by one
  • “This is Belle”- She is so beautiful!!!
  • “That is Sushi“- She looks so squishy!
  •  “She is just fat…” Don’t listen to that mean old lady you are perfect “SEVEN??????????”
  • “That is Rikku” Final Fantasy? (Dirty grin…just shut up boy)
  • He sits on the floor with your pets in his jacket pockets
  • Congrats! You made him a daddy! He will never leave your place. Nope. Not gonna happen!

Jumin (Cat)

  • The second he enters your apartment, your cat hides under the sofa
  • oh god please no
  • “Hahaha, I’m sorry, she is just shy” (get back here you lil…)
  • Jumin claims to be a “Catwhisperer”. I’ve got this, don’t worry MC
  • He kneels down and clicks his tongue
  • (OMG HOW CUTE????)
  • You hand him several treats (You bet he brought his own…)
  • Even her favorite toy won’t get her out from down there
  • When you are about to drag the damn kitty from under the couch, she finally comes out
  • to run away and jump on the closet…..
  • Did she just hiss at me?
  • “Oh my, I’m so sorry Jumin, she has never done that before, I swear…”
  • She is quite stubborn, just like her owner, he smiles
  • (Your cat would totally come jump on his lap when you two watch a movie or something like this…)

Jaehee (Poodle)

  • The little bean won her heart at first try
  • It has such good manners, MC
  • (You trained your dog to give his paw when meeting ppl)
  • She would be all over it
  • brushing and styling it
  • You bet your ass that she buys new stuff for him
  • Proud Mommy Jaehee walks through the park
  • she would always have a photo of the little bean with her (maybe even in her office along with yours<3)

Zen (Rabbit/Ferret…sorry I couldn’t decide)

  • Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic
  • Right now you really WISH you had something without fur
  • Like a gecko or a chameleon
  • So MC, what do you wanted to show me?
  • You get quite red and fidget around a lot
  • “Well, uhm. I want you to meet my…best friend?”
  • Zen tilts his head in question as you open the living room door, and he witnesses a big cage
  • How would you explain the name of your animal?
  • “Co-Come over, it won’t bite“ (at least I hope so…)
  • You open the cage and a white fur ball jumps on your lap
  • but…nothing happens
  • When he takes a closer look, he sees a white tiny rabbit/ferret with bright red eyes
  • Wow, haha. We have the same eye color. What is it’s name?
  • “W-what?”
  • I want to know the name of this little cutie
  • You get bright red
  • Zen sits down beside you and reach out to pet the little bean
  • “Zen…”
  • Yeah?
  • “No I mean…his name. It’s Zen.”
  • His jaw drops through the ground omfg
  • “I CAN EXPLAIN!!!! IT JUST LOOKS LIKE YOU!!! i got it shortly after I watched your first performance…”
  • He would laugh and hug you so tight <3
  • AWW. My little Fan.
  • He would tease you so much
  • but srsly he is proud
  • and secretly couldn’t be happier

Yoosung (Parrot)

  • He would be like =OOOOOOOOOOOO
  • He would totally rant about it
  • Oh god MC. It looks so beautiful and exotic. How old is it? What’s it name? Can it speak? Would it bite me? I want to pet it soooooooo bad!!!
  • You would need a looooot of time to get him calm
  • “Baby, you will scare him like this”
  • Turns out, Your lil Birdie loves Yoosung
  • As soon as you open the cage, the bird would fly on Yoosungs shoulder and nibble at his ear
  • you go from “AAAAW he likes you” to “It’s been three hours….”
  • Just imagine your adorable boyfriend with a tiny bird on his shoulder. IMAGINE IT! They would be so lovey dovey to each other ;-;
  • Don’t even think about putting the bird back in the cage, he won’t leave Yoosung
  • U end up packing everything and let your pet move in with him
  • :T well at least the new couple is happy
  • And you bet your ass, when Yoosung is raging while gaming, the bird will hear eeeeeeverything
  • he soon will greet you with some….amazing vocabulary
ryouma is a fucking nerd
  • Ryouma: Xander, what's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a large-breasted lobster?
  • Xander: Ryouma. Please, we're in the middle of a battle.
  • Ryouma: One's a crusty bus station, and the other is a busty crustacean. Hahaha.
  • Xander: YOU are a busty crustacean.
  • Ryouma:
  • Ryouma:
  • Ryouma: Damn, das tru.

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For a month I was lowkey stanning BTS because I thought I didn't have any friends who wouls understand me (I never stan any kpop group until BTS) and I'm older than the guys but I found old friends and now we have a group chat and planning a get together this sept to celebrate the comeback and joon and kookie's birthday. Hahaha. It was hard having to keep your feelings inside but now our group is slowly growing.

Aww that sounds like such a nice group :)
I wanna join ;_;


So SMAP had to rush from Kouhaku live to CDTV live to perform and they only appeared when the countdown was 10 seconds to 2015. Then the clock strikes 12, everyone is cheering and smiling and Nakai just looked glum. The reason being said by Kimura that actually it was a smooth ride from NHK to TBS so they arrived earlier than schedule (and not just in time) then Nakai starts his trolling on live broadcast…

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I absolutely love your blog! And I really like that mute reaction one you did, it hit me right in the feels. I was wondering if it would be alright to ask for a continuation of it when SS finally did speak if it is not too much to ask for. I hope you have a great day!

