hahaha this one is even worse

Time for another shit AU

Imagine an El dorado Voltron AU

Lance and Keith partners

Keith as Tulio

Lance as Miguel

Lance, not with the face, giving Keith the puppy eyes.

Lance charming the ladies with the guitar skills.

Fake (actually real) fighting to get out of trouble

Lance: you fight like my sister Keith: I’ve fought your sister! That’s a compliment!!

Making bets on whether they die

Get captured by Zarkon

Lance: All Riiight, CUBA!

Corteze is Zarkon af my dudes

Keith: banging head on the wall to come up with a plan that is basically not going to work.

Keith: alright, what’s your plan SMART GUY?! Lance: why are you looking at me? You’re the one with the plans! *comes up with a better plan than Keith*

Hahaha the blue lion is Altivo, following Lance like a puppy (easily bribed with apples)

Lance: look on the positive side, at least things can’t get any- *starts raining* Keith: excuse me, were you about to say “worse”?!

Lance: My greatest regret is that our greatest adventure is over before it’s even begun, and no one is even going to remember us.

Keith: you made my life an adventure

The wind up on this island that is controlled by the natives (the alteans)


Traveling through the forest, Keith following his instincts, Lance following the actual fucking map.

They run into a native, Pidge is Chel (because fuck you i do what I want!), who stole some stuff, cause she’s a little scoundrel, and just really want’s to get out of the city to find her family.

They are taken to El Dorado, dazzled by the Alteans way of life.

Allura is the chief (again because fuck you)

Hagar is Tzekel-Kan

The acolyte is Farcon guys XD

They are mistaken for gods

Pidge lies her way out of her bad situation, teaming up with the the guys

Lance’s big mouth getting him in trouble, keith is just not having that shit

Pidge overhears their plan to scam the kingdom and is all about that shit, cause she can get out and find her family

Pidge: if you want to pull this off, you’re going to need my help.

They don’t think they need her, welp she verbally slams they ass, she smart as hell

Pidge, is literally the brains of the operation

There are no romantic feelings towards Pidge, the only romance is between Lance and Keith

Keith: the stars are not in position for this tribute. Lance: like he said, stars, can’t do it… not today…

Keith telling Lance not to flirt with any of the Locals

Oops he does

Lance falls in love with the culture and the people

Lance wants to stay

Keith gets uber pissed and decides that it’s time to leave, Lance disagrees.

They fight about what their partnership really means I mean why would Lance flirt with all those people? He must not think much of their partnership.

Battle with Hagar after she tries to summon a monster

They kick Hagar out of the kingdom

Allura sees through their bullshit, but is cool with it, and builds their boat

Hagar teams up with Zarkon to him into the city

Team resolutions, Pidge telling them they are both fucking stupid, and we need to fix this cause bad guys are coming like right now! *smacks both of them in the head*

Lance ends up saving all of them, by knocking down the pillars and blocking the entrance

They apologize and make up, riding off on the blue lion

My Dad and I
  • <p> <b></b> [We were talking about haircuts]<p/><b>Me:</b> You know, a lot of people say that the worst thing you can possibly hear is, during a haircut, the hair-person-whatever-they're-called says, "Oh, crap! I didn't mean to do that." I disagree.<p/><b>Dad:</b> Oh, yeah?<p/><b>Me:</b> The worst thing you can hear is, while you're getting a tattoo, the artist goes, "Oh crap! I didn't mean to do that." Because hair grows back.<p/><b>Dad:</b> *nods* Yeah... But I can think of worse.<p/><b>Me:</b> *looks up at him inquisitively*<p/><b>Dad:</b> One word: surgery. And do you want to know what's even worse than hearing, "Oh shit," during surgery? *Grins*<p/><b>Me:</b> What?<p/><b>Dad:</b> Just moments before the anesthesia kicks in, you hear, "Lord Satan, please accept this sacrafice..."<p/></p>
Saved by the Bell: Chapter 1

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Taehyung!HighSchoolTeacher AU

Taehyung x Reader

I’ll add links to chapters here later.

Word Count: 7253

Genre: Fluff, future angst, aaaaannnnddd what I know all you hoes are after: future smut (hahaha not that I can say much).

Summary: Being a teacher is not easy, especially when you’re teaching emotional, hormonal teenagers who don’t give a flying fuck about school. What’s even worse is when you have to deal with all of the dumb drama that comes with being human and unfortunately still very active in society. Taehyung is one of those people who makes your life more stressful than it should be, and his constant teasing is one day going to be too much, you’re sure of it. What you’re not sure of, however, is how you feel about him.

