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This totally has nothing to do with cool facts, but you are on wig my favorite artists and I wanted to ask a kind of personal question. If an artist started to doubt themselves, and was saying that they might give up art even though you know they enjoy it more than most things, what would you say to them?

I’m not sure what “on wig” means but Imma take it as a compliment?? so thank you for that, that’s amazing <3

Okay so this might be a teensy bit of a long post-

Self doubt, in art, is generated by a lot of things- mostly lack of reward for what you feel is an immense amount of work.  

Sometimes it’s negative feedback when you already have such low amounts of neutral or positive feedback.  

Sometimes its reaching a slump where you’re personally disappointed in your creations.

So really it depends on the situation.  The first one, if the artist is not you, do what you can to leave them feedback and comments.  

Even if it’s just emoji spam, I know that even a couple hearts in some tags keeps me going for weeks.  You can also do what you can to share their art with others and ask them to share/comment, as well.  

If you ARE the artist, asking directly for feedback is a gamble, but sometimes it’s worth it.  If you’re just starting off and don’t have a following, try to get your name out there by interacting with people with similar interests and sharing your stuff with them.  

If you’re not at a skill level yet where people pay a lot of attention, try to be open for critique so you can improve as fast as possible to get there 

(with focus it doesn’t take long, just compare my stuff from even 6 months ago!!  and I’ve still got a ways to go, but ya know..  #goals).  

You can also do more interesting stuff within your skill level- do something no one else is doing.  Weird colors, photo collages, memes, crossovers, etc-  stuff that’s more about the content and interest instead of the technical skill.

If you’re suffering from negative feedback, that’s a hard one to recover from.

Tumblrfolk in general have a way of policing art and creations they don’t personally enjoy (including shaming beginner/young/disabled artists for their skill or their expression of themselves that isn’t in line with their view of what art should be!! so cool of you, Tumblr!!), so you’re way more likely to get negative feedback here than say… Twitter. Or Pixiv.  

So sometimes the best thing to do is remove yourself from the source of the negativity and just take your stuff where it’s appreciated.  

If it’s appreciated nowhere, then maybe you’re drawing something that’s megapromble and should reflect on your actions, hahaha. 

No art has an innate right to be appreciated, though it does have a right to exist, if even just for societal commentary.  So if you get negative feedback, mostly just listen and judge for yourself whether there’s any merit in it. 

If someone is just bitching at you for drawing your favorite ship that they don’t like, then fuck em. They’re the ones having issues with their own emotional expression by being unable to critically examine their limited worldview (this is me pointing especially hard at the antishippers who crucify anyone who ships stuff outside of an upper class white christian moral standpoint!!). 

(Though, disclaimer, I’m not defending the stuff that you KNOW is wrong, like pedophilia or rape or murder, I don’t care/mind if you create it but I won’t defend you from negative feedback if you know its evils. But I’ll absolutely defend your JonaDio fluff fic and your right to create it, even if I don’t ship it.)

As far as the doubt coming from within based on disappointment with your perceived skill level- that’s a GOOD THING. In fact, as much as it sucks when it happens, being disappointed in what you make is the BEST THING FOR YOU. It means that you’re finally capable of seeing areas where you can improve, even if your hands can’t mechanically do what your brain is telling them.

If you EVER create something that you like, that means you did something further than your skill level actually reaches and you should be a little wary that you might not be able to repeat it and DON’T let it get you down when you can’t reproduce the results.

I once doodled a headshot that I thought was fairly boring and I submitted it super late at night, not expecting much from it, but still wanted to share it. Today it’s my most popular piece, with thousands upon thousands of notes. People are still reblogging it, and some that aren’t even in the fandom.  I have NOT been able to reach that kind of level since, but I have hopes that at some point, I’ll catch up to whatever I did there and surpass it.  So I think that’s the kind of mindset you should keep- “I’ll get there.”  Patience is key.

Otherwise, if this hypothetical person loves making their art but feel like stopping, maybe they should examine why they love it. 

If it’s due to the validation gained when sharing it with people, they just have to put themselves out there and risk feeling like they’re being annoying. 

If they love it because it gives them a method of expression, they just gotta keep at it, do your thing!!

If they love it because it gets them recognition and $$$$, then in the words of the great Britney Spears, “You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work bitch.”

And I think that’s the best advice you can give anyone about anything, ever.

Male Mc Mystic Messenger ZEN Route: Day 5 {Hour 21:12 + Yoosung Call}

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Hour: 21:12 ZEN vs Jumin

Zack spent the rest of his time looking out the window watching the storm slowly reach a calm. Now only rain was drizzling onto the flooded sidewalks and a gentle breeze was swaying the burnt tree branches. He held his phone in his hand and sighed in annoyance. What was he so upset for? It wasn’t like he was attracted to ZEN. Ha! 


Well maybe just a little. Well it’s not like it even mattered. J-just attraction is all nothing else. 


No that was a lie. Zack gripped his forehead and let out an exasperated sigh. This was stupid and ridiculous. It was too much trouble to be thinking about all of this. Right now he just needed to focus on the RFA, not high school butterflies and crushes. AGH! It wasn’t a crush! Well it was but… Forget it! 

