hahaha lol ok

nick just wanted to live out his wearing-the-bf’s-clothes dream

day 6: wearing each other’s clothes

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

Anonymous said: For the color palette challenge: Sister, with the pairing Tsukkiyama (because your tsukkiyams are adorable, Yanka!) :D

The name of this palette reminded me of @denimdisaster ‘s fashion designer Tsukki AU, where trans!Yamaguchi is his muse, and of course I took the opportunity to draw it ToT

bitchhpunk  asked:

my babe ! do Hermione in 3H

!!!! I’ve never drawn Hermione before! This was nice. Thanks

liswae  asked:

Are you still active snaj ? 😘



I’ve literally never been in a relationship and im about to be a freshman in college. I’ve never been kissed/had serious feelings anything like that… is that weird? I feel like if I ever do it’s going to be a mess bc I’m so inexperienced 😭 . Sometimes I wonder will I ever even find love and how? 😂😩 Ik this is so pathetic, but I’m just sick of itttttttttt.