A/N: Guess who’s back??? That’s right peeps! This would have been uploaded yesterday, but my flight got grounded, so I got in last night… Anywho, this may be a surprise, but it is not the surprise. That’s still in progress haha… Other fics and requests are also in progress, so I’m hoping you guys won’t have to wait forever! I’ve been wanting to write this one since last November (along with others that I will announce later, so be prepared!), and I finally got inspiration to write it, so it here it is! Enjoy!

Song: What You Know by Two Door Cinema

Why did every day start like this?

“Goood morning Ms. Y/L/N!” Taehyung drawls with a wide grin set on his visage as he sidles up beside you with his usual black and white travel mug filled with steaming dark roast.

You roll your eyes at his repetitiveness, responding with the usual sigh and snub as every day before, choosing not to take the bait that his choice of words always tempted.

Taehyung scoffed, blatant insincerity spread across his features. “Tsk tsk Ms. Y/L/N. are you really going to not respond to your beloved co-worker? How very rude of you…” Taehyung clicks his tongue in disapproval of your actions, or lack thereof, and steps in front of you in attempt to stop your futile efforts of escape.

“Now, now Miss. There is no need for such rude behavior so early in the morning! What have I ever done to deserve as such?” Taehyung grasps at his heart with his free hand, clutching tightly to the striped button up as if he were truly holding on to his “hurt feelings.”

You roll your eyes, and step around him, not willing to give in to his ridiculous act. “Taehyung, you know exactly why we go through this every morning, but I will admit that in fact, I do not, and this repetitiveness is making me dizzy. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d rather like to escape your aggravating throes, and arrive in my classroom in good humor (not that I really can now, seeing as you have already ruined my high spirits this once-fine morning).”

Taehyung gasps in false anguish, allowing you to pass him, but continues to trail on your heels in hopes of achieving further aggravation on your part (at least, that’s what you believed he was doing).

“Ms. Y/L/N, I would never intentionally ruin your morning, let alone your typically wonderful temperament, seeing as you are usually so… Pleasant.”

You stop walking, eye twitching in annoyance as you turn sharply in the direction of Taehyung.

“Mr. Kim, I sincerely hope that you are not implying what I think you are. That would be rather rude of you to do so in light of the general rules of human decency.”

Taehyung raises an eyebrow, an infuriating smirk clear on his equally maddeningly attractive face. “Oho? Is that so? Well, would you be so kind as to enlighten me on what you think I might be attempting to imply?”

Your eye twitches again, and you pull your arms across your chest in a defensive stance, your foot tapping in impatience upon the grimy school tile floor.

“You seem to be implying that I have a bad temperament. Am I incorrect?”

Taehyung’s eyes widen at the accusation. “Oh no, I would never say such a thing about someone as lovely as you, Ms. Y/L/N! You must have misunderstood my emphasis on the word pleasant! It was meant as a compliment!” He smiles at you knowingly, and your rage flares at the realization.

You huff, and turn on your heel to stomp off in the direction of your classroom. “Whatever Kim!” You yell behind you, hearing a deep chuckle resonate down the hallway, vibrating through your body, and you shiver.


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Cover Up

Summary: The boys, Cas, and the reader are hunting a demon who is kidnapping girls at a local karaoke bar. The reader is very shy and is in love with Castiel. Late into their case, Dean suggests that the reader should dress up and attempt to seduce the demon at the bar. Something funny happens to Cas during their plan….

Request: The boys (Sam, Dean and Cas) and reader have to hunt a demon down keeping in mind the reader is a shy person but in order to distract the demon she has to sing and seductively dance at the bar they go to, meaning her clothes would be revealing too lmao and the boys especially Cas are in shock when they go out and see that it’s her performing and Cas gets flustered and gets a boner 😂😂😂 I think this would be funny ❤️❤️

Pairing/Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Demon

Word Count: 1602

Warnings: fluff, Cas getting a boner, drinking, language, provocative touching 

A/N: This one was so funny to write hahaha thanks for requesting! Message me if you want to be tagged in my fics :)

“Absolutely not!” (Y/N) shouted at Dean as they sat down in their motel room. Castiel was in the corner, observing as her face flushed in embarrassment. “And it’s even worse that you’re suggesting it, Dean.”