His phone buzzed and suddenly the computer lit up. He looked down to see he was getting a barrage of emails and text messages. Guess the power and signal was back on. He got up and checked all the items in the freezer before checking the computer. Everything was up and running. He rubbed his face in annoyance, he just wasn’t in the mood to do anything for the rest of the night. He was pissed off at ZEN and pissed off at himself. 

He unlocked his phone and saw a chat open. He could just ignore it. Shit. Fine he wouldn’t he was too addicted to talking to these people. 

He froze when he saw it was ZEN. Dammit… He already swiped to join and it was logging him in. He could just press the home button but- 

ZEN>: Ah, I had such a great workout!
ZEN>: Zack! Heheh how’d you know I was done? You stalking me~? Hahaha!

If he logged out now it’d be too obvious that he was trying to avoid him. Dammit. 

     <: I think everyone would know you’re done working out.  
     <: You seem like the type of person who posts his workout on all the social media’s 

ZEN>: Someone’s being a bit sassy heheh! 
ZEN>: But
ZEN>: You’re right. 
ZEN>: Sit tight little prince~ I’ll show you! 

     <: Little prince? What? 

ZEN>: Hahaha! I don’t even know why I put that. 

Jumin Han>: Oh brother. 

     <: Jumin, hello, did you get hit by the storm? 

Jumin Han>: I didn’t but my company did. Everything is fine of course. 

     <: I see. 

ZEN>: Here ya go!

ZEN posts a picture of himself drinking a beer and wearing a towel over his shoulders. 

Jumin Han>: You drink, smoke, and exercise. 
Jumin Han>: You might as well stop acting as if you’re healthy for all of that leads to nothing. 

ZEN>: Hey! It does! I don’t smoke all the time! 

     <: And the beer? 

ZEN>: We can’t all be pure. 

     <: It’s not like you’re getting drunk all the time so I guess it’s okay. 

Jumin Han>: You are just another man forgiving his actions because of his looks. 

     <: Oh damn. 
     <: Someone bought the wrong cat food for El. 

Jumin Han>: Elizabeth 3rd. 

ZEN>: You are being more of a jerk than usual today. 

Jumin Han>: I’m just stating a fact. You are not a good role model. 

ZEN>: Oh whatever, you’re own dad isn’t a good role model. He just picks up beautiful young girls who are stupider than a bag of rocks. 

     <: Okay let’s stop now. 
     <: We’re all in a pissy mood. Let’s just shut up and change the subject. 

Jumin Han>: I am nothing like my father. I am a good role model. 

ZEN>: No you’re not! You flaunt your money and live alone with a cat. That’s nothing to strive for! 

Jumin Han>: But I am successful. 

ZEN>: Oh my god you infuriate me. 

Jumin Han>: And you can be successful as well if you do the commercial. 


Jumin Han>: Cat’s are truly the joys of life. 

      <: I mean they’re cute but dogs 

Jumin Han>: Don’t even finish typing. 

     <: Oh. 

ZEN>: Hey, jerk, leave my prince alone. 

Jumin Han>: This again? Your prince? 

ZEN>: Ha! I’ve just been messing around. 

Jumin Han>: It seems you make poorer decisions than I thought. 
Jumin Han>: For one your ‘pet name’ is confusing. 
Jumin Han>: And secondly you keep letting the fact of not getting along with cats prevent you from a great business opportunity. 

ZEN>: It’s not that I don’t get along with them, it’s that I AM ALLERGIC. Why can’t you understand that? 
ZEN>: And besides, I just say my prince because he looks like one. He knows it’s friendly don’t you Zack? 

     <: ya 

Jumin Han>: Perhaps you’re allergic to cats because you were evil to them and God plagued you with a curse. 

ZEN>: What even? 

Jumin Han>: You can overcome this obstacle with love. You would be doing a service to these blockades if you did. 

ZEN>: I’m allergic! 

Jumin Han>: That isn’t the only thing I’m speaking of. 

ZEN>: ??? 

      <: So… I understand the allergy issue. It really does suck. 

ZEN>: See! Zack always gets me!

Jumin Han>: Whether it be professional relationship or not you must understand that there are limitations to your fame. 

ZEN>: What are you even going on about? 

Jumin Han>: So choose wisely and take opportunities while you can. 

ZEN>: Choose wisely in what? Your stupid cat commercial? You know what? 
ZEN>: I’m done talking about it. 

Zack lowered the phone. Was Jumin reiterating what Jaehee had said? He sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. This sucked, it was like everyone but ZEN knew what he was feeling. Maybe to feel better he could just blame ZEN for his sudden obliviousness to all this. No. He wouldn’t even though he childishly wanted to. 

ZEN>: So Zack? I take it the storm has moved onward. Is everything okay? 

     <: Yes, a tree caught on fire but everything is good. 

Jumin Han>: How rude to dismiss my generosity. 

ZEN>: Wow! A tree caught on fire? That’s insane. 

Jumin Han>: It’s rude to ignore people trying to help you. 

ZEN>: Geez, you go about it so annoyingly. 
ZEN>: You can’t win me over like that. 

Jumin Han>: I thought you wanted someone else to win you over. But if you insist. 

ZEN>: Wait! 
ZEN>: No that’s not what I meant! 

Jumin Han>: I’ll send you roses. 

     <: Kinda old school. 

Jumin Han>: Have you ever received flowers Zack? 

      <: …..No :( 

Jumin Han>: I’ll find a way to send you roses then. 

