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I feel like you would enjoy this. Okay, there IS an explanation for this chalk monstrosity. My science teacher is very hands-on, and we were doing a unit on moles. We abbreviate them mol. (Me, being trash, immediately thought of the terrible Darth Mol jokes and tried not to start snickering in the middle of a silent classroom.) But there’s a lab project for this unit where we measure the amount of mols we use to draw something on a paper. But it gets better. If it’s science-related, he HANGS IT ON THE WALL. Mine is on a wall. But its also the worst pun I’ve made in my life ever. :)1

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Hey, I know it's been six months, but I just thought, given that guns are phallic in Sherlock, could it mean anything that s4 started with Mycroft altering things so no one knows the Sherlock fired John's 'gun'

*snorts* Hahaha Nonny I never really thought about it, to be honest hahah!

I honestly don’t think so at all, but let’s do a crack reading: Mycroft (the writer / Author God) has decided to rewrite the original story so that Sherlock (the canon / character) doesn’t fire off John’s gun (hiding the gay) and that Magnussen (homophobia; blackmailing of people who were gay) wasn’t defeated by Sherlock (essentially, evil had won). Sherlock is visibly upset (”That’s not what happened at all.”) but the writer has decided to keep the true story hidden (“It is now.”).

LOL Obviously looking too deep into it, but this is what you get from me when my brain is melting from the heat :p


Are my muses scared or have ever been scared of France you ask?

Clearly, France is horrifyingly terrifying.

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Idk if you are accepting these but can you do an unromanced, but wanting to romance, companion reacting to making Sole laugh so hard that they snort for the first time in their presence.

I THINK I MESSED UP THE ROMANCE PART I’M SO SORRY! Oh well, at least I’m back in the reaction swing! Thanks so much for the idea sweetums! Hope you guys enjoy!

By the way, Maxson’s reaction was inspired by a little comic I found while bumbling about on tumblr, and I have searched through hell and highwater to find it again but I can’t. So, if someone has the link to it please let me know so I can edit this post and give the artist due credit. Thanks!

MacCready:MacCready hated being cursed with the inability to censor himself. He felt the stupidity of the words as they spewed out of his mouth.


And everything was quiet, except for the intermittent and comical dripping of a wet stalactite. Oh no, now Sole was looking at him, and that face! “Uh, I uh…” MacCready felt his face begin to burn something fierce, then he heard… it. “BAHahahahah! Ahahahhhaahaa! Ahahaha SNORT! OH NO!” Both hands flew to Sole’s mouth, and they blushed. Now it was MacCready’s turn to laugh. “HAHA! Oh gosh Sole! Ahaha! Ah…” He wiped at the corners of his eyes for dramatic effect. Sole huffed and walked away. “Aw, Sole, don’t be that way!” MacCready caught up to them and slung an arm around their shoulder. “If I’m being completely honest, it was kinda cute.” He said cooly. Sole stopped to look at him, and the mercenary realized what he just said. “Ehrm, so yeah!” He quickly snapped his arm back to his side and coughed nervously into his  other fist. Both nerds were now flushed to the tips of their ears. Gah, you’re such a dingus Joseph, MacCready thought to himself, but when he saw Sole absentmindedly grinning that cute smile of theirs, he figured a little embarrassment was worth it.

Cait: “Hey lover, is that a beer in yer pocket, or are ya just happy ta see me?” Cait playfully nudged Sole’s arm with their elbow. Sole, in all honesty, laughed a little more than the pick-up line had really warranted. “Ahahaha!” “C’mon Sole, it wasn’t that funny.” Cait furrowed her eyebrows at Sole, honestly a little put off by the excessive laughter, but then…”

“Hahaaha SNORT!” Cait’s eyes widened at her friend. Her lips began to purse, and it was too late now. She tried so hard to reign it in, she really did. “Mmmhmm… Mhhaahhh, AHahahahahah SNORT ahahaha SNORT ergh! Sole! ahahaha SNORT.” Sole burst out in laughter again at Cait’s uncontrollable snorting, and their combined guffawing sounded like a thriving pig farm. Cait had gotten progressively redder in the face the longer they both laughed; it was so embarrassing! And it never seemed to end because as soon as one of them snorted the laughter was renewed. “Ahaha! SNORT! Ah-I fuckin- ahaha! Hate me- ahahah SNORT! Laugh Sole! SNORT! I’m gonna kill you!” Sole took off before Cait could do anything, and their laughter eventually faded into the distance.