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  • Qrow: *walks into a bar to find Raven staring straight forward holding a glass as her hand shakes.* Raven? What are you doing here?
  • Raven: ... *Continues to to stare wide eyed as she lifts her glass up to her lips taking sip, the whole time her hand still shaking.*
  • Qrow: Raven? *Qrow takes a seat next to her before waving his hand in front of her face.* Helloooooo. Remnant to Raven. Anyone there? *He then snaps his fingers a few times to no vale.* ... Alright then. You clearly lost it so I'm going to go where we're staying and check on how Yang and her emo friend are doing. I'll be back in a minute.
  • Raven: *Raven only nodded as Qrow patted her on the shoulder and walks out of the bar just as Raven quietly muttered.* ... make sure to knock....
  • ~~~
  • Qrow: *Qrow exited the elevator to find Yang and Blake, Yang in her pj's and Blake with a sheet around her, sitting outside of the room they were in.* Whoa. What happen to you two? And why are you out here?
  • Yang: *Yang looked up at her and waved.* Oh Hey uncle Qrow. We, uh, are waiting for the repairman to fix the window.
  • Qrow: Fix the window? You two break it while arguing about not loving each other despite loving each other? *Qrow Joking as he pulled out his flask.*
  • Blake: We weren't arguing and we didn't break it. *Blake said making Qrow notice a slight pinkish tint to her cheeks.*
  • Yang: Yeah we are all good now. Better then good actually. *Yang smiled as she snatched her now pink cheek, making Blake smile as well.*
  • Qrow: I see... So then how did the window break then? *He asked as he started to drink from his flask.*
  • Yang: It was the weirdness think, This big bird-
  • Blake: A raven.
  • Yang: Right a raven that has been sitting outside the window just started to go nuts and crashed through it sending glass every where before flying away.
  • Qrow: *It was at that moment spat out his drink and questioned with surprise.* COUGH COUGH! Wait! Wait! Wait! A raven!? Are you sure?
  • Blake: Uh, Yeah. Pretty sure considering my kimono is covered with broken glass and raven feathers. *Blake staring at Qrow with a raised eyebrow.*
  • Yang: Are you okay Uncle Qrow?
  • Qrow: Just one more question. Why are you wearing a sheet like Ruby wears a cloak? *He asked only to be asnswered with Blake and Yang blushing furiously causing him to start cracking up laughing.* ...Hehe. Hehehe...HahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-
  • ~Back at the bar~
  • Qrow: -HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Qrow continued to laugh slamming his fist against the bar as his sister glared at him.*
  • Raven: This is NOT funny, Qrow!
  • Qrow: Hahaha, You're right! Hehe! It's hysterical! HAHAHAH! *Qrow laughed wiping his eyes.* You start checking in on Yang more only to catch her with her new girlfriend! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh this is priceless!
  • Raven: *Raven only groaned before and after downing her drink and slamming the glass down face palming herself.* Ruuuuuh. This is is even worse then the time me and Tai walked in on you and Summer when you two dated! I mean, seeing my brother and my ex is one thing but my daughter! God ththere isn't enough bleach in the world.
  • Qrow: Welcome to parenthood, sis. It's about time you showed up.

alexversenaberrie  asked:

I recently found your tumbl and I like reading your thoughts about last episode of DW. I am curious to know your opinion about last scene with master/missy - if they forgave each other. Usually, it would "i hate, you killed me", but here "hahaha" (but not evil laugh), she seemed not to mind, somehow she knew that doctor would survive and she could end in much worse state. and master, I think that even with her going-good, he still adored her - she was magnificent and she still stood her ground.

I don’t think Gomez was ever angry at Simm for shooting her. I interpret her laughter as a sort of sad amusement at the situation—at just how messed up she’s always been that something like this would inevitably happen. She just accepts it, because she quite literally has no one to blame but herself.

Simm, I think, is perfectly willing to forgive her for stabbing him—what’s a little murder between incarnations? In fact I think he even respects her for it, because he sees it as a sign she hasn’t gone totally soft. It’s siding with the Doctor that he takes issue with, and that’s why he shoots her; not out of malice so much as a determination to have the final say.

anonymous asked:

ALL the otp questions for Qrow/Oz :D

hahaha, I kinda expected this xD

1. How do they react to being told they are being too touchy in public? Assuming this is a world where they could get away with that? Qrow would amp it up and be EVEN WORSE, while Oz would turn bright red and try to die of embarrassment because kids could be watching omg
2. What would they get one another for their 1 year anniversary? I kinda doubt either of them are that sentimental, so a nice quiet dinner with some exotic foods and fine alcohol would be enough. And maybe breaking in new sheets…
3. How do they calm one another down? Qrow gets angry more than upset- Ozpin meets his rages with quiet, firm words of reason, massages, and if it’s needed, they’ll spar until Qrow works the anger out enough to listen. Ozpin’s prone to melancholy- it takes a lot of patient listening, hot chocolate (spiked with peppermint schnapps), and quiet encouragement from Qrow to bring him out of it. (Letting Oz use him as a body pillow also works wonders.) 
4. Who gives the other a massage? They both do? Ozpin’s excellent at slower massage, especially with sore and overworked muscles, while Qrow’s good at deep and intense massage.
5. Do they get told they look good together by other people? Not often. Not a lot of people know they’re together, and those that do know don’t exactly approve. Oobleck and Port are supportive and think they make an excellent pair! Glynda thinks Oz is nuts, and James probably thinks they would look better if he were in the middle of them don’t judge me
6. What do they do when people try to come in between them? Ozpin’s unfailingly polite and subtle about it, but he’s not about to let that happen. Qrow’s just straight up snarky- fuck you, you ain’t taking Oz without a fight.
7. What is something that they always help one another with? Nightmares, Troubled thoughts. Showers. Kicking Salem’s ass. Cooking. I can keep going.
8. Who decides what music they play on a road trip? Qrow, because he gets antsy and Ozpin’s preferred instrumental music gets really boring on a long trip.
9. How would they react if they had to go on a plane? Eh, neither of them care? Qrow prefers to fly himself, but private flights mean private time and hell yeah sign them up.
10. Who is the bubbly one? Give Qrow enough liquor and he’ll be the happiest fucking bird on earth until the hangover hits. There’s a reason Ozpin tries to limit his intake to just the flask while he’s on campus.