ZEN>: Don’t! 
ZEN>: Don’t send me roses and don’t send him roses! 
ZEN>: Zack if you get roses 
ZEN>: burn them! 
ZEN>: And get rid of the ashes. 

     <: seven days… 

ZEN>: What? 

    <: I dunno it sounded like they were cursed 
    <: It was the first thing that came to my mind okay! 

ZEN>: Hahaha! Cute! You are my prince. 

     <: Um… can you stop calling me that? 

Especially when you don’t mean it. Just stop. 

ZEN>: Oh.
ZEN>: Sorry about that. 

     <: It’s fine. 

Jumin Han>: Either way you’ll still have ashes. 

ZEN>: shut up. 
ZEN>: It’s like you’re saying I can’t succeed without your help. 
ZEN>: You offered to advertise my musical and then go on saying that I shouldn’t ignore the power of money. 
ZEN>: You’re just wasting your breath. 

Jumin Han>: It’s like you have something against me. 
Jumin Han>: Are you perhaps
Jumin Han>: Jealous

ZEN>: No, you’re just annoying. 
ZEN>: I’m doing fine without your help. 

Jumin Han>: Congrats. 

ZEN>: You know what? I’m tired of thinking about you so much

Jumin Han>: Weird. I didn’t know I occupied your mind so much.

ZEN>: and your insufferab

Jumin Han>: Is it me who you actually have feelings for? 


     <: This is interesting and also frustrating. 

ZEN>: He’s probably smiling right now! It pisses me off. 

Jumin Han>: I am. 
Jumin Han>: You know me so well darling. 

ZEN>: I don’t need you to do well!

Jumin Han>: Ya

ZEN>: I’m done. 
ZEN>: You’ll see! I’ll do amazing in my new roll! 

Jumin Han>: Ah so I motivated you. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna break my phone!!!! 

Jumin Han>: I’m happy to be of service. 

ZEN>: Gah! 

Jumin Han>: What a fun conversation. Perfect before I go to bed. Good night. 

     <: Night. 

Jumin Han>: Thank you. 

        Jumin Han has left the chatroom. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna cuss

     <: It’s cool. That was kinda frustrating on my end too. 
     <: buuuuut that being said
     <: I’m smiling too. 

ZEN>: I don’t mind if you’re smiling. 
ZEN>: You being here helps, prince
ZEN>: Oh sorry. 
ZEN>: Zack. 

     <: It’s fine. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna go practice. 
ZEN>: Get some sleep yourself :)

     <: Yeah I will. 
     <: Thanks. 

ZEN>: Heh! See ya! 

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

     <: You’re the prince. 

He closed his phone and sighed. What an annoyance. He watched the flooded streets send it’s small waves of water run down the hills. He felt his phone buzz and let out an annoyed grunt. Without looking who was calling he picked up. 

“Hello?” He said tiredly. 

“Oh!” It was Yoosung. “Sorry did I wake you?” 

“No you didn’t. Just relaxing is all.” He said as leaned back and rested his head on the pillows. 

“Oh good! I was calling to see if you’re okay. I mean I checked the weather again and saw it finally passed.” 

Zack slightly smiled. “Yeah, thanks, it’s all good here.” 

“Oh I’m- cast cure you shitty idiot!” 

“Woah. Damn.” 

Yoosung sighed and then made a blabbering noise. “Ah u-uhm s-s-sorry I didn’t mean to get all angry. It’s just been a… trying battle.” 

“Heh, well don’t break your keyboard.” 

“No way! It’s my lifeline. B-but I uh called for another reason.” 

“You mean my well being isn’t at the top of your list?” 

“No. I mean yes!! Ah I mean-” 

Zack chuckled. “I’m kidding.” 

“Ah… you’re mean.” He faked crying. “You and Seven always tease me.” 

“You’re an easy target.” Heh, Yoosung was pretty cute. He was pretty ni- 

No stop. Now wasn’t the time. 

“That’s! Not…. it is true isn’t it. Ah! I don’t want to forget, uhm I called to ask if you could get me ZEN’s autograph? I mean I’m sure if you asked he would gladly give it to you. Plus he knows where you work so you can ask in person.” 

“Gonna sell it?” 

“Well…. no. Actually I want to flaunt it. I can go around saying I’m friends with someone famous. And have him write “To my loving friend and brother, Yoosung.”” 

“You’re… not serious are you?” 

“Yes totally serious.” 

Zack pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ahm… yeah okay.” 

Yoosung chuckled. “Great! Okay I need to pre-order something so I’ll let you go! Good night!” 

“Night, loving friend and brother Yoosung.” 

“Nnngh…. yeah… okay I hear it now, I’ll think of something else.” 

Zack laughed and hung up. Heh, Yoosung. 


He really was cute and nice. 

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your blog! And I really like that mute reaction one you did, it hit me right in the feels. I was wondering if it would be alright to ask for a continuation of it when SS finally did speak if it is not too much to ask for. I hope you have a great day!

Thanks so much for your encouragement! I’m really happy you liked the reaction so much to as for a continuation! I hope you enjoy!

