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Shattered - Part 10

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Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2644 

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: Guys!! This is going to be the last part of “Shattered.” 😌 I hope all of you enjoyed this series and I’m so thankful for all of your support. I hope this ending is alright, hopefully you will continue to stick with me on my writing journey! (hahaha idk why i’m getting so sappy, please forgive me). In all seriousness, thank you everyone for your support. I have some more ideas planned for the future so stay tuned 😉 and of course, enjoy Xx 

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It wasn’t easy. It never is. Despite the fact that Hanseok was arrested on that dreadful day, he was not put into jail for what he did. He was in custody for 48 hours, but after that, he was a free man. Upon hearing this news, there was no way that Taehyung let you back into your apartment; not when Hanseok still had access to it. Despite having tried multiple times to persuade Taehyung into letting you back to your apartment, he would always revert back to the thought that Hanseok may appear at any time. The worst case scenario is that he does ten-fold as much damage as the last time and Taehyung won’t be there to protect.

Taehyung has made it very clear that no way in hell would he let you go back. You didn’t mind living with Taehyung, but sometimes you would feel like you were causing him so much more trouble as he suddenly went from living alone to living two extra bodies.

“Good morning Tae.” Recently, you’ve grown accustomed to calling him that. Your old nickname for him back then during your high school days.

“Hey Y/N. Did you and Jaemin sleep well?” It has been around a month since you’ve been living with Taehyung.

“Surprisingly, we both did. Well, Jaemin always sleeps well, but for once, I managed to sleep through the whole night without waking up at ungodly hours.” You explain while sitting down at the table.

“I’m glad you’re finally settling in to things. I guess we won’t need to watch horror movies for a while right?” Taehyung says jokingly.

“It appears to be so.” There is a moment of silence. “Taehyung?” You ask timidly.


“What are you doing today?” Taehyung takes a moment to think.

“Mm, nothing too important. Why?”

“I was um… planning to get the divorce papers today….So I was wondering if…” Suddenly the wooden surface of the table seems much more interesting than anything else.

“Would you like me to go with you?” You nod your head slowly.

“Alright. Let’s get some breakfast first and then we can drop off Jaemin at his school.” You nod again and get up from your spot to prepare some breakfast. As you’re walking towards the kitchen, Taehyung grabs you lightly by your wrist and pulls you into a hug.

“Y/N, you’re extremely strong for doing this.” Taehyung strokes the back of your head and his other arm holds you by your waist. “Just know that you’ll never have to go through any of this alone.” This causes you to tear up. You reciprocate the hug and hold onto Taehyung tightly.

“I-I’m s-so scared. I’m so scared Tae.”

“Shh, it’s okay Y/N. You’ll get through this stage. We’ll get through it together. You have me and Jaemin, remember? Everything will be alright.” Taehyung holds onto you tightly as if you’re going to fly away any moment.

“Ms. Y/L/N, you would like to register for divorce papers between you and your spouse?” Currently you are seated in a mediocre sized office at a law firm. You decided that it would be best if Taehyung waits outside of the office so that the scene doesn’t look too awkward.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Would you mind telling me your reason for such decision?” The lawyer types away at her laptop. You clamp your hands together to prevent them from shaking too much.

“My spouse is cheating on me, and has been for a while now. One month ago, he came home drunk and attacked myself and my friend. This isn’t just a one time occurrence. He has been very abusive verbally and is constantly lying. I don’t want my son to grow up in this kind of environment.” The lawyer nods and you feel like you just shook an extremely heavy weight off your shoulders.

A few minutes pass and the lawyer continues to type some things into her laptop.

“Excuse me one moment. I will go get the papers for you to sign.”

“Alright thank you.”

A few minutes pass and these minutes feel like years. Nothing could go wrong once you sign the papers and get Hanseok to sign them right?

You couldn’t have been more wrong.

“YOU WANT A DIVORCE?!” Hanseok snatches the papers from you. Since you didn’t know when Hanseok would go back to the apartment, or if he even did go back, you went to his office. When you were able to find Hanseok, he hurriedly dragged you into a meeting room.

“I want a divorce Hanseok.” You didn’t think you could be any clearer with your words.

“What have I done to you Y/N?” Hanseok’s voice quiets down as he becomes wary of the environment you’re in.