X6-88: X6 had preferences. He preferred the clinical lighting of the Institute to the uncomfortable heat of the sun, he preferred the Institute’s penchant for organization over the garbage heaps that littered the Commonwealth, and he most definitely preferred the Institute’s meticulously squeaky tiles to the dog feces he just stepped in. “Aw, shit.” He muttered calmly, but inside he could feel irritation boil inside stomach.

“Heh, heheh,” It started out soft and breathy, as if Sole was trying to hide their amusement from him. X6 turned his gaze to give them a scathing look, but instead of getting Sole to shut up, they lost it completely. “AHAHAHA!!!! OH-AHAHahah SNORT Ahaha SNORT, oh no! SNORT!” Sole crinkled their brows and cupped their hands over their offensive nose, trying to contain their stupidly loud snorting. X6 couldn’t really stay angry with them now; instead, he offered to help them. Making a pinching motion with his thumb and forefinger, X6 prowled towards Sole, “Here, let me help you with that.”

Preston: Here it was, the moment Sole and Preston waded through fifty laser tripwires for: the treasure of Jamaica Plain. The minutemen practically shivered with the anticipation of finding bedazzling mountains of gold and silver and jewels and… Is that “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” playing? Sole thought. “Ha ha HA!” Preston buckled at his waist with guffaws. “Oh man! This is the treasure! That’s great! Ahahaha!” That laugh.

That laugh. So. Precious. Sole smiled like a dork at Preston who quieted down when he noticed them staring. “Uh, do I have something on my face?” That face! Too sweet! Sole felt giddy laughter bubble up the back of their throat. “Heeeheheheheee! Hehehe SNORT! Woah!” Preston flashed his teeth, grinning widely at Sole’s snort. “General, I think the real treasure here is your laugh!”

Danse: Sole saw it coming from a mile away. Danse had seemed preoccupied for most of the afternoon with whatever was rolling around in his brain, accidentally kicking some debris across the street here and there with the hulking foot of his power armor, but now, “Danse watch out there’s a-“ FWOMP! “log…” Danse’s foot had caught the underside of a log and sent him falling like a plank of wood straight into the dirt. For a minute Danse could only feel hot, searing shame steam roll his soul as his face pressed into the grit of the road. Ugh, how could he make such a fool of himself in front of Sole?

“Pfffftttt- HAHAHAhahaha!” Great, now they’re laughing at him. If only Danse could actually move from this prone position. “Oh my gosh! D-Danse! Aaaaahhhahahaha SNORT!” The paladin jerked his head off the ground. “Was that a snort soldier?” He asked smugly. Embarrassed and irritated, Sole stomped away from the fallen paladin, red-faced and steaming. As Sole’s footsteps faded away however, Danse realized his mistake. “SOLE! Get back here! You can’t just leave me on the ground to suffer! Sole! Come back here! I CANNOT GET UP! SOLE!”

Deacon: Deacon thought she was his informant. He really did. And he guesses it would freak any little kid out if some creepy bald guy with sunglasses sidled up to them to ask, “What’s goin’ on little sister?” The poor kid screamed in Deacon’s face right in the middle of Diamond City market. Where was Sole when he needed them? They were typically better at diffusing the DC guards who were beginning to gather.

“Ahahaha!” Across the market, offering absolutely no help at all, stood Sole with armfuls of clothes and ammo, laughing their butt off. Deacon kept his cool, but felt his facial muscles twitch a bit underneath his skin. “Hey there now, no need to get upset. See, I was just leavi-.” Slap! Deacon’s jaw went slack. The kid- That kid just smacked him!


Later that day, when things get really quiet, Deacon leaned up next to Sole’s ear, close enough to touch their pinna with his lips, “SNORRRRRRT!” Smack! “Hey, haven’t I been beaten enough already today?”