A Confession (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: Hey can I request a Bucky x reader where Bucky is so in love with the reader and everyone knows except her and he’s always like following her like a lost puppy and trying to make conversation but she’s really shy and awkward. And one night the avengers go out to a bar and some drunk is hitting on and harassing the reader and Bucky gets really protective and stands up for her then tells her how he feels💜 sorry if it’s long hahah

A/N: THIS WAS SO CUTE. AWKWARD BUCKY MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I hope you enjoy, lovely anon. 

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anonymous asked:

I'd love to hear any outsider POV about Empress Amidala verse, people looking at Amidala/Vader shenanigans with great fear and confusion (or maybe they're not confused at all hahaha XD)

No one says “Darth Amidala”, but so many people think “Darth Amidala”. Constantly. All the time. They do their good Force DAMNEDEST to never think it in front of Vader, but even if he picked the thought out of their heads he would just be like “well yes, of course, obviously”. 

Vader is so obviously Amidala’s. Like, as loyal and terrifying he was as the Emperor’s fucking CYBORG TANK RUN ON NIGHTMARE FUEL, he is worse for Amidala. Amidala he is HAPPY to serve, and Amidala he did not have to shut down his emotional reactions to survive. Also, like, he’s not missing all his limbs, on a respirator, or in CONSTANT FUCKING PAIN. Like–that helps, definitely. Not being in constant fucking pain pretty much ALWAYS helps. 

Also-also, he does not give two fucks what anyone not Amidala or the twins thinks of him, and so follows all his random impulses and does all sorts of looks-weird-to-people-not-in-his-head shit. W-why is Lord Vader petting the velvet curtains in this king’s office? Why is Lord Vader rubbing the back of his soup spoon against his neck at this very important dinner party? Why is Lord Vader climbing the outside of the Senate building? 

As far as Vader is concerned being Dark means he can do anything he wants, pretty much. He doesn’t need to put on a show of being dignified or do anything to demonstrate that he’s scary or dangerous; he just DOES things and that’s it. People who do not want to be under Imperial rule and people who try to subvert Empress Amidala’s orders RAPIDLY learn how terrifying it is to one moment be dealing with a man who’s playing with a pretty little compact mirror he got from who knows where to a man in fucking MURDER MODE because you said something that could be interpreted as less than entirely worshipful of his Empress. 

And as terrifying as he is, he still spends literally all his time on Coruscant trotting after Amidala like a fucking puppy trying to get scritches. He has literally DIVERTED TROOPS’ MOVEMENTS in the interest of getting five minutes of direct attention from Amidala before going back to decimate the surviving dissidents. 

So yes, the outsider POV of their relationship is FASCINATING. And kind of traumatized, sometimes. Frequent times. MANY times. Oh Force, Lord Vader, please don’t kill us, WE’RE VERY SORRY WHAT WOULD THE EMPRESS LIKE IS THERE SOMETHING WE CAN DO FOR HER. 

Akatsuki members turn into kids

Requested by anon!

If each member of the Akatsuki turned into a kid, how would the others react?

1. Pein

Konan: “Oh my god that is adorable. You’re like a tiny little pierced hoodlum.”

Kisame: “Wait so…do we still have to take orders from him if he’s a kid?”


2. Konan

Pein: “Konan this is unacceptable and I demand you turn back at once. No…don’t crawl on my-HEY don’t pull my damn nose piercings you…ugh fine.”

Deidara: “PEIN your damn Konan baby is giving me paper-cuts everywhere!”

Sasori: “It’s an improvement Deidara. Keep her like this.”

3. Kakuzu

Hidan: “Holy fuck can we punt him over a cliff now?! No? Okay was just asking no need to yell at me.”

Pein: “Oh great now who’s going to manage our expenses? Me? HA. That’s funny.”

Konan: “He’s actually still counting money properly what happened to this child to make him like this?”

4. Hidan

Kakuzu: “Well I did the calculations and looking after a baby is way too expensive so we have to kill him. Sorry about that.”

