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Out of curiousity, is it generally accepted in the FFXV world that Sora is the purest sunshine child?



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Being in the middle of them


“Should we go on the bed?” - Hanbin to Jiwon  (/ω\)


Kimura Ryohei trolling with Eguchi Takuya during MSWR 2015

happy birthday ryohei kun ヾ(●゜▽  ゜●)♡ may you be as lively and happy as you are when you screw with egu in your new year~

30 minutes locked down ~ Fred Weasley X reader ~ imagine

I have not write in a while, sorry. Their was school, i had problem with my roomate and i moved so yeah, its been quit busy for me. Anyway there its is a new imagine. 

Warning: this is maybe a little smut so yeah if you don’t like that don’t read this!

«Your turn Y/N !» you were playing 30 minutes locked down and it was your turn to pick something up the black bag were all the boys had put an object in. As you put your hand in the bag you felt something flat and cold. Intrigued you take it out. its was a prefect badg, only its wasn’t wrote prefect on it.

«Pinhead?» you said wondering who would ever want to whear this.

Then you saw George Weasley whistle at Fred and the other twins turning slightely white. You blushed seeing that you had chosen your crush for the game. 

You were in the same year but you had look at him from far. His brother and him were easily the most popular guys in there year, including with girls. while every girls were trying to flirt with him, you rather just look at him from afar. Why bother, you clearly wasn’t pretty or funny enough for him to be interested. So you just laugh at his joke and smile at him from your side of the classes and common room.

He came to join you and together you enter the bedroom you would be locked in. 

«Can you tell me why?» you ask Fred showing him the badg. 

«Ah! yeah… its a prank we did to percy because he was beeing a total git with his prefect badg. George and i stole it and when he went crazy we gave it back to him with this written on it.»

 « Oh! hahaha! I would have love to see his face! hahaha! » you said as you laught at the prank letting go of your nerve at the same time.

Your laught made Fred’s heart beat faster. He liked you for quit a while him self and seeing you laught was one of the things that drove him crazy. Contrarely from what you were thinking, Fred fancied you too. He never cared for those girl who only wanted attention and popularity. You were different, you were sweet with everyone, you laughed easily, and you were the kind to let the light on whom  who realy deserved it rather then stealing it to feel good about yourself. 

Then the light when off indicating the both of you that the 30 minutes had started.

«Fred where are you!» you asked half laughing, half worried.

«Here darling!» he respond in a voice you had never heard from him. 

You approach the place where you had heard the voice, your heart beating faster in your turn. Then your hand hit his stomac. 

«Oups! Sorry, I did know you were that clos-» but you were interrupt by a passionate kiss from the lovely twin.

He hadn’t been able to restreing himself, driven even more crazy by your soft touch.

You melt into the kiss, every muscle of your body soothing onto his. instinctivly your hands went in his flaming red hair while a large grin was form by his lips.   

«I would have said sorry if you didn’t like it that much» he said his lips brushing yours, making you shiver.

«Shut up and kiss me!» you responded an equaly large grin on your face. 

you didn’t have to tell it twice. Fred roughly put his lips on yours, one hand on your lower back pulling you toward him, the other on your neck in a dominating way. Your hands went down on his chest and grabed is shirt, you went to take it off but he stoped you. 

«Y/N… before you do something, i want to tell you that this isn’t just a game for me.. i realy like you a-and i don’t want you to think that i would have done this with any other girl a-and-» 

Your eyes went wide open when you heard what he was saying and you cut him to say: 

« I realy like you too Fred! » he was speachless.

« Y-you realy like me?» 

« Yes… and i wouldn’t have done this with any other guys either. » you said. 

At this right moment he put his hand on your bum and puched you to the nearess wall while kissing you passionately. Then he lifted you, putting you at his hight while you wrapped you legs around him.

He kissed your neck aiming for your sweet spot and at this moment you decided your cloths weren’t necessary. you grabed a second time his shirt  but this time removing it from his owner. his chest was define perfectly, graciousness of many hour of his quidditch training. At his turn he took your shirt off, but it took him a moment to comtemplate your body. 

« Your so bloody gourgious! » declared Fred before cupping your right boob in his hand and starting kissing you back. 

Slowly, he brought you to the bed that was next to you and lay you down gently. you parted from him and sat up surprising him. you unbuckle his trouser and toke down his pants. you could see a tent forming in his boxers. 

«W-wait, your not obligated to-» started Fred. 

« I know, i want to.» you respond.

You took his hand and pull him in the bed with you. When he layed down beside you, you gently grabed his shaft and started to pump. it wasn’t long before he groaned at your touch. He grabed your neck and pulled you in an other passionnate kiss. You were both surprise at the knock indicating that their was five minutes left.

«Fuck!» you heard him complain. «I totaly forgot about that !» 

You remove your hand of his boxers going to search for your shirt but he stopped you. 

«Wait, Y/N … I-I was wondering if you’d like to maybe be my girlfriend ?» he asked you. 

You were so surprise, you didn’t know how to respond. 

«I-if you don’t want to that ok….» he add. 

« Fred! of course i want to be your girlfriend!» you finaly respond.

the both of you came out of the rome grinning, Fred holding your waist behind you and winking to george. Then he whispered in your ears:

«Maybe we could pursue our little buisness later, if you want?» his breath making you shiver as you nod grinning. 

«Wicked!» he finaly answered.

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