Piper: “Oh Blue look! Is that a motorcycle?” Piper’s eyes shone with excitement. “It… was.” Sole admitted, looking at the crusty old skeleton of what was once indeed a motorcycle. “Hey, Blue, check it out. Do I look like one of those old world posters when I do this?” Piper hopped onto the seat side-saddle and crossed her legs. “Hot, right? I make this look easy. Eh, Sole? W-Woah!” The motocycle tipped backwards as Piper switched poses, and sent her and the hunk of metal crashing down onto the street.

Sole pressed their lips together, but ultimately could not escape the inevitable, “Bahahahaha! Hahahah SNORT! Hahah SNORT! Haha!” “Yeah yeah, Blue. Laugh it up, but just so you know, the headline of Publick Occurrences next issue will be ‘Valut-Dweller. Part Human, Part Pig.’”

Curie: Oh, it was juvenile. So juvenile. But Sole couldn’t help themselves as they painted some of Piper’s borrowed *cough*stolen*cough* printer ink onto the rims of Curie’s microscope lenses. Then, they waited. Curie eventually wandered back into her make-shift lab after collecting the ingredients she’d wanted. Ah, there she goes, putting down the beaker, turning to the microscope, mounting a slide, three, two, one… “Zhe bacteria in zhis sample are quite remarkable, wouldn’t you agree Sole?” Curie glanced up, two inky black rings framing her blithely innocent eyes.

“Hehehe! Hahaha SNORT! Ahahaehehe SNORT!” “Sole, what is so funny? Microbiology is fun, yes, but perhaps not so hilarious? I am confused.” Despite her questioning tone, Curie found her smile growing in increments with each of Sole’s snorts until, “Heehee! Hehehee! Oh Sole, I cannot keep from laughing when you are carrying on like zhis!” Soon Sole was doubled over, holding onto Curie’s shoulder for support. Curie placed her hand on top of theirs, and they stayed that way for a good while until Hancock came around asking them for the recipe of whatever chem they just took.

Hancock: “Are you sure that’s a good idea Hancock?” “C’mon pal, I’m experienced with this kinda thing y’know. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing.” Sole still harbored some lingering doubt as Hancock pressed the end of a jet canister into his nasal cavity. Suddenly Sole felt the overpowering urge to jerk the inhaler away from Hancock. Too late! He’d already triggered the puff. “AGH! Ugh! Oh man!” The jet canister clattered to the floor before even fully ejecting the chem. “Are you okay Hancock?” Sole worried over the suffering ghoul. “Yeah, yeah. Ugh. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

“No kidding.” Sole agreed. Welp, now that they knew he was okay, “Ahahahahaha! Hahahaha SNORT!” “Heh, you take a puff too?” Hancock teased. Sole covered their nose with their hands and glared over their knuckles at Hancock. “Aw, don’t hide it doll face. It was charming, really.” Sole blushed, but refused to uncover their nose to laugh again.

Nick: Sole and Nick enjoyed flipping through the pages of a case Nick had been working on lately as Nick’s cigarette slowly filled the stuffy office with a warm smoke. Then Ellie happened. The door flung open- BANG! “NICK! I’M GETTING MARRIED! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” “WHAT-ACK!” Nick shouted, forgetting he had a cigarette in his mouth, well, now it was more in his throat. Ellie apparently hadn’t noticed yet, still jumping up and down, screaming, and flailing her hands around excitedly while Nick choked on his cig.

It all happened so suddenly that Sole’s first instinct demanded them not to help poor Nick fish the burning stick out of his throat, but to laugh. “HAhahaha! Oh m-my- Ahahaha SNORT! Ahahah SNORT SNORT!” The outrageousness of Sole’s snorting provoked Nick to laugh too, and the cigarette lodged itself deeper into his circuits. “Ahaha, dammit Sole! Ahahaha! Help me!”

And so Sole did, but Nick had to admit, having Sole’s fingers down his throat certainly made him feel a certain kind of way.

Maxson: CHC-CH! “GAH!” Maxson glared at the toaster that yanked him from his thoughts, and with one swift punch he launched it into the side of the Prydwen. Usually Maxson doesn’t care who witnesses him assert his superiority, heck he hopes people see it, saves him some time, but usually his displays of dominance are directed towards more… sentient things. Now everyone in the small cafeteria was quiet as they focused their eyes on him, Sole included. The elder felt the horror of what he just did rake down his spine, and no, please, no: Please don’t let that be Sole laughing.”