Kisame: “You’ve stabbed him about ten times now and he’s still not dead so obviously he’s still immortal so PLEASE STOP THE CHILD SCREAMING KAKUZU.”


5. Kisame

Itachi: “Kisame. You seem to have….shrunk. A significant amount. Now who can make the tall jokes?”

Sasori: “I’m just glad I’m no longer the shortest. I hope this means my stupid ‘Shorty’ nickname is forgotten.”

Kakuzu: “This means I am officially the tallest member. That kind of makes me happy in a way.”

6. Itachi

Kisame: “Well this is inconvenient. But I mean all you gotta do to stop him from crying is stick some dango in his mouth and he’s happy.”

Hidan: “He keeps crying and it’s fucking annoying!”

Deidara: “I know right. The Uchiha clan already has a whiny crybaby; they don’t need another one.”

7. Deidara

Sasori: “This is great. I can smash all your stupid clay artwork and you can’t do a single thing about it. NOW who’s art is better?!”

Hidan: “Hey Shorty he’s still pointing towards his own-”

Sasori: “SHUT UP.”

8. Sasori

Deidara: “Ha. Ha Ha. HAHAHA. How does that even work?”

Konan: “Deidara why is Sasori speaking like a child? His body is still exactly the way it was- oh wait I forgot.”

Deidara: “He’s so disoriented. The idiot keeps falling over. I’M GONNA ROLL HIM DOWN THE STAIRS.”

9. Tobi

Pein: “Well this is great. Things could not get any worse.”


Pein: “I stand corrected.”

10. Zetsu

Tobi: “Ohmygod. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod guys look!”

Konan: “Is….is that….?”

Tobi: “A flower. Zetsu is an itty bitty little flower…surrounded by a pile of white goo. Isn’t he adorable?!”

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what do you think abt euron greyjoy? he seems to be giving off a slight ramsay-esque vibe, especially after the recent 2nd episode

I have joined Team Euron for the rest of the show hahaha.

Yea, I mean the actor even said he will be “worse than Ramsay”, though the only way I could see THAT happening is if they include things from his latest chapter… (and not even then, for me personally…)

What I think is meant is not worse as in the things he is doing to single characters but more dangerous and damaging to the world. Euron is very experienced in warfare and knows how to control and lead an army/crew, he already has a lot of power (and had it from the start). Ramsay was not that privileged.

I also get the feeling Euron wants to conquer and dominate THE WHOLE WORLD and be worshipped and even become some sort of god himself, while with Ramsay, it seems to be a lot more personal after what he is going (and that’s also the reason I like him better).

For the differences Show/Book Euron, I did not like his introduction, but now I like him very much, good job. They mixed in a bit of Victarion in the show too, which is cool.

I’m just waaaaay more relaxed about changes for characters when I’m not that extremely invested. I try to enjoy the show now, and with Euron I have a new fav. character to watch on screen. And he will hopefully give us many more nice scenes.

kawaiiusagichansan  asked:

'Sin is back with another tantalizing cliff hanger right on the heels of her last painful one for LMLYD, much to the agony of her followers. What will she tease us with next? More at 11.' XD Joking aside I loved the tasty tidbit you gave us for Newt! Even leaving it as you did you've give such us such a great description it easy to imagine what our favorite loving & mischievous had in store ^_~ I love the though that such moments would 'keep him company' when he is away XD Thank you again Sin!

Hahaha what’s worse? Life and death cliffhanger, or blue balls cliffhanger 😂

Thanks for reading! Happy you enjoyed the smut, no matter how brief.

[Spoiler/Recaps] Sweet Moments Hakuouki SSL: Harada Sanosuke -FIN-

/YUSA KOUJI + HARADA SENSEI?! deaded by AWESOMENESS of this route/

So, since I cannot contain everything in my fragile otome heart! Upon finishing Harada Sanosuke SENSEI’s route, I just have to do this, recaps! Nyuuu my kokoro! Ne, eveerin hakuoukidream this is a spoiler but I wonder if you’ll be interested to read this? XD

And YUSA-SAMA!! (my fever is getting worse lol). I’d say, in whatever games/anime his Renai/Otome scenes/CGS are always one level higher than others. Even if the game is Cero B (like Hatsukare), the *feels* of his route is aaaaaaalways ‘special’ and 'HIGH level’ XD

You see, in Hatsukare as Mizuki-sensei, he brought 'me’ to his house. And in Hakuouki SSL as Harada-sensei he came into 'my’ house. HAHAHA *smacked*

Okay so lets start!?