And in case anyone out there hasn’t had the chance to read the original, here’s the link:


Curie: Finally, I’ve done it! Look at everyone; I’m so proud of zhem! I knew my students had zhe potential to be wonderful doctors, and I was right. I thought zhey would roam zhe Commonwealth and help zhe occasional settlement here and zhere, but they stayed to open zhe Commonwealth’s first public hospital, right here in Sanctuary!

“I-I’m proud of you Curie.”

What was-? Zhat voice sounds familiar but…

Sole?” I have not heard zhat voice in years.

I threw my arms around zhem. Am I shaking? Oh, I’m crying again, like when zhey first lost zheir voice, but now it is a happy crying. I love zhe feeling of zheir arms wrapped so tightly around me, but even more so zhe rumbling in their chest zhat compliments zheir voice. I look up at them and smile through my tears. Grabbing zheir cheeks, I kiss zhem. Finishing, I lean back and tell Sole,

“I’m proud of you too.”

Deacon: I always found that face cute: crinkled nose, slightly pursed lips. Usually I’m the cause of a face like that, but Sole walked up to me this time, no prompting or jeering on my part. They opened and closed their mouth for a few seconds, floundering for words, kind of like the pet fish I had when I was a kid. Wait.


 “A-Are you trying to say something boss?” I took my glasses off. I needed to see this without shades in my way. Their eyes looked surprised at me, but they kept their focus.

 “I-I’m sorry.”

 And cue awkward silence. 

I crushed them into a hug and buried my nose in Sole’s hair. “Welcome back boss. Missed you.”

Cait: Left, right, duck, ri-shite! I almost took one straight to the teeth. Gotta be more careful. Ergh! Circle him… circle him…

Maybe you should take more time to rest in between these fights, y’think so Cait? I did promise Sole I would take it easy in the ring this time around. Not like the cage fightin’ I did back in the Combat Zone. Just some good-natured, friendly… fair-

“C-c-c-c-CAIT! T-TWO O’CLOCK!”

Wha- Woah! Nice callout. Thanks- Sole?


“Cait? Cait, can you hear me? Wow, he got you pretty good.” I could feel somethin’ wet dabbin’ at my face.

“That light is way too fuckin’ bright, and who’s shoutin’ right in me ear? I’m gonna give ‘em a good punch to the face if they don’t shut up! … You’re gigglin’ now? Do ya got a death wish?” I pressed my hands against me forehead, blinkin’ a few times against the white lights. When I could finally get a good look at the giggler, I saw Sole.

“So it was you who made the callout! Heh, I knew you had it in you. C’mere!” I pulled Sole down onto the bed with me and rubbed my knuckles into their head. They laughed, and damn, it’s been too long since I heard that.

Nick: I could feel smoke curling up against the gaps in my face; Sole likes watching it rise into the rafters. We were already in bed for the night, their head resting on my chest, my back against the wall, and I started singing something to help Sole fall asleep.

“Living for you, is easy living. It’s easy to live when you’re in love.”

“And, I’m so in love,” cough, “There’s nothing in life, but you.”

“Sole?” I tilted my head down to look Sole in the face. Their voice had been weak and scratchy, but it was there none the less. “W-When did this happen?”

“Today I tried,” cough, “talking again, with Curie and,” cough, “I was actually able to talk a little bit. I was waiting for the right time to,” cough, “tell you.” They smiled that impeccable smile up at me, and boy did that get the coolant pumping. I hugged them close to me and let my head fall back on the wall.

“Living for you is easy living. It’s easy to live when you’re in love. And, I’m so in love. There’s nothing in life, but you.”

Danse: “Danse… Danse.” It was late, and I had already been asleep for at least a couple of hours when someone shook me awake. I heard my name; the voice was unfamiliar. Well, maybe not entirely unfamiliar, but definitely not a voice I had heard in a while. I rolled over to face my partner,

Sole?” I dragged two hands down my face and over my eyes, heart pumping enough adrenaline through my system to push me past the initial post-sleep drowsiness. “Sole, did you just… say my name.”

“…Yes. I… I think I did. I had a nightmare, and I just… needed… you…”

Without another thought I pulled Sole to my chest with all the strength my arms could muster while taking deep, relieved breaths. I held them for a good long while, feeling their soft, warm, and tickling breaths against my neck, and I knew for the first time in months that everything was going to be okay again.

X6-88: I suppose I was satisfied with Sole’s progress, even though they only answered in truncated phrases. We sat beside the lake on the rocky shore. Ocassionally Sole would select a pebble from the ground beside them and toss it into the lake in such a way that it skipped across the surface of the water.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I queried.

“…My dad…” They replied. Short. Typical. But also nice.

“Can you teach me how to do that?”

Sole smiled at me: a rare sight as of recently.

“Of course I can X.”

I let a small laugh escape me.

“That’s your first full sentence since you started talking again Sole… I’m proud of you.”

They smiled again, and placed a smooth pebble in my hand.

MacCready: “Grognak entered the cave of the Sphinx to end the curse once and for all! Upon confronting the she-beast, it growled, ‘Grognak! Flash me those… sweet barbarian tarberries? Well, I guess that’s what you get when random wastelanders decide to play mad-libs with old comic books.” I sighed; and this was a rare issue too.

“…Hehe… hahahaha-cough-hahaha-cough- aheheheheee- cough cough cough. Oh, i-it hurts, but-cough-hehehe!”

