hahaha the last one killed me

Happy Birthday to this cutie, Ojiro!!! He is one of the 362548623 children I adopted in BnHA, hahaha… This manga is killing me (and now that I’m up to date with it, the waiting is a NIGHTMARE)…

What if Yuu completely turns into a demon and loses his mind? And then he is about to kill his friends a second time but Mika stops him again just to realize that Yuu is forever lost and can never return? So he kills him with his own hands because death is better than letting his most important person suffer as a mindless demon for eternity and right after his death Mika takes off the wristband which protects him from the sun and whispers to himself “We are finally free Yuu-chan” while he gets burned alive. And the last scene of OnS shows how the wind carries Mika’s ashes into the endless blue sky and we can hear Mika’s and Yuu’s happy laughter?

  • So I'm re-reading Lord of the Rings for the first time since the movies came out and
  • Movie!Aragorn: I am the last prince of a forgotten king. Destiny weighs heavy upon my brow. Come, hobbits, into doom and darkness from which there is no return.
  • Book!Aragorn: Hey guys how's it going oh you're letting me in your room that's adorable I could kill you with my pinky finger I mean seriously look at my bitching sword jk it's broken as fuck but really I could kill you it wouldn't even be hard you're tiny and dumb let's go to weathertop where no-one can hear you scream I mean where you'll be save from ringwraiths I'm totally trustworthy hahaha oh god I'm so alone

hahaha with this i finish my  adventure  in underfeel and with the last ask i stop be an ask blog the experiment was good XD but i need to training my draw first-thanks neo you are one of the 3 who push me try this with your draw

fresh:i’m going to kill that rat

i’m happy to read that ^^

go ahead! 

but fear the tem, they are evil


so i was tagged by @its-life-jim to answer these questions (thank you dearie)

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs youwould like to get to know better

A-Age: 16 (don’t you dare gonna judge me)

B-Birthplace: the lovely Netherlands

C-Current time: 09:10 AM 

D - Drink You Last Had: coca cola zero last night
E - Easiest Person To Talk To: my dear friend @life-of-a-nolifer 
F - Favourite Song: right now? Middle Finger by Bohnes 
G - Grossest Memory: i fell into a mountain of cow shit one time
H - Horror Yes or Horror No: hahaha no unless it has a certain actor in it;)

I - In Love: with my bed yes. otherwise nope 
J - Jealous of People: yes, mostly because of looks and boyfriends they have
K - Killed Someone?: nope
L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again:  at first sight baby 
M - Middle Name: wilhelmina cornelia 
N - Number of Siblings: 0
O - One Wish: just one? okay i want to go into space one day
P - Person You Called Last: my mom 
Q - Question You Are Always Asked: how do you know all that? why are you so clever aargh
R - Reason to Smile: the star trek discord chat :D 
S - Song You Sang Last: Middle Finger by Bohnes 
T - Time You Woke Up: 7:30am (I want to die it’s a bloody sunday)
U - Underwear Colour: blackity black 

V - Vacation Destination: i’d love to go to scotland one day 
W - Worst Habit: I think like waaay to much my brain never stops thinking
X - X-rays: just one in my whole life that i can remember 
Y - Your favourite food: GIVE ME THE SUSHI!!!!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

soo i don’t think i can tag 20 blogs so i’m just gonna tag these YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT IF YOU DON’T WANNA

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@ddraconian-love tagged me to do this, thank you!! :)

