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haikyuu!! fic: tongue tied (ch. 21)

title: tongue tied
pairing: initial oikawa/kuroo, eventual iwaizumi/oikawa and kuroo/kenma
chapter word count: 8,311
total word count: 162,077
summary: [college!au] “so you’re hooking up with oikawa, the guy i’m in love with, because it’s the only way you can deal with kenma, the guy you’re in love with?” iwaizumi asks slowly. kuroo frowns a little, strokes his chin contemplatively. “i can see why you punched me now, iwaizumi. i totally deserved it.”

[ ao3 ]



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will you ever draw the full version of sams outfit in that pic???? SORRY ITS JUST I LOVE THE PETER PAN COLLAR

just for u anon

she’s an Environmental Science major, minoring in Women’s Studies, and she’s meeting her boys at Nasty Burger 💜

in other news, how did Vortex’s voice actor not like??? completely asphyxiate during recording in that episode


Sanada Yukimura ☆ Maeda Inuchiyo 
The Spear Duo 

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Hey I love the way you draw hands Do you have any tips?

omF thanks and god i’m actually terrible with hands but i guess i can give you a tip :^D

i always practice until i get better! i’m sorry my tips r super lame lol. i’m not really good at hands at all but ay, it’s cool to teach some tips and maybe tutorials and stuff hehe. i’m sorry if this is poop haha i’m really sorry pls dont kill me i’m not sure if this is even helpful ah aha..

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can you do a blurb about super sweaty sex w/ niall??

The Las Vegas air was fucking stifling. And you were driving Niall fucking crazy

It wasn’t intentional of course. It was just that watching the sweat bead up just under your jaw and drip down slowly along your skin was enough to get him going, and the sweltering Nevada air was not helping matters. And as if adding insult to injury, you’d decided to wear a crop top and those shorts that made your ass look great and he was struggling to keep his cool. But there was a drop of sweat falling along the curve of your waist and he just couldn’t take it anymore because he was horny and desperate and those damn shorts made him want to fucking wreck you. 

Niall,” you hissed when he pulled you into the bathroom, muttering something along the lines of a quickie. “You’re working.

It was true. Soundcheck was in twenty minutes, and, if it was even possible, the bathroom he’d pulled you into was even hotter than it was outside. But hell if he cared. “Please?” His lips were blazing over your already overheated skin, tracing a burning trail up your jaw and down your neck, large hands gripping your hips and tugging so that it was pressed against his. “I really wanna fuck you right now.”

Pressing you against the door, his kissed you feverishly, hands roaming and skin sliding. “They might hear us.”

He scoffed. “Do you really think I give a fuck?”

You were about to protest, you really were, but his thumbs were already hooking into the waistband of your shorts and underwear and dragging them down your legs, fingers sliding along your slick folds and groaning at the wetness he found (because he hadn’t known you were more than just sexually frustrated too). Urgent lips pressed heatedly to yours, and before you knew it, he had you bending over, forearms propped up against the sink as he yanked his own pants down, taking one look at your flushed reflection in the mirror above the sink before pushing into you, letting you adjust for a few moments with agonizingly slow thrusts before quickening his pace. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted, arm draping around you so your pelvis wasn’t crashing into the ceramic exterior of the sink with his erratic movements. “You feel so fucking good.” You were mewling under his touch, the intensity of the of both his thrusts and the position almost too much for you to bear. “Been thinking about this all. Fucking. Day.”

He was relentless. And you were close, so, so, close. He sensed that, tangling his fingers in your hair and tugging so that you were looking at him through the mirror, the sensation causing you to let out an embarrassingly long moan. “I want you to watch yourself.” You could tell he was close too, his breathing irregular and lip worried between his teeth, clenching them as he spoke. “Want you to watch yourself cum.” His voice was low and rough, and the sound of it paired with the immense pleasure pooling in the pit of your stomach was enough to send you over the edge, being sure to keep your eyes open to watch as Niall came undone immediately afterwards. 

He slumped over as he came down from his high, pressing a long, sloppy kiss to your lips. A thick layer of sweat clung to your bodies like a second skin, your chests heaving as you both tried to catch your breaths. 

Where is Niall?!” someone roared from behind the door, and you both flinched. “There's four minutes ‘till soundcheck and he’s just disappeared!”

You felt Niall’s grin against your neck before he pulled you up, handing you your clothes before putting on his. “Why’re you so smug?” you asked, amused. “They’re gonna kill you when you get out there.” You gestured to his soaked clothes and disheveled appearance and he simply shrugged, chuckling a bit. “What?”

“Made ya cum in sixteen minutes.” The smirk on his face was unwavering, and you smacked his chest before fixing his hair and shoving him towards the door. 

“Fuck off. Go to soundcheck.”

He laughed then. “Get ready for another round when I get back,” he called behind his shoulder, and you laughed with him, pushing him out before closing the door, not even caring that with his flushed cheeks and trembling hands, he looked like a mess.