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tfw Ishida won't be trusted anymore
  • Ishida in Re ch122: *has Touka confessing to Kaneki*
  • TG fandom: no but Tsukiyama interrupted them so we can't be sure that Kaneki feels the same
  • Ishida in Re ch124: *has Touka straddling Kaneki and going for a kiss*
  • TG fandom: no but maybe he's going to block Touka's kiss because his pal Amon once did the same with Akira
  • Ishida in Re ch125: *draws an entire chapter about Kaneki and Touka having sex*
  • TG fandom: no but what if it's Itori and not Touka?
  • Ishida: (≖_≖ )

an anon requested rize and kaneki getting along in an au and i am weak (so weak) for florist/tattoo artist au’s

Trying to get Jumin's bad end 2

Me: *at first feel guilty being a shameless selfish MC*

Me: *keeps choosing the insane choices but somehow keep getting +HEARTS from Jumin*

Me: ???

Me: *keeps getting plus points as Jumin actually LOVES the creepy choices*

Me: o_o




Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Me: *got bad end 2 with a special CG*

Me: i’ve abandoned my humanity and i shall embrace the eternal darkness


I’ve been playing Heroes and it’s been pretty fun! The designs are great too! I want to try drawing some of the characters!

I figured I’d start with Hinata since he’s Stell’s favourite…! Except this was practice, totally practice.

I’ll draw a cleaner Hinata some time. x’)

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can you write more shuake in which goro self-loathes due to what he did to akira and the phantom thieves and also because he believes he doesn't deserve akira's affection at all? but of course akira always proves him wrong :3 thank you, i love your writing!

Well guys, the feels train never stops on this ride to Shuake Land – its time for me to try and make you guys hurt again! 

Okay so this one KINNNNDA may have gone from ‘drabble’ to actual fic since it clocked out at a little under 3k letters, so I’m sorry to anyone looking for a drabble or to anyone who feels cheated because I overwrote this one. I’m bad at this drabble request thing, hahaha. But I mean, like, guys, we gotta keep the Shuake Feels Train going. 


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The List is made by a Sh//lav shipper. They flag other ships as problematic, while shipping two characters who don't get along in canon because of their mental illness. two characters who would be extremly toxic to one another in a relationship. there is no way those two could fall in love without erasing their mental illness. but that ship is Good while other ships with canon love and respect for one another are Bad? hahaha

It also has a “palalotor (and other paladin/galra)” category

If shipping paladin/galra is wrong too, then - congrats - K/ance is illegal now.

Safe Haven

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,221ish
T/W: Fluff and slight angst (anxiety)
A/N: For Adorable Anon’s Request: “OK so Philip x reader where the reader is scared shitless of thunderstorms (aka me hahaha) and one night it’s storming really bad and Philip wakes up to the reader crying and he helps her calm down and go back to sleep?” Ironically, I have a 7 day forecast of possible rain and it was a downpour last night!

It had to be at least 3 o’clock in the morning when Philip stirred. Thunder was cracking outside and it was near impossible for him to sleep, but he tried. Lightning lit up the room for a second, it was quiet, until another clap of thunder sounded off. Turning over in frustration from lack of sleep, he saw you. You were sitting up, knees tucked into your chest and tears streaming down your face. He waited to say anything, as another flash of light came from behind the curtains, it gave just enough light for him to see you. Rubbing your palms repetitively against the top of your thighs, you cried, gasping silently for air, staring straight ahead. 

“Baby?” Philip asked, but you didn’t respond. 

He sat up thinking of things he could do, watching your methodical movement. As soon as the thunder rumbled you stopped breathing so heavily, as if waiting for the cursed sound to strike fear into you again, and sure enough it didn’t fail. A loud sound filled the room along with the downpour of rain. You closed your eyes and hugged your knees. Philip desperately wanted to help, but this was the first time he had seen you this scared, he wasn’t judging, he just wanted to help but didn’t quite know how. 

“Wh-what can I-”

“I don’t feel safe!” you cried, partially yelling out of fear. 

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“C’mon! Your heaven is somebody else’s Thanksgiving. Okay. It’s bailing on your family. What do you want me to say?” (5x16)