Oh my gosh, “Sole! You can talk! You can talk!” I grabbed them by the shoulders and sensed the ever-growing grin widening across my face. This was definitely making it on the list of my top ten favorite days.

“Y-yeah! I guess I can!” Sole beamed right back at me! “Well… go on then! I want to see Grognak flash his tarberries!”

“Haha! Well then, where was I?”

Hankcock: Just one more hit, then I’m done. If I had a cap for every time I promised myself that, I’d be the richest mayor in the Commonwealth. Wait, I already am. Well then, I’ll just count it as extra insurance. Heh.

I was laid out on the floor of my state room, wasted and bordering on an overdose. Suddenly a blurry face buzzes across my field of vision, and I can barely make out Sole’s unique features.

“Hancock! Hancock!”

I was sure I must’ve gone way past my limit because I swore I just heard Sole say my name. They hadn’t spoken in months. Man, I must’ve really been tripping.

“Farenheit! Help! It’s Hancock!”

“Argh! Geez, did a herd of Brahmin stampede across my forehead last night?” I rubbed at my eyes for a little longer than necessary because damn, who left the curtains open?



“You stupid ghoul!” Smack! “Don’t you ever do that again! You had me worried!”

“Ow! … Hey, Sole! You got your voice back!” Sole’s face tried to grimace and laugh at the same time; it was cute.

“Shut up! You almost killed yourself being stupid! Four canisters of jet? Really?” Sole’s finger poked near my face.

“Heh, alright alright. No more binging. As long as you promise not to spring the silent treatment on me anymore. Deal?”


“Now that’s what I like to hear sunshine.”

Piper: “So yeah… Nat’s reaching that age where all the boys flock to her like radroaches to a hot brahmin carcass. Fortunately, her big sis taught her how to throw a mean punch. Heh, she broke one kid’s nose the other day; took her to get some noodles after she told me what happened.”

“Hhhh- hhhhh-haha-hahahahaha-cough-hahahaha!”

“Sole… Are you… laughing? Hahaha! O my gosh! I haven’t heard that in so long! Sole! Hahahaha!”

I wrapped my arms around Sole’s shaking shoulders. I couldn’t believe it! Sole, laughing! And after all this time! I had already given up hope after the first year, but I guess miracles do still happen. That, or karma finally got its crap together. Whatever it is, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that laugh.

I need to buy Nat another bowl of noodles.

Preston: I had to put the knife I was using to cut the carrots down on the cutting board to listen closer.

“Hahahahaha! Fetch Dogmeat! Hahaha!”

I walked to the window of mine and Sole’s Sanctuary home, and out there in the backyard was Sole tossing around an old beaten up Frisbee with Dogmeat, laughing. I began laughing myself. I-I hadn’t heard that in years! And I thought I never would again. It’s just as beautiful as the first day they stepped out of the vault and into my life.

Sole waved at me when they noticed my laughing. I waved back, and I could feel an enormous grin stretching across my teeth.

“Hey you over there! With the dog! I love you!”

“I love you too Preston!”

Oh man. I smiled wider and felt like the luckiest man alive because I knew I was gonna be the only one who got to hear that every day, from now until the moment I die. I love you too Sole, I love you too.

Dogmeat: “Dogmeat! Come here boy! Come here!”

That’s my master! I haven’t heard them call my name in forever, but I would never forget the way they sound! I can tell that they’re happy by the way they talk to me in that squeaky voice. They only use it whenever they pet my tummy, so I walked over to them and rolled over.

“That’s a good boy! Who’s my baby? Who’s my sweet puppy? You are! Oh yes you are!”

Codsworth: “Sole? Sturges said you were looking for me? I’m always happy to be of service, as you know!” I rounded the corner of the hallway and came face to sensor with a mischievously smiling Sole. “Sole, what is that smile for? Are you hiding something?”

“Just this.”

“S-Sole!” It was hard to believe it even though I heard them speak with my very own audio receptors. Sole… spoke! They actually spoke! “Sole, y-you spoke! I-I’m so happy, when did you find out?”

“This morning! I woke myself up by talking in my sleep hahaha! Who knew I could talk this entire time?”

“Oh Sole! This is just wonderful news! If I could give you a hug, I would!”

Sole latched their arms around my body-piece and hummed into the metal.

“Thanks Codsworth! You’re the best!”

I chuckled.

“No no my dear, it is you who are the best.”


“GOOD! HUMAN SPEAK AGAIN! INTIMIDATE ENEMY! But, what wall ever do to human?”


Sooooo in case you didn’t know I actually visited the PLL set today!

Story time!

It seriously was such an incredible day. I honestly did not plan this: yesterday I was just sitting in my bedroom back in Australia and here I am on the other side of the world having seen the PLL set (and Marlene)! My taxi driver from the airport to the hotel actually recommended the WB tour on a Friday as it’s quiet so we may see more stars (which I did!!!!!! But no pics!!!!!) So it all happened very fast, I didn’t really plan on doing this.