“What have you done? Hanseok. You have another woman out there. You’re cheating on me. You’ve been coming home at ungodly hours and on top of that, you’re drunk like no tomorrow! This isn’t how I want Jaemin to see his father. No scratch that, you don’t deserve to be his father! You don’t deserve to be a husband! You attacked me and Taehyung when we did absolutely nothing wrong! You’re a lunatic Hanseok and I want to get as far away from you as possible.” It’s almost as if you finally knocked some sense into Hanseok because he didn’t have any snarky remarks.

“I’m not asking for anything out of this divorce. I don’t want your money. You can have the apartment I don’t care. All I want is custody of Jaemin.” Hanseok’s head shoots up.

“But Jaemin is my s—” Hanseok tries to fight back, but you don’t let him.

“No. Jaemin is not your son. He hasn’t been the moment you decided to neglect this family. Here are the papers Hanseok. You have a week to sign them or else we have to go to court for this and I don’t think that’s the best idea for either of our lives.” You say urgently. Any extra minute spent with Hanseok is a minute too many.

“Fine. I don’t care. It’s not like I loved you anyway.” Surprisingly, his words didn’t hurt you anymore.

You don’t spare Hanseok any extra looks. You set the papers down on the table and walk out of the room. Every step you take is full of more and more confidence. Confidence that you never embodied until this point.

“Don’t come running back to me when things don’t go as you planned Y/N! You fucking slut!” Hanseok shouts at you one last time, and you smirk for multiple reasons. One, you’re finally free from that monster. Two, this is Hanseok’s office so the remark he just made is definitely going to bring unwanted attention from his coworkers and possibly his boss.

As you enter the elevator to go to the parking lot, you can’t help but smile. You try your best to hold in your smile so people don’t think you’re a lunatic, but honestly, this is the happiest you have felt in a long time. This happiness is different from when you’re playing with Jaemin and spending time with him. This happiness is equivalent to feeling light, free from burden, like you’re flying. Normally, when people go through a divorce, they go through periods of hurting, but for you, it’s different. You’ve been pushed down and neglected for so long that this divorce is what finally pulled you out of the water.

“How did everything go? Did Hanseok do anything to you?” Taehyung gets up from leaning against his car and grabs you by your shoulders to examine your physical state. He turns your around a couple times to make sure that Hanseok didn’t hurt you. His playful side makes you burst into fits of laughter.

“Tae, I’ve never felt better. Hanseok did resist for a while, but I put him in his place and made him accept the papers. All or nothing right?” Taehyung gives you a big smile.

“Aigooo, my Y/N has grown up so much. She’s such a strong women now.” He pats you on your head.

“Yah!” This causes Taehyung to laugh even more.

“Lets go pick up Jaemin now. We can stop by your apartment to get anything else you might need.” You nod at Taehyung’s suggestion and get into the car.  

Taehyung starts the car and the two of you drive away from the office building. Through the rear mirror, you can see the building grow smaller and smaller until it is only a spec. Then you look over to Taehyung and smile. A realization hit you. This divorce may have been the final push to pull you out of the deep waters, but Taehyung was the one on the other end pulling you out.

1 year later

As much as you and Jaemin both enjoyed living with Taehyung, you couldn’t take away his personal life like that. It wasn’t fair for him. After hours of convincing Taehyung that you would be safe living in your own apartment, you finally found a reasonable place big enough for you and Jaemin, and is close to Taehyung’s place (requested by the one and only).

Life continues as it is. There have been times where you had to slowly break the news to Jaemin that he wouldn’t be seeing his father that often anymore. For a child, Jaemin handled the news remarkably well. Maybe part of it was because you keep saying that Hanseok is the “Joker” from batman and has done very bad things. It would be hard to explain to Jaemin that his father is abusive so you had to compare it to something that Jaemin is familiar with.

You continue to work at BigHit and it is definitely one of your favourite jobs thus far. There is one change. Instead of working as the vice manager, you actually get promoted to be a manager. The group is extremely excited for this because according to them, you already work so hard and do so much for them, you might as well just become one of their managers. You secretly think that the group is excited for this because that means that they get to see Jaemin more often. That kid does melt hearts; that you can’t deny.

“YAH KIM TAEHYUNG PUT ME DOWN!” While you were playing with Jaemin at the park, Taehyung snuck up behind and carried you away from the play structure.

“NEVER! Y/N is mine now!” Taehyung exclaims while he runs away with you on your shoulders.

“Jaemin come save me!” You manage to catch Jaemin’s attention, and when he notices what’s happening, he comes running towards you and Taehyung with a bright smile.