“AHAHAhahahahahahahahaha-SNORT!” Another wave of silence washed over the diners as Sole stole the limelight of embarrassment away from Maxson. Both Sole and the elder caught each other’s stares and shared knowing looks. The two stood up from their spots in matched rhythm and stalked out of the dining area. On the way out Maxson turned to Sole, placing a heavy hand on their shoulder, “Well done soldier.”

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I'm seeing all these "Error and Ink would be enemies" things goin around and I'm just sitting here like "I bet they'd end up being unlikely friends. Yep. Yin and Yang goin on here. Opposites attract. They'd be besties for life."

//laughs at the stupid thoughts I’m having about them trying to get along for our sake but really they don’t give a shit, they’d start fighting anyway over anything//

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Hello! Can you please do Victor, Yuuri, and yuris reaction to catching their usual calm and collected s/o raging while playing a video game? Good luck with the blog!

Oh goodness my first request! Sure darling, I hope you enjoy~! And thank you very much!

-Oh Viktor.
-He admires his s/o’s calm atmosphere, he really does. He also finds it fun to challenge himself and fluster them as much as possible like a dweeb
-So when he walks in the room, and sees his s/o red in the face as they throw down their controller, spewing profanities, he is S H 0 0 K
-Since when were you capable of this amount of rage?
-Next thing you know, Viktor’s cracking up
-If you’re a fan of the Game Grumps, then just- look, you’re Arin in this situation
-And Viktor is a very amused, practically wheezing Dan
-Your swearing is hilarious “Oh my god, s/o, what the hell is a ‘shrivelled up skunk fucker’ anyway”
-Plus red really is your color~
-But when you’ve had enough, Viktor slowly starts to pull you away from your game

-”It’s time you had a little breather, s/o, come on~” yeah right he just wants attention

-Now Yuuri is also shocked
-Oh my god??? Please calm down babe, it’s a gAME
-He laughs a little weakly, and gently sets the controller away
-that cost money, sweetie, please don’t break it, it’s new
-Yuuri offers to get you a drink to calm you down tbh
-He’s a little unsure of how to approach the situation tbh?? Like, he’s always thought you’d have a level and cool approach to any problem, but this is
-Hilariously different to what he assumed
-Still, never assume because it makes an ass out of u and me
-So Yuuri just pats your shoulder and hands you your drink and comforts you as you complain honestly he’s a bit scared to embrace you because you’re still Freshly Hulk so if you snap at him he will 100% back off and give you space until you approach him next

-”I was so close Yuuri. I was this fucking close.”
-”I’m sure you were, sweetie.”

-Honestly, he’s not all THAT surprised tbh? Because who DOESN’T get angry when they were so fucking close
-Not that this goes with any other situation amiright hahaha
-He snorts at you because first he’s gotta tease you
-”I didn’t know you could get to that shade, s/o~”
-Yeah okay shut up asshole
-Then he sits beside you and nudges you
-Yuri aint no quitter and he’s definitely not gonna let you be one either
-”Try again, let me judge.”
-hoohoho OKAY mister cocky shit 
-So you try again, and you still lose, and to your surprise Yuri is right there with you yelling curses
-So he holds out his hand and without thinking you hand him the controller
-And he loses too
-This goes on for about 3?? ish hours??
-Until finally Yuri is just fucking FED UP and saves, shuts off the console and drags you out the room to get a breath of fresh air because you both need it tbh

-”That game is fucking stupid anyway whatever.”

Two little dorks

Ok, so it’s sns week apparently and I’m not sure if I’m doing any of this right but, well… I want to be part of this community and participate! So, I wrote this little thing…. Hopefully somebody sees it and enjoys it! And uh, Happy sns week :D


Naruto sighed, narrowing his eyes at the television screen, as the game replayed his brutal death. He could not concentrate, not with Sasuke just sitting there on his bed, reading quietly. It was way too distracting! Really, nobody should look so pretty all the time. It just wasn’t fair! How was anybody meant to get anything done? Naruto certainly couldn’t! It was like lately anytime Sasuke was near Naruto could physically feel his brain shutting down.