Side note: people may think I’m crazy if that’s ALL the pics I took! Hell no, I’ve got like a hundred! Hahaha
There’s a limit of 10 on Tumblr so I just chose the most distinct ones showing off various sets. (I may post the ones with myself in it after when the show ends, when I’m thinking about revealing who I am)
Most of you probably/definitely know this already, but from left to right, the pics are the Rosewood Town (IT’S TINY, 100 metres MAX from one side to the other), Rosewood City Hall (fun fact: on the other side of this exact building is Rosewood High! other side as in it’s a two in one building), The infamous church (which had nothing in it, damn!), the Rear Window Brew (and also where Spoby kissed in 312), Rosewood High School (TINY TINY TINY - it seemed so much bigger when it’s filled with heaps of extras), Alison’s house (which was empty), the new Radley which turned into a fancy hotel (the scene between Ashley and Hanna in the 5 years forward 611 premiere was taken in the space of that pic), the Lost Woods Resort (and actually, to the left of where I took the picture is Noel’s cabin too, which was also Ezra and Nate’s cabin), Spencer’s backyard where the fireworks lit off in 514 and the snow in 513, and then of course the barn which is directly opposite Spencer’s backyard. (That smaller house behind the tree that you see in Spencer’s backyard…. yeah that’s Emily’s house! They don’t show that in the show however)

Aside from these pics I of course saw heaps more, such as the Pennsylvania airport where Ezria kissed in 6B (which is actually a cafeteria for all Warner Bros staff!), the movie theatre from season 1, Hanna’s house, Emily’s house, the woods, the lake where Jenna drowned, Mona’s house, Aria’s house, the New York from 501, the park bench where the girls tried blocking A’s number in early season 1A, the train station where Haleb hooked up, etc. HEAPS! We were going through all these areas and I could instantly recall heaps of scenes that were shot right in front of me… my tour guide was impressed! Hahaha

It’s SO much smaller in real life. They make Rosewood seem like a huge town in the show but in reality it’s just this tiny block and another strip of houses, and The Radley, located elsewhere.

I did get to go through the actual stage of PLL, where the girls’ makeup rooms were (we practically lived there too, thanks to Ash and Shay’s Snapchats!) however there was nothing there. I got pics but it’s boring. Just wooden stages coming down, but most was gone. This is where the insides to all the houses were, so they’re gone now. Tours no longer go inside Spencer’s kitchen for example. But oh well, I was still SOOOO happy I got to walk through Rosewood, with the signs still saying Rosewood, before it’s totally totally gone as they’re finished filming obviously!

Tour guide: “so lots of different movies and TV shows have been filmed right here on the Warner Brothers lot, are there any movies or shows in particular you would like me to focus on a bit more throughout the tour?”

Me: “I came here for Pretty Little Liars. We can look at all the other movies and shows later.”

The other 7 people in my tour group were too shy to speak up so he literally followed my demands. It was practically a PLL tour despite being marketed as a “Warner Brothers Tour”! So cool. He was an awesome tour guide in that regard but also extremely shitty because as you all know I’ve been ranting at the fact that I saw Marlene walking ten metres from me (pic on my blog too) and he didn’t let me leave the tour group to go say hi, despite knowing my strong passion for the show. “I can loose my job if I let my group members start wandering off”. Pfffft I was only wanting to go ten metres and say hi to the woman who created this wonderful world!

Fun fact he told me - they had a tour group pass through Rosewood whilst they were filming 514… aka, the episode of Mona’s funeral. Normally visitors don’t watch them film episodes so the visitors generally never see spoilers, however, a massive picture of Mona was situated right outside the church and all the cast was wearing black - so the visitors put two and two together: Mona dies in an upcoming episode! Ever since then they’ve been really strict about letting people onto the set whilst the sets are decorated ready for filming. Mona “dying” was actually public knowledge WAAAAYYYY before 512 had even aired!

Hope you enjoyed mini story time with me ;) I highly recommend this tour if you are in LA. I of course LOVED seeing other stuff like the Friends set and the costumes used in the ACTUAL DC movies (they said don’t touch Superman’s suit, but I’ve always wondered what it felt like so I had to touch it! It’s rubber…) As this is a PLL blog I’ll keep it exactly that; PLL, but still, I recommend this for all shows that you know of that are filmed in the Warner Bros lot! The part of the tour where you walk through the props was sensational. So many “A"s in there and also Supergirl props too which was cool!

I could write a thesis but I’ll end it here. What a day!

TBBT: The Brain Bowl Incubation (10x8)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

First a confession. I’m not only a fan of TBBT and ShAmy, I am literally in love with Jim Parsons. 😍 I have a huge crush on him and not only think he is the sweetest, funniest and most amusing guy but also I find him extremely attractive. (And by extremely I actually mean HOT AF). 🔥 I’m just saying, unlike other reviews, this one will be very biased and subjective to my infatuation with him. So of course, I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! I enjoyed everything Shamy but was more than happy to finally have Raj in the limelight too.

1. Opening scene:

How cute were Sheldon and Amy “playing in the lab”. 😊 It’s so nice to see them spending time in something they both enjoy and love. I also love anytime Amy is in the lab. I think she looks “sexy scientist” adorable with her lab coat and hair pulled back. Go Amy!!! And the #ForScience reference, yay! Because we have now officially confirmed Sheldon gets turned on by science talk. Btw, have the writers been reading our Tumblr? 😒 

Umm, can we just take a moment (and a deep breath) to appreciate Sheldon’s arm porn! 😉 Woah!

2. Rajesh meets Isabella

Let me get all things Raj out there. I really appreciate the writers giving Raj a story line other than playing annoying third wheel to Howard and Bernie. FINALLY! 🙌 Seeing him in this episode reminds me just how talented Kunal is playing Raj and how many missed opportunities his character has had.  