Thanks so much for your encouragement! I’m really happy you liked the reaction so much to as for a continuation! I hope you enjoy!

And in case anyone out there hasn’t had the chance to read the original, here’s the link:


Curie: Finally, I’ve done it! Look at everyone; I’m so proud of zhem! I knew my students had zhe potential to be wonderful doctors, and I was right. I thought zhey would roam zhe Commonwealth and help zhe occasional settlement here and zhere, but they stayed to open zhe Commonwealth’s first public hospital, right here in Sanctuary!

“I-I’m proud of you Curie.”

What was-? Zhat voice sounds familiar but…

Sole?” I have not heard zhat voice in years.

I threw my arms around zhem. Am I shaking? Oh, I’m crying again, like when zhey first lost zheir voice, but now it is a happy crying. I love zhe feeling of zheir arms wrapped so tightly around me, but even more so zhe rumbling in their chest zhat compliments zheir voice. I look up at them and smile through my tears. Grabbing zheir cheeks, I kiss zhem. Finishing, I lean back and tell Sole,

“I’m proud of you too.”

Deacon: I always found that face cute: crinkled nose, slightly pursed lips. Usually I’m the cause of a face like that, but Sole walked up to me this time, no prompting or jeering on my part. They opened and closed their mouth for a few seconds, floundering for words, kind of like the pet fish I had when I was a kid. Wait.


 “A-Are you trying to say something boss?” I took my glasses off. I needed to see this without shades in my way. Their eyes looked surprised at me, but they kept their focus.

 “I-I’m sorry.”

 And cue awkward silence. 

I crushed them into a hug and buried my nose in Sole’s hair. “Welcome back boss. Missed you.”

Cait: Left, right, duck, ri-shite! I almost took one straight to the teeth. Gotta be more careful. Ergh! Circle him… circle him…

Maybe you should take more time to rest in between these fights, y’think so Cait? I did promise Sole I would take it easy in the ring this time around. Not like the cage fightin’ I did back in the Combat Zone. Just some good-natured, friendly… fair-

“C-c-c-c-CAIT! T-TWO O’CLOCK!”

Wha- Woah! Nice callout. Thanks- Sole?


“Cait? Cait, can you hear me? Wow, he got you pretty good.” I could feel somethin’ wet dabbin’ at my face.

“That light is way too fuckin’ bright, and who’s shoutin’ right in me ear? I’m gonna give ‘em a good punch to the face if they don’t shut up! … You’re gigglin’ now? Do ya got a death wish?” I pressed my hands against me forehead, blinkin’ a few times against the white lights. When I could finally get a good look at the giggler, I saw Sole.

“So it was you who made the callout! Heh, I knew you had it in you. C’mere!” I pulled Sole down onto the bed with me and rubbed my knuckles into their head. They laughed, and damn, it’s been too long since I heard that.

Nick: I could feel smoke curling up against the gaps in my face; Sole likes watching it rise into the rafters. We were already in bed for the night, their head resting on my chest, my back against the wall, and I started singing something to help Sole fall asleep.

“Living for you, is easy living. It’s easy to live when you’re in love.”

“And, I’m so in love,” cough, “There’s nothing in life, but you.”

“Sole?” I tilted my head down to look Sole in the face. Their voice had been weak and scratchy, but it was there none the less. “W-When did this happen?”

“Today I tried,” cough, “talking again, with Curie and,” cough, “I was actually able to talk a little bit. I was waiting for the right time to,” cough, “tell you.” They smiled that impeccable smile up at me, and boy did that get the coolant pumping. I hugged them close to me and let my head fall back on the wall.

“Living for you is easy living. It’s easy to live when you’re in love. And, I’m so in love. There’s nothing in life, but you.”

Danse: “Danse… Danse.” It was late, and I had already been asleep for at least a couple of hours when someone shook me awake. I heard my name; the voice was unfamiliar. Well, maybe not entirely unfamiliar, but definitely not a voice I had heard in a while. I rolled over to face my partner,

Sole?” I dragged two hands down my face and over my eyes, heart pumping enough adrenaline through my system to push me past the initial post-sleep drowsiness. “Sole, did you just… say my name.”

“…Yes. I… I think I did. I had a nightmare, and I just… needed… you…”

Without another thought I pulled Sole to my chest with all the strength my arms could muster while taking deep, relieved breaths. I held them for a good long while, feeling their soft, warm, and tickling breaths against my neck, and I knew for the first time in months that everything was going to be okay again.

X6-88: I suppose I was satisfied with Sole’s progress, even though they only answered in truncated phrases. We sat beside the lake on the rocky shore. Ocassionally Sole would select a pebble from the ground beside them and toss it into the lake in such a way that it skipped across the surface of the water.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I queried.

“…My dad…” They replied. Short. Typical. But also nice.

“Can you teach me how to do that?”

Sole smiled at me: a rare sight as of recently.

“Of course I can X.”

