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@fadelurker is the artist (as always, posted with enthusiastic permission from him)

sometimes, i think it’s easy to forget just how many issues plague the small lives of ut!sans and uf!sans. even getting close can be so hard when you’re used to pushing everyone away. it’s hard to let someone else in, even when it’s someone who couldn’t possibly know you better.

you crack a joke. you hold his hand. you smile. you act like everything is going to be okay, even when your worlds are falling down around you. you just want to hang on to something true and good in your life. something that’s for you. for once, you want to be really and truly selfish. 

you try to not think about your real feelings. you try to not think “i don’t deserve a damn thing.”

Hey @mywaay I love your Road to El Dorado AU

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*asexual fist bump*

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the image is a gif all of us asexuals getting into a rocket and into spACE