It was becoming a problem, actually. The past week was filled with so many embarrassing moments for him. They replayed like the gag reel of his life, every night before he fell asleep.

Like the other day at school;  Naruto had been in the middle of one of his many anecdotes, when Sasuke made eye contact with him, and suddenly Naruto was stumbling all over his words and mixing up the order of events, completely ruining his story and confusing his audience. Sakura had given him a sympathetic shake of the shoulder as she walked away, muttering something like ‘we’ve all been there, Naruto…’

And Sasuke just shook his head, as though exasperated by his best friends’ typical antics. Like there was anything typical about that. Naruto was an amazing storyteller, thankyouverymuch!

There had been that time he was walking with Sasuke down the school hall. The sun suddenly broke through the morning clouds and shone perfectly through the high windows, illuminating Sasuke’s face. Sasuke had been talking at the time. He turned slightly to face Naruto, a small smile on his lips. Naruto could have sworn that his best friend was glowing. He was an angel, nobody mortal looked like—and then sudden pain. Naruto had walked face first into on open locker door, managing to give himself a bloody nose.

Or that time at lunch, when Sasuke shifted next to him at the table. His leg accidentally brushed against Naruto’s while Naruto was mid-swallow. Suddenly the muscles in his throat rebelled, and Naruto choked so hard he nearly made himself sick. He was coughing and red faced, spraying half-chewed bits of food across the table, much to his other friends’ disgust.

And that was just the beginning. Hot waves of embarrassment rocked him; just thinking about it gave him anxiety. Why, oh why, did he have to fall in love with his best friend?!

“You’ve just died 36 times in a row,” Sasuke said helpfully behind him. Naruto didn’t have to turn around to know what his friend looked like. Lounged casually against the wooden headboard, the fancy hipster glasses he wore for reading slipping low on his perfect nose, dark eyes sparkling with amusement, smirk-that-was-actually-a-smile on his lips… No, Naruto didn’t have to turn around to know that Sasuke looked way too good!

Naruto groaned, flopped backwards on his messy bed and threw an arm over his eyes.

“Does that mean you’re done playing now?” Sasuke asked, closing the novel on his lap.

“No…” Naruto mumbled petulantly. Sasuke had followed him home after school, claiming that he wouldn’t leave until Naruto finished his homework. Instead, Naruto had turned on his Xbox.

Sasuke huffed. “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been acting weird lately!” He nudged Naruto’s blonde head with his socked foot.

“Nothing,” Naruto sighed, sitting up. “Let’s work on bio first.” He turned to give Sasuke what was hopefully a reassuring grin but he saw, almost too late, Sasuke’s hand nearing his face. A shock had him almost literally jumping out of his skin. As it was, he startled badly and fell backwards off the bed, landing painfully on his back.

Sasuke leaned over the edge, smirking at his idiot friend. “You’re such an idiot,” he said. He almost sounded affectionate.

“Shut up!” Naruto growled. Sasuke climbed off the bed and offered a hand for Naruto. The blonde was suddenly and acutely aware that his palms were sweaty, so he pretended he didn’t see the helpful hand and got to his feet himself. He also pretended not to see the look on Sasuke’s face.

“We left our bags downstairs, let’s work down there,” Sasuke suggested.

“Right,” Naruto nodded distractedly. Damn, Sasuke looked good in glasses.

As they descended the stairs, Naruto’s lowered gaze caught the sight of his green and pink froggy-print boxer shorts, lying like a beacon of embarrassment on the middle of a step. What!! Naruto felt all the blood leave his face and his heart stutter erratically. How long had those been there? Had Sasuke seen them already??? Oh god! Naruto panicked. He made to step in front of Sasuke, to hopefully block his view and kick the shorts out of sight and behind them both—somehow, he had to!!—but he miscalculated the step. Instead of achieving an impossible move, his foot got tangled in the fabric and he slipped. His ass landed hard on the next step, and the one below that, and all the steps after, until he was again collapsed on the carpeted floor.

In one peaceful moment of clarity, Naruto watched the offending boxer shorts fall from the sky to land perfectly on his blonde head. Silence followed the chaos. Naruto thought, this is it…. I’m actually going to die of embarrassment, any second now. Please.