A - age: 20
B - birthplace:
Some city near Lyon, France
C - current time: 10:04am
D - drink you had last: Milk
E - easiest person to talk to: Laís maybe?? :’)
F - favorite song: The Asylum
G - grossest memory: Does that one time a singer from an opening band for Scorpions flirted with me count? Because it felt pretty gross when he told me he was “only 13 years older than me”.
H - horror yes or no: Nope
I - in love? Nope nope
J - jealous of people? 100% yes hahaha
K - killed someone? No
L - love at first sight or walk past again? I don’t really have an opinion on that.
M - middle name: Stephanie
N - number of siblings:
O - one wish:
See Vexillum again.
P - person I last called: A friend from college. Or my mother. I can’t remember who I last called.
Q - question you’re always asked: ”Do you do anything for your hair to be curlyyy?” “Why do you feel ill at ease with peopleee?”
R - reason to smile: Music, concerts, my cats, baby ducks, goats, people who send me pictures of baby ducks and goats, I don’t know 8)
S - song you last sang? Marcia Baila by les Rita Mitsouko o/
T - time you woke up? 9am
U - underwear color: Black
V- Vacation: I really want to spend some with my best friend and do the same things than usual: go swim, talk too much, laugh at stupid things, stargazing and watching stupid things on tv :’)
W - worst habit: Lacking self-confidence and needing approval for any thing I do that I’m not sure of.
X - x-rays? Had one for my right wrist and another one for my teeth.
Y - your favorite food: Pizza and ice cream 8)
Z - zodiac sign: Pisces

I’ll tag @imsobadatnicknames, @lein-wahliik, @ollis-beard and @livelikeanangel-dielikethedevil if they want to do that!

Before E3 i’m gonna make a short list of games i’d ACTUALLY like to see, then i can come back afterwards and see if any of my dreams came true.


1. Xcom 3 - Terror from the deep remake, please baby jesus do this!

2. Half-life 3 - HAHAHA JK KILL ME

3. Elderscrolls: Black Marsh - please take me to my lizard home todd

4. Dead Space 4 - Ok i know, 3 was shitty but it was fun in co-op, i’d like to see the story wrapped up at least.

5. State of Decay 2 - I think this one is pretty much garenteed to show up so i’m putting this here as my safe bet.

6. Oddworld - They were working on a remake of exoddus so maybe that?


8. Metro last light sequel - Really like the metro games, would be neat to see more of that universe

9. New Metroid - i don’t think nintendo even rember who samus is

10. No Man’s Sky 2: Imagine the shitstorm if they did that, imagine the RAGE, i don’t actually want to play this obviously but i’d want to see the reactions


1. A game about werewolves that doesn’t suck *cough order 1886*, maybe a detective type game, something that isn’t just a boring shooter?

2. Any game within the cthulhu mythos

3. A new open world sci-fi RPG to replace the void mass effect left when it died

4. Any kind of game with dinosaurs…LIKE DINO CRISIS YOU BASTARDS

5. A true old school survival horror game, no hiding in closets!

6. Kojima’s Death Stranding - what the fuck is this game even about


“Miyuki… senpai…”

I make another prologue for my Ghost!Miyuki AU before this one, i guess. Oh my God me and my shitty doodle;;;;;;;;;

Well it’s about everyone visiting Miyuki’s grave after they win koshien (yes i planned to draw every second years (or rather, third years?) but i can’t draw a lot of ppl in one canvas /you may kill me/ so lets consider this scene is after everyone are going back but Eijun stayed so we have mysw (angsty) time //killed)

Eijun forget about (ghost) Miyuki but somehow he felt that he is forgetting something important but he can’t recall it. So it hurts.

Anyway, this is the last installment for this AU yep idk what to do anymore for this 8′D special thanks to @trafalgrawr who helped me to translate some part because i’m suck hahaha thank you elli dear uvu


Some pieces I did for Inktober this last year.  That should tell you how much I don’t post art here when I should (I mean, October?  Really?  hahah).  I’m such trash at using ink, it’s the hardest thing ever.  I really cannot overstate my respect for people who know how to use it properly and make their results seem effortless.  ONE DAY!!!  hahaha.  Still, these were so so fun, and I like the results regardless - whether they killed me dead to make or not!  haha

OH, also if you’re interested in seeing my art more often than… well, never, I suppose, haha - I post pretty frequently on MY INSTAGRAM, where all of these can also be seen!

