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1D Name Trivia :D

In the spirit of the Tumblr Language day….I thought I’d like to share trivia about 1D names from the fandom on the Chinese platforms with those who wouldn’t normally be familiar with it (Though, shoutout to those I see sailing gloriously in both there and here :D)

So there exists boring, clunky phonetic “official” translation of the boys’ names in Chinese (for example used in the Toyota advertisements). However, in many contexts the direct English names are used. But I just adore the simple Chinese nicknames that fans adopted for them too! Each have a single-character moniker (that are sometimes doubled for cuteness, or compounded with adjectives)

Harry is 卷 (juan….(NOT pronounced Spanish Juan lol); means literally, “Curls”). People love calling him  卷 卷 …the more curls the better, eh? haha. Sometimes a phonetic element is added as well, 哈 “ha”, so he’s “Ha Curls”. Cute variations include “卷公主” or Curly Princess, “卷妹” or Little Sis Curls. Recently I even saw Harry referred to as 卷骚女… “Curly flirty girl/Curly bitch (but meant in an affectionate way)”

Liam is 莉 (li, phonetic. But this is not the usual “li” character for translating male names… the “li” chosen for Liam is a floral one meaning “jasmine”). I’ve seen him called 熊莉,熊 meaning “bear”, and 莉粑粑, 粑粑 “baba” meaning a kind of round rice-flour dessert treat. It is a pun on 爸爸, also pronounced “baba”, which is daddy, a reference to Liam’s early reputation as Daddy Direction.

Louis is 丝 (si, pronounced like a hiss, NOT like “see” or “sigh”….“Phonetic” for the “s” in LOUIS, hahaha the irony! - because there’s a tradition of translating the Western name Louis with the “s” voiced, by default. However, it has meanings of “silk,” “silky thread,” with connotations of delicateness, so it suits Louis well) He’s often referred to as 丝丝. On occasion, he’s 丝哥, with 哥 meaning “bro”.

Niall is 奶 (nai; phonetic, but it’s got the bonus meaning of “milk” that ties in to Niall’s innocent image). He’s often called 奶儿  (儿 , “er”, is a common suffix for “-ll” ending English names, but it also fits well with “Nialler”…and it also means “baby”) So he’s the Milk Baby.

 Zayn is 渣 (zha; like “juh” sound in “just”; it’s not phonetic, just based on the “Z”. Has bonus cute meaning of “little crumbs”…and is a homophone of 喳, the sound word for baby bird chirps) Often Zayn’s called 美渣,  美 meaning beautiful. Everybody wants a crumb of that gawjussness…or hear his lovely chirp.

Finally, a word on One Direction as a band name itself :) - On Baidu Baike (similar to Wikipedia) and official advertisements, One Direction is billed as 单向组合, literally “One Way Combination” - an awkward attempt at direct translation that can sound more like a name of a Traffic Police subunit….it’s little wonder that fans have rechristened them with a new band nickname: 小破团 or just 破团.  Though 破 can mean “scuffled, worn, bad”, here it suggests affection and familiarity, as in “Lil’ Bad Squad,” as if the boys are lovable rascals with unpolished but genuine endearing appeal.

listening to the wicked soundtrack: disgruntled Gelphie shipper edition
  • dear old shiz: ah yes the fictional alma mater
  • the wizard and i: haha 'a celebration throughout oz'. dramatic irony amirite. haha. hahaha. dramatic irony. *sob*
  • what is this feeling: GAY GAY GAY
  • something bad: i like this goat. oh. oh well too bad he's gone before long.
  • dancing through life: i remember a girl tried to set me up with my crush once but i didn't become a fucking tyrant as a result
  • popular: galinda is cute and did you hear that sick burn about ronald reagan
  • one short day: offscreen sexcapades probably
  • a sentimental man: foreshadowing #43928410
  • defying gravity: *pauses right before the second I hope you're happy* *stops the soundtrack* *pretends Gelphie defying gravity together is the end of the musical*
  • thank goodness: gay gay gay with a sideline of tears
  • the wicked witch of the east: the one I DON'T KNOW THE WRODS TO AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY
  • wonderful: aw look a cute old man. aw. if it weren't for him and morrible I'd have Gelphie kissing. Aw look. He wants to be appreciated. fuck off old man
  • i'm not that girl reprise: SHUSH forget him RUN OFF WITH ELPHABA
  • as long as you're mine: wtf is Fiyero doing in this play about my otp
  • march of the witch hunters: calm the fuck down biq
  • for good: what are you talking about of course you'll meet again in this lifetime I WILL RUN ONSTAGE AND CARRY BOTH OF YOU OFF IF NECESSARY DONT MAKE ME TRY
  • finale: allotted time for wiping off all the eye makeup that got runny during for good

Let’s talk about something for a second: Kate’s eyebrows. Just like her, they’re so unique. They’re not the classically shaped “brow on fleek” and there’s no real arch. Somehow, she pulls it off and they’re just so beautifully matched to the structure of her face. As you can see, she hasn’t really changed them since she was younger and I kind of love that? Because she wouldn’t be Kate with that typical arched brow. They’re so straight (the irony hahaha) and you don’t notice until you really look at them, especially since her hair is so light. I just love how they wouldn’t work on a majority of other people and yet just look so perfect on her. This is a weird post, I know. But this is a Kate McKinnon blog, and I will forever feel blessed by Kate McKinnon. Just look at this angel.

Translation of “Are You Happy” jweb mail (part 2)

So @jiimama has been the fabulously powerful force of nature to be so kind to this silly alien’s request.  Thanks to her, here is that elusive second half of Japanese jweb post that English jweb and email did not provide (I just helped with some editing).

Without further ado, click here for the original japanese jweb text and please give thanks (and rainbows~) to beloved Mii for the following effort.

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