I let a small laugh escape me.

“That’s your first full sentence since you started talking again Sole… I’m proud of you.”

They smiled again, and placed a smooth pebble in my hand.

MacCready: “Grognak entered the cave of the Sphinx to end the curse once and for all! Upon confronting the she-beast, it growled, ‘Grognak! Flash me those… sweet barbarian tarberries? Well, I guess that’s what you get when random wastelanders decide to play mad-libs with old comic books.” I sighed; and this was a rare issue too.

“…Hehe… hahahaha-cough-hahaha-cough- aheheheheee- cough cough cough. Oh, i-it hurts, but-cough-hehehe!”

Oh my gosh, “Sole! You can talk! You can talk!” I grabbed them by the shoulders and sensed the ever-growing grin widening across my face. This was definitely making it on the list of my top ten favorite days.

“Y-yeah! I guess I can!” Sole beamed right back at me! “Well… go on then! I want to see Grognak flash his tarberries!”

“Haha! Well then, where was I?”

Hankcock: Just one more hit, then I’m done. If I had a cap for every time I promised myself that, I’d be the richest mayor in the Commonwealth. Wait, I already am. Well then, I’ll just count it as extra insurance. Heh.

I was laid out on the floor of my state room, wasted and bordering on an overdose. Suddenly a blurry face buzzes across my field of vision, and I can barely make out Sole’s unique features.

“Hancock! Hancock!”

I was sure I must’ve gone way past my limit because I swore I just heard Sole say my name. They hadn’t spoken in months. Man, I must’ve really been tripping.

“Farenheit! Help! It’s Hancock!”

“Argh! Geez, did a herd of Brahmin stampede across my forehead last night?” I rubbed at my eyes for a little longer than necessary because damn, who left the curtains open?



“You stupid ghoul!” Smack! “Don’t you ever do that again! You had me worried!”

“Ow! … Hey, Sole! You got your voice back!” Sole’s face tried to grimace and laugh at the same time; it was cute.

“Shut up! You almost killed yourself being stupid! Four canisters of jet? Really?” Sole’s finger poked near my face.

“Heh, alright alright. No more binging. As long as you promise not to spring the silent treatment on me anymore. Deal?”


“Now that’s what I like to hear sunshine.”

Piper: “So yeah… Nat’s reaching that age where all the boys flock to her like radroaches to a hot brahmin carcass. Fortunately, her big sis taught her how to throw a mean punch. Heh, she broke one kid’s nose the other day; took her to get some noodles after she told me what happened.”

“Hhhh- hhhhh-haha-hahahahaha-cough-hahahaha!”

“Sole… Are you… laughing? Hahaha! O my gosh! I haven’t heard that in so long! Sole! Hahahaha!”

I wrapped my arms around Sole’s shaking shoulders. I couldn’t believe it! Sole, laughing! And after all this time! I had already given up hope after the first year, but I guess miracles do still happen. That, or karma finally got its crap together. Whatever it is, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that laugh.

I need to buy Nat another bowl of noodles.

Preston: I had to put the knife I was using to cut the carrots down on the cutting board to listen closer.

“Hahahahaha! Fetch Dogmeat! Hahaha!”

I walked to the window of mine and Sole’s Sanctuary home, and out there in the backyard was Sole tossing around an old beaten up Frisbee with Dogmeat, laughing. I began laughing myself. I-I hadn’t heard that in years! And I thought I never would again. It’s just as beautiful as the first day they stepped out of the vault and into my life.

Sole waved at me when they noticed my laughing. I waved back, and I could feel an enormous grin stretching across my teeth.

“Hey you over there! With the dog! I love you!”

“I love you too Preston!”

Oh man. I smiled wider and felt like the luckiest man alive because I knew I was gonna be the only one who got to hear that every day, from now until the moment I die. I love you too Sole, I love you too.

Dogmeat: “Dogmeat! Come here boy! Come here!”

That’s my master! I haven’t heard them call my name in forever, but I would never forget the way they sound! I can tell that they’re happy by the way they talk to me in that squeaky voice. They only use it whenever they pet my tummy, so I walked over to them and rolled over.

“That’s a good boy! Who’s my baby? Who’s my sweet puppy? You are! Oh yes you are!”

Codsworth: “Sole? Sturges said you were looking for me? I’m always happy to be of service, as you know!” I rounded the corner of the hallway and came face to sensor with a mischievously smiling Sole. “Sole, what is that smile for? Are you hiding something?”

“Just this.”

“S-Sole!” It was hard to believe it even though I heard them speak with my very own audio receptors. Sole… spoke! They actually spoke! “Sole, y-you spoke! I-I’m so happy, when did you find out?”

“This morning! I woke myself up by talking in my sleep hahaha! Who knew I could talk this entire time?”

“Oh Sole! This is just wonderful news! If I could give you a hug, I would!”

Sole latched their arms around my body-piece and hummed into the metal.

“Thanks Codsworth! You’re the best!”

I chuckled.

“No no my dear, it is you who are the best.”


“GOOD! HUMAN SPEAK AGAIN! INTIMIDATE ENEMY! But, what wall ever do to human?”