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It's been interesting to see how all the boys navigate solo interviews. Niall seems to have transitioned pretty seamlessly. Liam had a real rough beginning but has gotten way more comfortable. Louis wavers a bit and sticks to promo points but with a good interviewer relaxes more. Harry tends to charm his way out of answering questions sometimes.

It’s been really interesting. I think you’re kind of seeing them excell in the parts they were used to doing, and struggle a little bit where the others used to carry the weight.

Like, Harry, in about a million kind words tells you to fuck off because he doesn’t want to answer what you’re asking, where Liam or even Niall was really good at deflecting for him a lot of the time. I’m not actually sure that’s a negative point on his part or not though hahaha, it’s just very obvious what he’s doing, he kind of ends up not saying anything.

Louis has been trying to adjust to talking about /all/ the points, and I think that’s why we’ve seen him be almost rigid or robotic in his answers, he’s not used to doing it all.

Liam is really really good at saying what he needs to say or what he should say, but holy fuck does he know the taste of his foot well.

Niall, to the dismay of everyone, doesn’t seem to be struggling at all. Which personally I find infuriating lmao

Ayyyy I finished my draft YAYYY~~ 

Granted it’s only a first draft and I’ll have to go back and edit this monster but I’m done done DONEEE for now whooo~~ 

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KIBA ๐Ÿ˜šโคโค YOU TINY PRECIOUS THING THAT MUST BE PROTECTED. Wow way to go Obito, creeping and scaring the shit out of the poor little guy. I did not expect the rumors about Danzo. I REALLY wanna know what was Team 8 and the Inuzuka Alan's reaction to that. Not to mention Konoba's general reaction to the hideous Sharigarm. In general I'm so excited for the next part of this series! Hahaha can't wait for that X69 fic though โค

(Oh my god, I just had an Ed Elric moment. I read Kiba as Kat and my kneejerk reaction was I’M NOT TINY DAMNIT omg @me no.)

I already have it underway! Tbh it’s fun to write even if it’s hella angsty, and I’ve got plans to throw in Team 8′s first encounter with Akatsuki!Kiba as well, so. Exciting, yes? :D


Ziva David gifs per episode - 3x04 Silver War (Part 1) (Part 2)

Father's Day
Frank Turner
Father's Day

All the promises we made were painful and untrue, but for better or for worse, I am turning into you.


“There will be no more conversating with my sister, she knows where her loyalties lie.”


I moan into his mouth, giving his tongue an opening. He takes full advantage, his tongue expertly exploring my mouth. I have never been kissed like this. My tongue tentatively strokes his and joins his in a slow erotic dance that’s all about touch and sensation, all bump and grind. He brings his hand up to grasp my chin and holds me in place. I am helpless, my hands pinned, face held, and his hips restraining me. I feel his erection against my belly. Oh my… He wants me. Christian Grey, Greek god, wants me, and I want him, here… now, in the elevator.


敦司さんお誕生日おめでとうございます ^^
My inspiration personified is 50 years old today. 

It’s the 7th already in Japan…