hahaha i love his face


Being in the middle of them


“Should we go on the bed?” - Hanbin to Jiwon  (/ω\)


Kimura Ryohei trolling with Eguchi Takuya during MSWR 2015

happy birthday ryohei kun ヾ(●゜▽  ゜●)♡ may you be as lively and happy as you are when you screw with egu in your new year~


“There will be no more conversating with my sister, she knows where her loyalties lie.”


So Jun says that the coaster isn’t scary at all and will challenge maintaining an expressionless face for the ride.  *smirks* We can see for ourselves how true he stays to his words. LOL.

Arashi ni Shiyagare Juntoshi America SP 28.2.2015


My photos with Tyler!

1 | Was my Saturday photo, I got a hug one! I got this one signed last thing on Sunday night so Tyler would be the last person I saw, I finally got the guts to chat to him for a few minutes! Also finally looked him in the eyes and man oh man does he have beautiful eyes like I can’t even explain haha then I got a proper hug from him! I wish I could’ve frozen that moment, was one of the best of my life!

2 | Was Fridays, first time I saw his face in real life and this was a blur I was so shocked I can’t remember this moment haha

3 | Sundays! I also want a stupid one we couldn’t do full on prom photo but I got him to do grumpy cat face (hahaha I LOVE HIS FACE IN THIS SO MUCH) and I pulled an over excited one because let’s face it I was asdfghjkl that he had his hands on my shoulders hahah

(Please don’t use photos with out permission!)