I hurt for Raj. He’s a great guy. He goes out of his way to let the girl know his interested. (How sweet how he prepared dinner and took care of everything so Isabella could join him. Reminds me how he set up a date at the library with Lucy to make her comfortable with not talking). Raj is a such a sweet guy so its painful to watch at times. I really hope the writers are not setting him up for another failure. I liked Isabella, granted we don’t know much about her. But we know she is hard working, sharp and feisty. There is potential in that story line (as there has been with other of Raj’s girls). I just hope the writers can do it justice. Please? 🙏

I get the feeling Raj isn’t really free to be himself with the rest of the gang. He didn’t tell them about him breaking up with Emily and Claire and now he lied about Isabella. I knew his lie would catch up to him and after the experiences he just had with his previous relationships, he should know better than to start a potential relationship by lying since that’s exactly what got him in trouble the last time. It shows how immature Raj can be regarding relationships.

BTW, I feel the writers really didn’t wrap up these other story lines and its kind of disappointing. He now can talk to woman, but he is certainly clueless as to everything else.  

BONUS: Raj standing in the bathroom door and saying bye to Isabella “Just know every time I come in here, I’ll be thinking of you”. Lol! 😂😂😂 Poor Raj.

3. Sheldon is so ecstatic with his creation

How paternal is Sheldon going to be when he has children? 💖 He was so excited in the lab when Amy announced the experiment had worked he could barely stand still. And then he was bragging to Bernadette about their creation. He looks so proud every time he mentions one of the experiments achievements.

This episode brought back awesome memories when the group found out Sheldon had been speaking to Amy for 4 months and he said they had conversations about having a baby because they would create a superior genetic being.

In Sheldon’s words in season 4, “Amy pointed out that between the two of us, our genetic material has the potential of producing the first in a line of intellectually superior, benign overlords to guide humanity to a brighter tomorrow”. 

Sheldon has always been interested in this but know he doesn’t want it formed in a test tube like in S4. He wants to do it the old fashioned way (coitus). In this episode they changed set and clothes, so this means that it happened over the course of few days (Sheldon referenced 36 hours). It means Sheldon had time to think about engaging in intercourse and grew more determined with each hour that went by. ⌚

If he knows him and Amy are eventually going to get married, why does he want to drop his underpants ASAP? Hmmm? Is it possible that Dr. Cooper just wants to be intimate with Amy just because? Otherwise, why would he track her cycle? 😉 Come on Sheldon. You know you want it. 

BONUS: Amy’s “Well I turned this one into a functioning boyfriend. So, sky is the limit”. 😂 Sheldon wasn’t even offended. Just check out his smile. It says “Yes, you did and I’m okay with that”.

4. Sheldon suggests the next step

Amy surely thought the next step was a replica of the study. But Sheldon’s suggestion… Oh my!!! How many of you had a tiny heart attack with the next line?

“We lock that door, drop our underpants a little and make a baby?”. OMG!!! 😲😲😲Then his eyes!!! His flirty smile!!! His eyebrows and the little nod! Amy’s face was a perfect reflection of my face too. Lol! Holy moley Sheldon! Are you trying to kill us?😵

I also caught him say “We need to stop for magnets on the way HOME”. He didn’t call it Penny’s apartment. Penny’s apartment looks less like her apartment. It’s tidy and her fridge pictures are gone. He doesn’t even mention his apartment. Home is know wherever he is with Amy. 🏠 

5. Flirty Sheldon

Let me just… ASDFGHGJIUHIKGTFDFGSDTJHM. 🙈 Daaaamn! Jim Parsons is one handsome man!!! He’s my GILF. You know, guy I’d like to… friend. Hahaha. 😹 Just kidding. Or maybe not, who knows. I know it’s meant to be Sheldon awkward and funny but it’s a tall order when the actor is so handsome. 😍 It is amusing to see Sheldon in this form. (I would love to see Amy like this too. We caught a glimpse with the Star Trek doctor uniform and Snow White. I though she was hot.)

So, Dr. Cooper pulled out all his tricks:

  • The ass. (Gosh Amy, slap it. It looks juicy.)
  • Needlessly and freakishly explicit talk. (Am I the only one wondering what he said? Talk dirty to me, Dr. Cooper.)
  • Rose petals, jazz music, candles and oysters (which is an aphrodisiac). 
  • His voice “Well, Hello.” (That’s the part my panties would have dropped without me touching them if I was Amy.
  • Sheldon’s hair, clothes, musk – in his inner thighs, and then stood, towering over her. (Ovaries explosion at this point).
  • “Anything you’d like to pet?” (Yes Sheldon!!! Yes! I can think of a few thing to pet. I’m sure there are many volunteers in the fandom. 🙋)

And Amy, hanging tight.

