hahaha i've wanted to do this for so long

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I like how in the last join live show Dan and Phil were so surprised that somebody talked about them on some kind of lecture cause like bitches, I'm writing my branding & marketing 70 pages long 6th semester essay on you, I know more about why you're successful that anybody else in the world including yourself (also I'm turning it in next week and if I don't get a 12 which is the highest grade here I'm gonna sue my university, I've spend half a year on that shit)

omg that sounds so interesting!!!! not even gonna lie i rly want to read this hahaha. i’m so with you on feeling mad inclined to study dnp through an academic lens–i’ve always thought that if i could do another ethnographic study of some sort i’d want to write one on web fandom (phandom) specifically bc it’s just fucking interesting. dnp’s approach to marketing is complex and difficult to actually discern from the standpoint of a viewer so i’m mostly just impressed you’ve produced so much writing about it. i’m sure you’re going to get a great score :)))) congrats on being almost done!!!!!

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why do you want callie back with arizona? penny seems to be perfect and things with her are normal and pretty easy

“Because I don’t want normal, easy and simple. I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love.”