hahaha i love this movie so much

Hey @mywaay I love your Road to El Dorado AU

i don’t want to stay like this
not just friends but nothing more either
i want to be able to text you with hearts and kisses and not just meaningless hahahas
i want to be able to end conversations with I Love Yous and not just goodnights
i want to be able to interlace our finger together when we’re driving in your car and not just keep my hands tucked under my thighs
i want to be able to cuddle up to you when we’re watching movies on your couch and not have the awkward space between us
i want to be able to kiss you when i want to and not just dream about how it would feel
i want to be so much more than what we are right now
but i don’t know how
—  wishful thinking


My gift to @scalar for the @pacrimholidayswap! The prompt was Neon (which could not be better for a movie as colourful as pacrim hahaha) and they love K-Science team. I had so much fun doing this!! Enjoy!

reject versions here because I still kind of loved them (even if the newt one burns my eyeballs hahahaha)

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*waves frantically* Happy Valentine's Day! Love your stories, love your blog, and love you!

hahaha! Thank you so much anon! I love you too ^_^ Hope you have a fab day! I myself went to go see a super cool movie about a brooding billionaire playboy who has a bit of a dark side…

(I am of course referring to the Lego Batman movie. IT WAS AWESOME!!!)


I rewatched Stardust and couldn’t decide which au version I liked more so I made both.

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I'm watching brother Bear for the first time rn and this is your fault 😁(it seems really good so far though! But I'm only like nine minutes in)

what kind of children’s movie is this SOMEONE’S ALREADY DEAD

Brother Bear is a beautiful movie and it deserves so much love and idk how I got you into it but I’M SO GLADDDDD. 
also yeah… very sad bUT ITS ALSO MOVING AND BEAUTIFUL AND THE ANIMATION IS RIVETING. You wont regret this <3


“TMNT ‘14 New Look”

OMG! Had you watch the new trailer of the next movie of TMNT? I just love it! And I couldn’t resist! I tried to do my best with the details (they have to much of it!), but understand me, isn’t so easy to watch all of them… (the details).

It was pretty cool the change of image hahaha I love it. I can’t wait for this movie! :D 

Natalie watches Carol - Part 1
  • Dude, stop intruding. They’re having dinner. GAY DINNER
  • Look at them gay staring at each other.
  • I’m gonna die, Therese is too cute.
  • “Do you ship?” Don’t play with me.
  • Fuck yes, she left her gay gloves.
  • Ew boys
  • So. Much. Tension.
  • No, she does absolutely not want to marry him.
  • I wish I got served that quickly when I ordered food.
  • Carol you’re thirsty as fuck inviting her over to your house.
  • “Flung out of space” *sob*
  • Hahaha Richard saying “Love you” and Therese mouthing “Bye”.
  • The cinematography in this movie is gorgeous.
  • She doesn’t usually take pictures of people, but she does now *sobs some more*
  • Omg she’s playing Easy Living
  • Somebody send help.

Part two.

“And the Academy Award Goes to…”

Am I late for the afterparty?
Truth be told… I didn’t expect BH6 to win BUT wow. I looked silly celebrating and just going: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BH6 WON!!! BH6 WOOOOOON!!! *confetti everywharr*” And I’m also SUPER glad that Feast won, too! Little pup was amazing and deserved every bit of the award!

So happy for everyone who made this beautiful movie. These nerds deserve ALL THE LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE.
Augh Tadashi you win your own category which is: “Best 15 Minutes of Screentime” you really do know how to go out with a BANG wow.

Hrrrhrhrhhr everyone looked gorgeous in the red carpet and I am just… Jamie and Genesis LADIES PLZ. <3 <3 And don’t get me started on suits because asdgfhfjkgjlhk;jl I don’t understand Ryan’s tie but that’s k. Everyone looked great.

But hey, despite all the criticisms going around, let’s all just be thankful that Big Hero 6 was such a big leap for Disney and I hope they would see how much people appreciate that development.

Now excuse me while I go flail around some more in my bed while hoping it would RAIN MERCHANDISE K THX BAI.

Why I like marvel

It would be nice if you read it

Hi guys this will be my last post……… for today don’t worry hahaha and is explaining why i like marvel, is not just because of superheroes (that I love), I know that a lot of people don’t see the value of comics or superheroes movies or things like that but I will try to you understand or be agree with me in this: is not just silly people following superheroes is so much more than that, marvel has teach us about science and change, they teach us that you can become something else no matter who you are, if you’re good or bad, smart or fool or whatever you can always change or just help someone else. I was thinking how said thanks to all the people who work in that because they really want that we learn something, and is there I noticing how this stories (and that’s why I love marvel) have a human side, the heroes are not perfect they have problems defects and fights with themselves but they still fight for something bigger: help other people. Other thing that I want to rescue in all marvel universe is the fact of science, they incites people to know more about science and how you can make awesome things with that, a few minutes ago someone said me that he or she find the inspiration to be an engineer because of a marvel character, and then I realize that is much more than just stories, that stories impulse us to want be more smart, helpfull, to be much more, they show to us the dilemmas of the world and the problems that we deal with, so if you hate comics of superheroes movies look beyond of all superhero thing; they are dealing with real stuffs for instance tony stark he “sell dead” but change and he see that can do something else, or captain america he was the typical loser but he has a good man and because of that he has a chance, or the x men and their fight for the acceptance and with them a lot of other examples I just want to show you how this stories can influence us to become great scientists, good people and people who cares about justice and the fact gets better when you realize that a lot of kids read this stuffs and dream with save the world and become their own superheroes. 

Sorry if I have grammar mistakes I talk spanish originally and my english is not 100% perfect so you know

Thank you for read xx


Naruto: the HOTkage

Boruto: Naruto Jr. (with his dad’s jacket)

Sasuke: Master jiraiya? The Uchihas style! Hahaha!

Sarada: girl version of Sasuke in Mama sakura dress! (and Karins eyeglasses? Joke!)Lol! XD

and there’s SHIKADAI:Daddy Shika’s hair with Mommy Tem’s facial expression! So adorable! Dgahsfaksgjdjdha!!! I love him so much!