'You are choosing me? Is that really okay? Of course it is not a trouble for me. Jya, from now we’re partner. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu’

(Yeesh, there’s no deep meaning to the line since this is just the 2nd chapter but my otome gokoro has its own way of reading it in a 'wrong but innocent’ way XD)

'I was just thinking that you’d make a good wife’

(Harada Sanosuke’s line in Hakuouki psp! *O* And please sensei, at this point, we are still Teacher/Student :p But he is already clearly trying hard to hide his feelings XD Aww senseii *mofus* akjshdakjsd)

’…try to understand how painful it is for me, wouldn’t you… Chizuru’

(THIS SCENE! He sadly 'talked’ to the Chizuru who accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder. And by this time, he has totally fallen in LOVE with CHIIzuru *smacked*. And he secretly calls 'Chizuru’, unlike the usual 'Yukimura-san’. Must be painful for you sensei *sobs* I am sorry I 'didn’t realize it earlier’ :p)

'Looking at someone’s back going away is a lonely thing, right? So, I’ll be here until you enter the house’
(Nope, still Sensei-Seito here :p In which sensei sent 'me/you/us/Chizuru’ home and refused to walk away first not till Chizuru enters the house’)

AND FINALLY HERE KOUKUHAKU!! (confession lol sensei please XD)


(In which I/CHIIzuru maji shockku here, because he suddenly called me by my name

Turns out that because Sano-sensei feelings were to strong, he can no longer stay as a sensei so he decided to go away and teach at all boys school. Chizuru is sad Chizuru why sensei why. And.. *KISSU CG HERE* HE.. HE CONFESSED WITH A KISS?! W/O SAYING ANYTHING XD akalkjsdas!!)

/insert JAW DROP CHIIzuru here/

'Only during the times we are outside, without wearing uniforms, we’re not Sensei/Seito but as a koibito’ /deaded/

'I’ll no longer be in this school and no longer your sensei but……. I AM YOURS’

/insert double JAW DROP BLUSHING CHIIzuru here/

(AND OMG SENSEII YOUR LINES! Are you even a sensei? Not that I am complaining though. That was Hijikata-san’s line in Hakuouki wasnt it? YUSA-SAMAAA!!!! Was bad for heart I’m glad I survived)

And I think this is also almost similar to Hijikata-san’s line? Because of the 'horeta onna’ O_O

'I am meeting her as a guy who fell in LOVE with her’

(; A ; byebye my kokoro. byebye. yaru naaa harada sensei teehee. hyun hhyun~)

And last but not least, FINALLY after sotsugyou - the so called 'Kirakira futari dake no epilogue (sparkly, our own epilogue? pfft)’

’…. From tonight onwards, we will no longer be [Sensei & Seito] you know?’

'Today is a special day since it is your graduation day. So I think it is okay if you be a bad girl for today?’

(OMG senseiii what are you gunna dooo? ///////// *smacked* EXCUSE ME MY OTOME GOKORO CANNOT!!!!)

More of Chii’s nonsense: Let me tell you, Harada sensei’s route is amaiii amaaiii sweet sweet since the first chapter. Oh this player sensei (no he is not a player :p But he’s good with words tsk!). I seriously roll roll roll on bed like a sushi because nghhhalkjshdkas senseiii why you so sweeet ; A ;

And unlike Hijikata-sensei the frowning bully that’s is so majime (serious), Harada-sensei’d do anything for the sake of 'Love’. (^______^)

Hahaha. sigh. My kokoro has successfully melted into unidentified substances! Nyuu *inserts kokoro in freezer*

You see, Harada-san + Yusa-sama’s voice = deadededed heart. /SARABA KOKORO YO moment here/

And I feel sorry for Hijikata-san, he is my bias yet. I am sowwwyyy I still love you (I’ve been repeating this 29834902834x :p) but Harada-sensei in SSL & Harada Sanosuke in Hakuouki is just too LOVE. 

薄桜鬼 ~SSL~ 原田先生ルート終った♪♥

うおおおマジマジヤバかった! 。゚(゚^艸^゚)゚。

遊佐さまの声と原田先生のカッコイイ姿もう心死ぬかと思った。今でもまだドキドキしますわ~ どーどうする?!

(実は土方さんは一番大好きだけど…でもねストーリ的には原田さんに敵わないよ。ごめん土方さんでも大好きだよ 笑)

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La Rumba

This is my first ever fanfic. It’s all James and Sharna’s fault. I may write more if I have time. Enjoy!


James is sitting alone in the living room of his new country house in Indiana. The huge flat screen TV is showing the live premiere of DWTS season 29. It has been 3 years since he was on the life-changing show. He can remember it like it was yesterday. It started simply as a stage to promote Indycar to a wider audience. He went on without any expectations but instead the whole thing went way beyond his wildest dream.