Lion King Starters
  • “Life’s not fair, is it?”
  • “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?”
  • “He’s madder than a hippo with a hernia.”
  • “I quiver with FEAR!”
  • “Well, if it isn’t my brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners.”
  • “That was today? Oh I feel simply awful.
  • “I shall have to practice my curtsy.”
  • “Just think - whenever he gets dirty, we can take him out and beat him.”
  • “When it comes to brute strength, I’m afraid I’m at the shallow end of the gene pool.”
  • “Before sunrise, he’s your son.”
  • “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”
  • “Cheetahs never prosper.”
  • “Oh very good. Pouncing. Pouncing!?! Oh no, you can’t be serious.”
  •  “One day you will be king; then you     can chase those slobbering, mangy, stupid poachers from     dawn until dusk.”
  • “I despise guessing games.”
  • “Yes. Well… forgive me for not leaping for joy. Bad back, you know.”
  • “Oh dear, I’ve said too much! Well, I suppose you’d have found sooner or later, you being so clever and all. Oh, just do me one favor - promise me you’ll never visit that dreadful place.”
  • “Okay, okay, I’m clean. Can we go now?”
  • “Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but you two turtle-doves have no choice. It’s a tradition going back generations.”
  • “I wonder if its brains are still in there.”
  • “Hey, did we order this dinner to go? ‘Cause there it goes!”
  • “You could have been killed. You deliberately disobeyed me.“
  • “What? You want me to dress in drag and do the hula?”

roscticos  asked:

sorry i'm like staring at your magnus bane prince of hell aesthetics gifset and that last gif gets to me so much oh my. (i hope we get a magnus fight before Brocelind Plain. oh my god it would be amazing and ferocious.) also lol @ that one circle member in 104 who thought he could kill magnus LMAO, BITCH YOU THOUGHT

oh my god hahaha i love you so much. <3 but ok like major book spoilers so i try not to talk about it too much cause i dunno how many fans are familiar with the books and who aren’t? but there was just so much untapped potential with the introduction of magnus having the blood of a literal fallen angel. and all the demons knowing who he is because of his father and actively taunting him to return to the demon realms because he belongs there. i wish we saw more of this struggle for him, how it isn’t that he’s just any regular warlock or Downworlder, but that he is (in Magnus’s mind) the worst kind possible because of his lineage. and yet throughout all of this, he still adamantly refuses to internalize the idea that he isn’t worthy of being loved? (but then he also has his low points where he doubts himself and thinks he isn’t worthy of alec because alec has the blood of the angel). He’s just such a unique and complicated character to me, and harry is such an amazing actor, that i’m hoping so badly we get to see him explored the way he deserves.

anyway, character development aside, i 100% understand why for budget reasons magnus couldn’t be bamf all the time for s1, but i hope they pull out some of the stops for s2 now that they’re getting more network support. because i would be so incredibly turned on. (and lbr so would alec)

Alright, we were gonna choose the first couple of recruits on May 17th but we got hella more hunters than we expected, so here it goes.

Just to clarify: If you didn’t get in yet, don’t worry! 300 people have entered and we’re gonna be recruiting 5 more members every week c:

Recruits! make sure to post an introduction to yourself in the #huntersnw tag!

I’m going to introduce them below, you should follow them! (Name in brackets means their lethal hunter name):

qabriel (Alice Caufield)

Strength: I have a pocket knife (I accidentally brought it to school today shhh no one saw it or anything but I could have gotten in huge trouble), I act so I can be a good FBI agent.

Weakness: I’m afraid of heights and owls.

enohchian (The Shadow)


Weakness: lmao ummm, I suck at running. I’d die first if we had to run hahaha

desteil (Jeffica E Rothberg)

Strength: according to my last progress report i have problems with authority and i am very abrasive

Weakness: I have no weaknesses what are you talking about

fuck-castiel (Lily the Destroyer)

Strength: I killed a big spider yesterday so I feel I’m fully prepared for next level monster killing.

Weakness: I am an ultra procrastinator. 

the-winchester-initiative (Eagle One)

Strength: Quick wit. Fast learner. Great aim.

Weakness: Indecisiveness. Anxiety.

wendigod (Celeste Grace)

Strength:  I’ve studied demonolgy, mythology, angelology, Religious studies, History, etc. Blood and other bodily fluids/parts do not bother me.