The silence was broken by Sasuke choking on the laughter that he desperately tried to hold back. He pressed a palm hard against his mouth to hide the wide, face-splitting smile. But oh, looking at Naruto’s miserable face, replaying the epic fall, the noises his blonde friend had made as his ass hit each step, how the underwear—that he had already seen when walking up the stairs before—had landed squarely on Naruto’s head… It was too much. Sasuke laughed so hard his knees got weak. He had to grip the handrail so he wouldn’t fall over.

One thing that everybody knew about Naruto was that he was hilarious, without ever meaning to be. It was one of the things Sasuke loved most about him.

Sasuke attempted to compose himself, but another glance at his best friend had him cracking up again. He couldn’t remember the last time he laughed so hard. His sides were aching, he couldn’t breathe, and then, mid guffaw he just suddenly… snorted. And then he snorted again.

Naruto, who had been pouting at his friend while the other laughed hysterically at his expense, perked up at the sound. Sasuke snorted when he laughed?! That was incredible! It was pretty adorable, but also so dorky and humanizing. Sasuke, the perfect, snorted when he laughed.

Naruto began to crack up himself, pointing up at his friend. “hahaha, you snorted!!”

“Shut up!” Sasuke said between laughs, wiping tears from the corner of his eyes; another bubble of laughter, followed by another snort.

Naruto laughed harder. “You’re such a dork!”

“Says the guy with underwear on his head,” Sasuke retorted. He finally had the laughter under control and was no longer making any more embarrassing noises, but he couldn’t wipe away the cheek splitting grin, and his knees still felt a bit wobbly. Naruto blushed, swiping the boxer shorts from his head and throwing them at Sasuke.

 When Sasuke offered his hand again, Naruto gratefully accepted. They stood grinning at each other, each flushed and happy. Just two dorks in love.


I had no idea how to end that!

I am still so painfully new to tumblr and only recently felt comfortable enough to post things so I hope this is alright. 

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Oh my gosh, the room would be so silent and they would just look at each other and make an entire conversation without a word then Sapphire would giggle at something ruby did (Said?) and the other gems would look at them in confusion while Steven just stares in awe with star eyes :3




“..*snort* pftt hahaha! Ruby!!!!”


Prom Realizations - “I’m an Idiot”

Summary: Prom is coming up and Jude still doesn’t have a date. It’s their senior year, and Connor, realizing that Jude won’t go alone, turns down every offer he had for a date and instead hatches a plan to give his best friend the perfect prom night. And somewhere along the way, Connor begins to notice that the nature of his feelings for Jude might just be different than what he thought they were.

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Idina avoided saying Jiffy Lube Live until almost the end of the night, when she couldn’t help herself anymore and then starting making jokes about the name of the venue. She made up a song about it, so here’s part of that and a couple of her jokes. She made herself laugh and actually snorted, hahaha.

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Hi:) can you do EXO's reaction if their gf snorted when she laughed? Please and thank you :)

OMGOSH I’m laughing so hard over this HAHAHAHAH xD

Thank u so much anon! u made my day!

Xiumin: *Oh gosh did u just—!!!!” *dies of shame*

Luhan”Oh bae … why in public”  *hiding his face bcs u snorted in front of his friends/family/exo/sm/lee soman xD"

Kris/Yifan: “not agaaaaain~” “seeing u happy is good but—-“ bf yifan jus can't 

Suho: “oh dear lord did u snort???” second hand embarrassment  

Lay: “omo babe u r soo cute!!” cute laughing like the healing unicorn he is

Chen: “LOL Girl u r killing me” second though “why didn’t I record this!!!”


Kyungsoo/D.O: *when he hears u laugh" “hahaha..” -  then suddenly u snort- “uh? did you just …? lol" 

Chanyeol:(ft baekhyun) *pls imagine urself as baekhyun*  "OH MY GAHD BAE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA”  laughing so hard that he can’t help his derp face

Tao: diva Tao can’t find this funny  “ewww so gross!! what was that!!! ughhhhhh thank god u r pretty!!” 

Kai: after he listens…. “CHOKES”

Sehun: “what the f* was thaaaat”  lmfaoooo *best moment ever in your relationship*

Thank u so much! I hope u like it ^-^