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Nino And His Three Grand Pianos (Baystorm 4/17/2016)

Message: “It really surprised me when you mentioned on the radio that you have a grand piano in the piano room at your house. You see, I have a friend who has a grand piano at her home, and remembered her mentioning that the cheapest ones are around hundreds of thousands of yen. Ninomiya-san is well-known for being thrifty, so I can’t help wondering about whether or not you actually paid for that 100,000+ piano with your own money. Did you purchase the grand piano you have at your house out of your own pocket, Ninomiya-san? If so, please tell us what urged you to buy it!”
Nino: Well, If I didn’t pay for it, then how else would I have gotten it? There’s no other way to get one, isn’t there? Which can only mean that I paid for it myself.
Nino: I actually own three of them though. Huh? I said I only owned one? No, I actually own grand pianos. Three of them, to be exact.
Nino: They cost around 1,000,000? Huh. Apparently they cost around that much. Yes, I have three. Three in my house.
Nino: They’re all in one room. Well, one of them is actually in the dance hall, which is in the basement of my house. So one there, and two in my piano room.
Nino: Yes, I need three of them. Because a grand piano is a must in a dance hall, of course! That’s right. Every night, ladies and gentlemen are there, looking like a scene from “Shall We Dance?”. *laughs*
Nino: Yes, it happens every night, and naturally, music is a must in that sort of event. People will be dancing, after all. That’s why I have one of them there in the dance hall.
Nino: Of course, I have some strings there too. No, not guitars. I actually have a quartet there. With that quartet, the dancing can start anytime, and I can listen to them play at any time. If I want to listen to some music, I only have to ask them to play a song for me, and they’ll do as I ask.

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Len wakes up the morning of February 14th to a cold, empty bed.

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I s2g FOX better finally air a Bones promo during the Emmy’s tonight!!

Surely, they can’t hit another new low (I mean, they already have…11 days to go and STILL no promo????!! wtf, they’ve always been bad about Bones promo but never *THIS* bad)….

WHAT AM I SAYING? Of course they can :/ Don’t be surprised if they air a promo for every other show on the network except Bones…