It was fun meeting Sharna, James remembered. They had same sense of humor. Becky even said that Sharna is the female version of James when they were at Sonoma trying out the two-seater. The first three weeks went really quickly with both of them goofing around during practice and Becky sitting in the corner watching. Becky was not wild about the Cha-Cha because she has never seen that side of James before, being all sexy and basically glued to another beautiful woman. She complained. James remembered saying that he was not comfortable too but he had to do it, so he invented Ricardo. Well, James felt something after the Cha-Cha. He was not sure what it was. Maybe it was just Ricardo messing with him.

Week 5’s tango was lauded by the judges and it gave James the confidence he needed to think that he might have a shot at the mirrorball after all. Then came the wicked Week 6. The Rumba.

“James, the rumba is a very sensual and sexy dance. Much more than the Cha Cha” said Sharna at their first session of the week.

“How can it be worst than the Cha Cha with all the grinding there were?” joked James while doing the ass grinding…

Sharna, unimpressed by his grinding, said: “Well, imagine having sex without actually showing the act of it. It is intimate, sexy. The dance before the act.”

James’s jaw dropped to the floor. Becky was fidgeting in her chair. There was a dead silence in the room.

“Don’t worry! You will be fine! Becky, don’t worry, the chemistry James and I have will be enough to get us through this. Remember Robert and Kim? They did a wonderful rumba and he is not even close to your level of goodness!”

“Uh…. didn’t they get married after the show?” Becky asked.

“Not because of the rumba!” said Sharna. “Come on, I already have something planned”

The next few days, James picked up the routine pretty quickly. But on Friday, during practice, Sharna looked a little preoccupied.

“What’s wrong?” Asked James.

“I don’t know. We are doing fine with the steps. But I feel something is missing.”

“What’s missing?”

“I think we’re missing the passion in the rumba. The lust between us and the urge of you having me and vice versa. That’s how I planned the routine and I feel it is incomplete.”

James didn’t know what to say. He was never in this situation before. He is not a dance nor an actor. It is hard to act as if he wants someone especially in front of all the millions of viewers.

“I will try to study videos of previous seasons and I will try to find a solution just like I have before.”

James, being a racing driver, is used to analyze datas from previous races to improve for the next race. That’s what he has been doing since day one of DWTS. Sharna was so impressed with his improvement, she one day asked him how he does it. Ever since that day, they will sit down together, looking at the tiny screen of his phone, finding things to improve upon.

“Babe, this is all you. I can’t help you this time. I’m a pro so I can turn the heat on anytime! If you cannot find a solution by Sunday, on Monday night I may just have to set you on fire to get the heat!!! Hahaha”

“Challenge accepted!”

The next two days were the longest two days of his life. Even worse than his rehabilitation after the accident. He already had a solution but he didn’t know how to implement it. It was easy enough just by pretending she is the woman of his dream. But during the practice, he was unable to show it. By Sunday night during the camera blocking, Sharna told him not to worry that their routine is good enough to go through the next round even without the intense passion.

“It’s unacceptable!” thought James. “I will not settle for second best. I have to give it all!”
“For this once, I will love Sharna with everything I’ve got. She is my love and she is my life!”
Deep inside, Ricardo is laughing. “ Yes James. Yes. That’s right. You know you want it to be true for sometime now.”

Monday at the dress rehearsal, Sharna noticed something is different. Good diferente. She noticed the way James looking at her was diferente. “Maybe I’m imagining but this is good for the routine. Not enough but good enough.”

Just before their dance, in the red room, James came close to Sharna and whispered into her in a musky voice: “I love you.” She was caught off guard. “I love you too babe!” She said.

At their starting position, she felt James. Not because they are touching each other. But she felt his yearning, his wanting, his desire of having her. She felt his love for her. It was something that never happened to her before. EVER! Not even with Paul. The sexual tension is palpable. She was so surprised. The only way she can do is to reciprocate the feeling during this dance. “He wants me and I want him. He loves me and I love him. I will take all his love for me and give him back more. We are one and we are for each other.”

During the routine, every embrace was tender and loving. Every spin was powerful and with passion. Every touch was electric. James was on fire and Sharna was surprised.

The only person in the room who could feel this was Julianne. She saw the potential of this partnership. She saw the potential for it to be much more. Being a dancer, she knew this kind of opportunity didn’t come easily or ever! She wanted Sharna to be happy, so she wickedly planted the seed by giving a 9 and saying that there could be more chemistry.

After the live show, Sharna took James aside and asked.

“What happened tonight?”
“What? I told you before the dance in the red room.”
“You love me? I don’t understand”
“Sharna, I decided that in order for me to overcome this obstacle, I have to love you. I have to love you with all my heart.”
“James… I felt it. I felt your love. It took me by surprise. It was so intense, so raw. I never felt anything like this before. Thank you.”
“But still not enough for Julianne.”
“Don’t worry babe. From now on, I will love you back. We will show the world how beautiful our love is, even just for a short time.”

