hahaha it's not but

HAH so uh. i’ve been going through yet another artistic identity crisis (or just in general) and felt i wanted to go with more of a style that’s somewhat toony but also has a robust sense of structure to it, which i felt my cartoony style lacked since i feel i’m not strong enough with fundamentals to exaggerate yet.

those first sketches are but a handful of the many iterations of tiny details shifted here n there, just trying to perfect this sweet radio man! you get to see how sloppy my sketches are, and why it takes me so long to just draw One character, nvm a whole lot of them hahaha;;;

still though, i think after doodling so much i’ve settled in a design! maybe a minor change in the grand scheme of things but i’m rather happy and just need to stop myself from continuing to nitpick any further for now haha


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again


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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)

Brave Paladin, reveal your hopes and fears. Redbubble


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

I couldn’t say anything the first time because I was freaking out, internally screaming, and what not. He was like “Why didn’t you say anything???” And I was like “I can’t ;A; I’m too freaked out ahhhHHHHH.” So we did another one so enjoy my nervous blubbering. oTL David Hayter is so nice! I gave him a box of CalorieMate and he was like “うわ~ 美味しい!” in perfect Japanese, I was surprised. He gave me a hug Imma internally scream forever.

tfw Ishida won't be trusted anymore
  • Ishida in Re ch122: *has Touka confessing to Kaneki*
  • TG fandom: no but Tsukiyama interrupted them so we can't be sure that Kaneki feels the same
  • Ishida in Re ch124: *has Touka straddling Kaneki and going for a kiss*
  • TG fandom: no but maybe he's going to block Touka's kiss because his pal Amon once did the same with Akira
  • Ishida in Re ch125: *draws an entire chapter about Kaneki and Touka having sex*
  • TG fandom: no but what if it's Itori and not Touka?
  • Ishida: (≖_≖ )

Black and Gold

an mp100 royalty au but psychic abilities are replaced with swordsmanship!!

last pic is a redraw from one of my favorite scenes in the series 

more info under the cut

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Lately, I have been re-reading Bnha and I found this scene quiet hilarious; 

Because, as you can see, Todoroki is standing beside Kirishima at that moment, relatively “far” from Midoriya or, at least, it would be difficult for Izuku to get where Todoroki is standing because of Iida between them and the fact that the space is as narrow as it is. 

And in this panel we see again that is not “error” from Horikoshi but in fact Kirishima is proper to Shouto than Deku is. But… 

What we see later on, however, is that Midoriya is the one standing on top of Todoroki! 

I just laughed so hard at realising this litle thing…. Because I can picture the scene totally going like: 

Todoroki: “I choose Midoriya” 

Iida: “B-but… Kirishima is just next to you-”

Todoroki: “I want Mirdoriya” 

Deku: “-sighs- Fine. Iida-kun, please, move aside.”

Iida: “HOW!?” 

Or something like that idk lmao 

This is something I haven´t seen people talking about but perhaps I’m wrong, excuse me if that’s the case, t’s only that I want to talk about it because I found it really funny xd