hahaha i laughed so hard when i thought of this

INTP–ISTJ–ISFP Fantasy vs Reality

ISFP: Well, the backyard did take a bit of time to fix up again, after the vortex.

(INTP: !!!!)

ISTJ: Yeah, I imagine. So, when did yo–

INTP: Wait, the what?

ISFP: The polar vortex? A few weeks ag–

ISTJ: No, no, no, wait.

INTP: What, I want to know what it is.

ISFP: Yeah, I was going to explain.

ISTJ: Right, right, I know. And you can, ISFP. But first…

ISTJ: INTP… what do you think it is?

INTP: Hahaha, well…

INTP: When I think of “polar” and “vortex”, I just think of this swirling, howling, sub-zero disturbance in the fabric of space-time that spins along and destroys everything in its path.


ISTJ: So in this causal context, that is what you picture us discussing.

ISTJ: That’s what you think was in ISFP’s backyard, that has her doing minor maintenance. A whirling, destructive rift in space-time.

INTP: You asked me what I thought it was, not what it actually was; I can’t help what I picture.

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Isn't it cute that Phil remembered those 2 songs Dan made up? :D any opinions on phil's life show? I think he seemed so calm and happy, it was nice!

Amazing younow. He seemed in such a good mood and I was actually dying of laughter so many times in the show. His brilliant and wonderfully weird brain. I’ll never get tired of listening to him talk for an hour.

AND YES OMG. Not only did he mention having Dan’s “I like bananas in the sunshine, I like bananas on the moon moon moon” song stuck in his head, he also started singing “don’t step on the glass” from rave time. I think we were just talking on my blog a few weeks ago about them always remembering and singing their old little songs they’ve made up. It seriously makes me smile so much.

I tried to take a few notes during about the other parts I liked from the show:

He seems so excited for VidCon which is awesome. I liked hearing about the reason behind their panel choices and everything. “Can you imagine Dan and Glozell together on a panel” His little laugh hahaha he found that so amusing.

“YOU’VE SEEN MY PUNS” on a t-shirt. I don’t know why I laughed as hard as I did.

Ambivert extravert or introvert discussion was so interesting. I’ve always thought of him as an introvert and he seemed to think that fit most closely until he realized he was probably kind of inbetween. Which I can also see. I just love when he talks about personality traits (like the time he listed off which parts of his zodiac sign fit him). He’s such a tough egg to crack when it comes to that kind of info so I cherish the times he gives us some extra insight into the way he thinks.

Cute Louise discussion about being bathbomb twins. He had texted her that he was now a “ human sprinkle of glitter” (HE WOULD) after using that bathbomb and getting glitter everywhere. 

ANOTHER HOUSE PLANT. Get this man his garden oasis for god’s sake. The whole house is gonna turn into a plant if he keeps continuing lol. Anyways, welcome to the world “plant susan.” Hope you didn’t cause any more domestic arguments between your dads.


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YES BRING BACK THE BOOBS AND WINGSPANS! aka the moment I truly fell in love with this fandom because I knew I wasn't alone in my weird thoughts hahaha

Starting that boob and wingspan discussion is honestly my favorite and most iconic thing about my blog. 😂

So when I saw that you actually asked SJM about it, I started laughing so hard. You instantly became my hero.