hahaha i hate both of you so much

Jessica Jones 107: AKA Top Shelf Perverts
  • Pam, that is TOO MUCH CLEAVAGE FOR COURT!!! Also honestly what is with lawyers in the MCU being constitutionally incapable of not dating their assistants? Looking at you, Matt & Foggy.
  • The fact that Robin is clearly from a wildly different show is especially jarring now that Ruben is dead.
  • It’s interesting that the MCU (and the fandom) posits Jeri as a ruthless but essentially non-corrupt lawyer when wow is she not. I’d actually completely forgotten that she once bribed a juror. (Also interesting that she’s so morally ambiguous in the MCU when her straight male counterpart in the comics isn’t at all, but I think that’s less a case of sexism/homophobia and more creating a more interesting character out of whole cloth and borrowing a genderswapped name.)

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I am eternally amused by how much Alistair and Morrigan hate each other, because you guys, they are so alike in so many important ways.  

  • Both grew up in abusive households where their emotional needs were neglected.
  • Both were only valued for the way their blood could further their parental figures’ ambitions.
  • Both go out of their way to downplay the effect of parental abuse on them, insisting that they’re fine, yep, totally fine, have they mentioned fine today, because FINE, hahaha what grand times they had locked in a cage or acting as bait for the Templars.
  • Both adopt exaggerated personas to avoid the vulnerability that comes with being genuine. 
  • Both are socially awkward and tend to isolate themselves further through odd behavior.
  • Both latch on to the Warden as the first and maybe only genuine relationship (friendship or romance) they will ever have.

Come to think about it, that’s probably why they hate each other so much. 

“what took you so long…Talon!?”


“can’t believe you made me worried so much”


“heh, is that all you can say?”

“i… will always come back to you… no matter what”

“you moron… stay with me forever, we do this together from now, i won’t allow you to make me worried again”



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//that’s how she confessed to him…? wehhh… i reaaally just need to avoid using ‘i love you’ between them… it’s not that i hate it, but it doesn’t suit them in my opinion. i don’t even know who should confess to each other first too hahaha. both can do, Talon and Katarina gonna walk on the same path anyway. (well, hope so) yeah!