Weakness: I have hydrophobia

sammywinchesterkins (Alice)

Strength: I also love to read and have a good memory, so remembering lore will be easier for me than most.

Weakness: I have a mild fear of my own blood, and sometimes my anger can get the better of me so it can be both a strength and a weakness.

officialsamwinchester (no hunter name)

Strength: i can actually get my eyeliner to be even most of the time and i could probably eat about 7 cheeseburgers in a half hour

Weakness: I love sweaters

johannaharvelle (Lizzy)

Strength: I can fight with knives, swords, hand-on-hand combat, and (don’t laugh) nunchucks (they’re pink). I’m learning staff sometime soon. I also speak 3 different languages

Weakness: I don’t like looking at blood/meat/dead bodies/gore.

clevercas (Agent Romanoff)

Strength: I’m very good at stalling so if you need be to buy you some time I can do that :) oh and also if you’re like in danger or something

Weakness: I also have a bit of a temper and slight anger issues so I might probably accidentally maybe kill a helpful monster by accident because they were annoying me???

emygirl (Em Winchester)

Strength: I’ve taken taekwondo since high school. i’m 22 now. I can fight pretty well. I can shoot an actual gun and bow and arrow. i’m a good marksman. I can tie knots and my uncle taught me how to handle a knife.

Weakness: i always think i’m failing and need words of affirmation frequently or I worry i’m disappointing people.

curedcrowley (Brandy Robinson)

Strength: im not all that great of a singer so maybe we can use my voice as a form of torture

Weakness: i dont like running i refuse to run unless its for my life occasionally

reginaminferni (Vic)

Strength:  I know a lot about chemicals and diseases. As well as means of torture. I’m going for a degree in Psychology so I can make people break pretty easily and find their weaknesses/flaws/etc (AND A LOT MORE THIS GIRL WAS BORN A HUNTER)

Weakness: Dragons, I love dragons. I’d go all weak for a baby dragon. Kids. Kids are my biggest weakness probably. I’d do anything in the world to save a child. I’d die for a kid.

angel-sass (Angel’s Assassin)

Strength: I’m super smart and have the demon exorcism memorized (oops I was bored).

Weakness: I’m a big procrastinator if I’m supposed to do something that doesn’t interest me.

abductedean (Cali Smith)

Strength: I can pretty much name almost every weapon they’ve used on the show?

Weakness: I’m sensitive some what, so being to sentimental isn’t always the greatest at times. That would definitely throw me off guard.

My Thoughts on "The Bin of Sin"

Honesty I thought this was a pretty blah episode..SOOOO that means it was prob chock full of clues that I missed..which is why I thank God that I have all of you!

Nonetheless, here goes….

If Hanna is A what smarter move than renting the storage unit in her own name to convince everyone A is framing her..hmm

Aria is literally never around but still knew about Hanna visiting Ali before the other girls (and still is the only one to know about Jason and Ashley). I gotta admit she’s good that A(ria).

Emily doesn’t wanna tamper w evidence. HAHAHAHAHA. Wanting to plant Ali’s hair in Mona’s house ring any bells home girl? I pointed out in a different post how when the evidence points to the Liars they claim “framed!” But when it points to anyone else then obviously it must be legit. Pick a lane Emily.

Bakery girl is totally tying to see if Emily’s into girls.

At first I thought Tanner was feeling Toby out to see what he knows but then she got annoyed and defensive. She either knows Holbrook is working with Ali or is in serious denial about her police force.

Is Ezra really busy w his new business or is he still spying on the girls and that’s all just a cover up story?

Very shady scene w Caleb and Hanna. Hanna thought through so much in a very A like way (damn you theorists who got it in my head that she could be A). How’d she know what kind of drill was needed to break a lock that she’d never even seen?

Shock of the century that Ezra isn’t mad at Aria. It didn’t even occur to him she could’ve actually meant all of that stuff, wth! He totally doesn’t want her getting into any colleges (without his help anyway) and she will suffer from her claustrophobia if she has to stay in Rosewood. Here’s a wild and crazy idea: if college doesn’t work out you could always move together somewhere far away and Aria could get a job. Problem. Solved.