“Don’t worry eomma! I’ll save you from Uncle Tae Tae!”

“NEVER!” Taehyung exclaims.

Jaemin manages to catch up to Taehyung and starts hitting his legs. Taehyung lets you down and picks up Jaemin. Jaemin shrieks in excitement as Taehyung spins him around and throws him up in air. The moment Taehyung lets Jaemin down, Jaemin attacks Taehyung to the ground.

“Ahh man down! I repeat! Man down! Jaemin is too strong!” Taehyung plays along with Jaemin and you wish you could live through this moment everyday.

You admire how close Taehyung and Jaemin have gotten throughout this year. You can’t recall that Jaemin has ever smiled this brightly while around Hanseok. You’re extremely grateful for bumping into Taehyung at that toy store a year ago. You’re grateful that Taehyung’s character hasn’t changed and is still the same supportive friend. Friend. Without a doubt Taehyung is your best friend, but after everything that the two have encountered, there are times where you wish he was more than that. Times like this, Taehyung playing with Jaemin makes you wonder what it would be like if Taehyung was more than just an uncle to Jaemin. With Taehyung, it really does feel like one happy family; as if nothing ever happened.

“Eomma! Help me! Uncle Tae Tae— won’t— ahhh— stop—ahhhh!!!— tickling —” Taehyung has managed to pin Jaemin to the ground and now he’s attacking your son with a tickle war. You burst out into laughter and rush to your son to send him aid.

“You’ve really worn out Jaemin today.” You say while you stroke Jaeminn’s head, who has fallen asleep while Taehyung is carrying him on his back.

“I guess I did. I can’t help it though. This kid has so much energy! Sometimes I can barely keep up with him. I might actually have to start going to the gym; even the boys don’t tire me out this much.” Taehyung looks at you for some sympathy.

“Aigoo, what are we going to do with our Taehyung-ie?” You say jokingly.

“To become stronger, I’m going to need all the love and hugs from Y/N.” Taehyung sighs.

“Yah,” You hit him gently on the arm, paying attention to Jaemin as well.

“I’m serious. Taking care of my child takes a lot of work!” My child?

“Who said Jaemin is your child? He’s my son.”

“Y/N. I spend more time a week with Jaemin than I do with the rest of BTS. I’m going to treat him like my son whether you like it or not.” You’re left in shock while Taehyung continues to walk down the streets with Jaemin on his back.

You take in the image of Taehyung carrying Jaemin as well as what he just confessed to you. Despite the fact that Taehyung has only met Jaemin for a short period of time, their bond is undeniably strong. You just thought that Taehyung really likes playing with kids, but when you compare how he plays with kids to how he interacts with Jaemin there is a distinct difference. You’ve noticed that whenever Taehyung is with Jaemin, the look in his eyes is different. There’s something warm about the way he looks at Jaemin; like he’s intrigued, amazed, and love. Taehyung exhibits the same loving look that you always have towards Jaemin.

You notice that Taehyung has walked some distance now so you rush to catch up to them. Taehyung notices you running so he stops to wait for you. Then you do something bold.

You stop infant of Taehyung, get on your toes and kiss him. No. Not on the cheeks. On the lips. Not just a peck, a real kiss.

You pull away slowly and you feel the heat rushing to your cheeks. Taehyung stands there, wide eyed. The silence drags on and you grow worried so you look towards the ground. Taehyung must have noticed the change in your expression so quickly he says,

“W-w-what what was that for?” You look up towards him and also see the growing redness in his face.

“To thank you.” You say shyly.

“Thank me? For what?” Taehyung takes a step closer while adjusting Jaemin’s position on his back.

“Thank you for being here for me after all this time. Thank you for bumping into me at that toy store. Thank you for coming over for dinner that very first time when we were just toddlers. Thank you for always being there to protect me. Thank you for bringing the warmth back into my cold life. Thank you for existing. Thank you for treating Jaemin as if he is your own. Thank you for giving him the love that Hanseok was never able to. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being in my life.” As you confess, your eyes meet with Taehyung and his something changes. His look becomes softer yet more certain of something.

Taehyung takes a step closer to you. You’re expecting him to say something, but instead, he also makes a bold move. Closing the gap, Taehyung kisses you. This time, it lasts much longer.

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WIP - THE FITTING (un-mute)

To warm up for my big animation, i’m doing a little something I put together a while ago. This is just a wip of the first line.



~ Top 10 favorite games ~

(1/10) The Witch’s House by Fummy