And the rest is history.

James, standing up after finishing the premiere, turn around and look at his trophies. He had just won his second Indy500 championship which are the two centerpieces. Next to his trophies are the two Emmys of his wife. In his heart, he always regrets not winning the mirrorball with Sharna.

He heard someone approaching behind him.

“Are you thinking about the mirrorball again, babe?
“Yes, I don’t know why. It seems to be more important to me than the Indy trophies.”
“Well, I just got a call from the producer of DWTS. They will be doing an all-stars season for Season 30.”
“Yes, really.”
“Aww muffin, we are gonna crush them and we are gonna make history!”
Sharna laughed wholeheartedly and said:
“Yes my love, the first ever celebrity and pro married couple winning the mirrorball.”
“I think we need to make more room for the mirrorball, hon.”
“You didn’t do that for my creative Emmy! I hate you so much!”
“I hate you so much too!” He leaned in to kiss his beautiful wife with the biggest smile on his face.


HAHAHA HOLY SHIT (sorry about the long post, I have no idea how to add one of those ‘continue reading, things)

Okay, so… Holy fuck. It’s even worse than we thought it was. They have more clones than we thought, and they’re not just Duncan. They’re not just Duncan AND Kim. As far as I saw, there was Duncan, un-fluxed Duncan (where do these ones’ DNA come from? Not Lalnable, they have Duncan’s gray eyes, and Lalnable’s are slightly more red), Kim, Lewis (multiple places), Simon (multiple places), Sips (the large room with the main army), Hannah (the hallway after the first clone room), Nilesy (hallway after the first clone room), Zoey (hallway after the first clone room), Fiona (hallway after the first clone room), and Strife (the room with the flesh machine). First of all… why these particular ones? There is a noticeable lack of Sjin, despite him being THE ONLY OTHER PLAYER IN THIS WORLD, and why Strife without Parv? Why Zoey and Fiona, but not Rythian? Why not Hat Films? I immediately thought of that part back in Zoey and Fiona’s series on Zoey’s channel where we can see those holograms of life sources detected. Lalnable happened to be one of those, but that just leaves more questions. Rythian was also displayed on that screen, along with two others (Lewis and Hannah) that Lalnable actually has clones of. So if he was near Rythian, why isn’t he in the clone army? And again, that lack of Sjin while there’s a SIPS of all people. What has Sips done that Sjin hasn’t, or vice versus, what has Sjin done that Sips hasn’t? I thought of the Dirt Factory series, but then we would have seen a Turps in there somewhere. I can’t think of anything else, really. And how did Lalnable get any of these clones when none of the original players even exist in this world right now?! We could assume that the time machine could have done it, but remember - it’s broken. And Lalnable doesn’t appear to know how to fix it yet, which suggests it hasn’t been fully made at any point in time yet. The green lights around it, along with the fact that this is the only other time machine we’ve seen in any series to my knowledge, suggests this came from the Time Cops series, but how? (If anyone has any ideas that’d be great, I admit I haven’t watched the entire Time Cops series) We could also assume that the ‘Master’, whoever he is, might have collected and supplied Lalnable with at least some samples, but the two that seem most likely to be this ‘Master’ (Lewis or Israphel) just don’t fit. Yoglabs Lewis (normal Lewis doesn’t seem to be a candidate) would only have clones of himself, Simon, and Duncan (which could explain the non-fluxed Duncan’s, but not much else fits), and Israphel has only met Lewis and Simon. Is there some other character we haven’t met yet that is in control of everything? Will we meet them soon? Are there multiple 'Master’s?
And on to other things. The design of Lalnable’s lab has MULTIPLE similarities to Yoglabs. The main lab consists of white walls and floors, with dark grey accents (just like yoglabs), the layout is mainly small square hallways and large rooms, there was a clear bridge over a large black room (which is displayed in one of the yoglabs videos, I’ve forgotten which), the flesh-machine room had the colored lines on the ground (one of yoglabs’ defining features), and there is a very out-of-place cafeteria (just like yoglabs) with what appears to be a BROKEN COFFEE MACHINE (another memorable feature of yoglabs). Why are there so many connections? Are they intended, accidental, or just a coincidence?
And lastly- what is up with the glass sphere? Is it just the whole 'similar minds think alike’ thing that Kim mentioned, or is there something more to it? And what purpose does it have? It appears to be related to botania, as there is a mana pool in the center sending mana to odd white and gray blocks around its edge, but what does it do? Is it simply another power source, or something more?

Anyway, this episode is killing me! I’ve never been so clueless about what is happening in an episode. HELP ME OUT HERE GUYS, IM GONNA GO INSANE
I’m sure we’re all wondering what this 'plan’ is, but right now the lab itself and its contents are confusing me more than the actual plot ;-;