At least this time Caleb wore gloves.

Aria has other things to worry about besides Ezra? Hahaha that’s so funny. And a lie.

Ezra are you FINALLY getting it? Sorry to all the Ezria shippers, I’m not even anti-Ezria per say, but if the parts were played by real age actors I think you’d get where I’m coming from here.

Why WOULDN’T Caleb help Hanna, his GF? No one questioned him helping Spencer last week in situations that were equally as dumb.

#onestepbehind had me rolling. Write that on my PLL tombstone bc this show kills me sometimes.

Why would A clear out the room and leave the barrel (is that even the original barrel or a decoy?) Could A be setting them up?

These girls keep flashlight companies in business. Aria whyyyy would you suggest that you all split up?! In a dark, abandoned, scary as hell building. And these Einsteins agree it’s a good idea!

Toby and Hanna look like they could be related. Honestly this show is gonna be one of those towns filled w people who unwittingly adopted kids who are all related. Like I can’t even, everyone is either A, red coat, black widow, a twin…..or dead.

Wouldn’t the storage unit camera have taped them before they cut off the feed?

Can someone please explain to me the significance of the freeze dried almonds?


Spencer wedged the wrench in the door so she could get back out of the room, which I took to mean that there was no other way in or out. So how the hell did Aria magically appear inside next to Spencer without coming in the door after her? That room wasn’t that big and how did she not make a bee line for the lap top if she got there first? She totally planted it there. The girls banging on the door for A to let them out made me laugh (I have issues and probably belong in Radley, I know), A didn’t happen to not see you in there and this is all a misunderstanding and they’re gonna let you out.

What a change of pace having Hanna off w her bf (even though it was doing A related stuff) while Aria was with the girls. BOOM, it hit me why she’s always been my least favorite liar and the most believable A candidate (for me): she’s never around or involved. I actually liked her being part of the action. But at this point are the writers just making bad things happen to her bc they know everyone says that nothing ever does?

Omg, they’re opening the barrel.
Rookie cops see a lot of action in Rosewood. Who knew they were qualified to do a detectives job. No wonder all the detectives suck. Seriously, they can’t even show us what’s in the barrel??? THROW US A FREAKIN BONE HERE! There’s a drop of blood right next to it though bc A is so smart and crafty. And this is totally a set up.

I hope this Jason/Ashely business is important and not filler bc honesty, it’s boring me.

Emily go close up Ezra’s business while he eats take out with Aria so that we can lay the foundation for your next relationship bc God forbid you were single for a hot minute. End rant.

Ezra gave Aria a RED book 😂. Side note: I just realized I have the same initials as Aria and idk how I feel about that haha!

Is Ezra doing the right thing? Are Pigtunia’s flying?!?

If A’s plan was to pit the girls against one another, it worked.

It should be nice knowing the girls have an honest cop on their side but considering half the stuff they do is illegal or can be easily misconstrued it’s not proving to be as helpful as one might have hoped.

What was the whole “do over”promo/commercial? And what was so significant about that Ali/Mona moment??

Emily PLEASE stay single for a minute. Older person whose name I can’t remember for some reason, PLEASE date someone your own age for a minute.

Haleb FOREVER. When the going gets tough, he stays and risks jail time.

My poor spencer. Toby might actually be doing the right thing in the long run.

A seems to be built like a man imo (Toby? Ezra?). And now they have fingerprints where they relocated all the stuff from the storage shed (those prints did belong to the liars right?!) But Hanna’s in the clear bc she wasn’t there. Neither was Caleb. So COULD Hanna be A? Sweet baby Jesus please no.

One of my favorite parts of this show are the funny one liners but this show didn’t really have any so I’m kinda bummed. I guess my sense of humor and I will go mourn the lack of laughs like Aria mourned her lack of extracurricular activities. LOL. Thanks for reading, I love and appreciate you for it. 😘