Finally, the Flamenco. Can we get a copy of the outtakes ASAP? Jim Parsons physical comedy is always wonderful to watch. 👏👏👏 He breaks out of his shell with these scenes. (Bazinga pool, anyone?) But its not all laughs, he has some moves. And his beautiful face, hoo! “You guys are aroused, right?” Yes, Sheldon. Many of us are. 😆

5. Okay, Amy. What gives?

It would be easy to say “wth Amy”. But I kind of get it. She is playing cool. 😎 She doesn’t want a baby now. They are just getting the hang of living together. And she know there is a ring. Also remember she couldn’t have predicted or expected this from her boyfriend. I love that the roles are reversed and its him chasing her. 👍💖😊 It was many years of seeing poor Amy in that awkward position. It’s good to have Sheldon have a taste of his own medicine. Aside, Amy must be thinking what the hell got into Sheldon. She must think this is some kind of joke. So I get it.  

That being said, it felt kind of out of character for our dirty, dirty, dirty girl. Which is why I lmbo when I saw her at the end all hot and flustered. 🙊That’s the Amy we know and love. 

This episode was just what I needed to get out of my post election blues. Many thoughts are lingering. Could coitus be coming soon for our favorite power couple? Can we get an update on the guys navigation system? Can we see Penny and Leonard doing something sweet, romantic and fun? And finally, how much Mayim has to be laughing with Jim’s antics while taping these episodes?

It’s a wrap for now but I’m so looking forward to next week. Jelly Shelly is a fave after Drunk Shelly. I think I’m going to go brush my teeth and call it a night ;) Good night fandom! Love you guys because you get my wicked sense of humor. Thank you for that.

Twitter Q&A From Jade Hassouné’s Takeover

Q: What do you most love about the shadow world?

JH: Tough one, I love a lot! My favourite thing: the variety of mystical beings. Also the magic & runes & Clary’s power to create.

Q: What do you think about my Meliorn makeup?

JH: I love it!! I saw it a few times fantastic. Excited for you to see what’s in store for Faerie beauty this year. 

Q: I’m so so so exited for this!!!!! See ya in a week!

JH: See you in SIX days! ‪#Shadowhunters

Q: What’s the name of your cat? It’s so cute! I have a cat too, 2 haha

JH: Hi! My cat’s name is Tiger & he’s a MaineCoon just like Stella & Rajah (Alberto and Dom’s cats). Aren’t felines brilliant?

Q: What do you have in common with Meliorn?

JH: I have a lot in common- I commune with Nature, I meditate, and have a grounded/thoughtful approach to life. Namaste

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[TRANS/INT] Ten Asia Magazine June Issue - Sandeul & Gongchan

Source: gongchan.kr

Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

Please take out with full credits to source and translator..

Q. How did it feel to be taking photos just by the two of you?

Gongchan: It was fun! (in a playful tone while looking at Sandeul) I’m meeting this person for the first time today, and I hope to be able to do this with him more often in future. I had a very good first impression.

Sandeul: (tongue-in-cheek) But you griped earlier that I was a little heavy, isn’t that a discourtesy on our first meeting?

Gongchan: It was a discourtesy on our first meeting… But what am I supposed to do if you’re heavy? Hahaha (everyone breaks out in laughter)

Q. Haha. Both of you have worked together before through the song ‘Overwhelmed’. It’s a combination that is suitable for unit promotions.

Sandeul: Thank you. See, there are many people who support us~ Anyway we did think when should the both of us sing another song together. Should I push for this project unit?

Gongchan: Even if it’s not this year, I want to do unit promotions and do performances!

Sandeul: After going to all 8 provinces, then to Japan and finally China. Haha. The chemistry between Chan and I was rea~lly good when we did 'Overwhelmed’.

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Today’s Shopping Trip~

This day’s basic itinerary was shopping for anime goods lol. I won’t get too in depth on what we did since I really wanna sleep right now, but I’ll just post all the Naruto stuff I’ve bought so far. I promised myself that I’m only going to buy Naruto and AKB48 goods (though we’re going to buy akb stuff tomorrow) since dedicating myself to other fandoms will mean more cash to spend uGH.

Stuff from the Boruto: Naruto the Restaurant! Got 2 free L folders + postcards.

DOUJINSHIS. OMG I had to scour the entire selection just to find these “normal couple” doujins. The entire selection was pretty much 98% BL (sasunaru or kakairu or kakanaru or kakasasu you get what I mean). I don’t have anything against BL, but it just really isn’t my cup of tea >_<. Still, I’m really glad sis was with me to read all the authors/circles or else I wouldn’t have found Yoko Fujitani’s Sasusaku + Team 7 Anthology. Glad I bought Sensei!!’s Minakushi Doujins too since the art is TOO BEAUTIFUL. Man, doujins are frickin expensive for a few pages though.

And I noticed that this Naruhina doujin was blocked by another doujin so here’s the cover of it, and OMG LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS PIECE OF ART. I can’t wait for nee-chan to translate this for me~! MY BBYS LOOK ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.

So for the doujins, we’re thinking about scanlating them when we’re not busy. There’s actually a new Sasusaku family doujin that I bought, but I have no idea when we’re gonna do this. Maybe when a lot ppl ask us then we’ll do them since scanning = breaking my doujins T^T. That or paying us money is nice too lol.

Bought face towel from the Jump shop, and FINALLY finished my Naruto manga collection. Even bought Rai no Sho and The Last Databook too (thoughtyou can’t see The Last Databook here it’s chucked under my luggage). Also bought a poster of a page of the first Shippuden chapter. The only thing I’m missing right now is the 3rd Artbook, which I can’t seem to find anywhere *sobs*.

Went to Jump World in Ikebukuro as well and bought some goods. The highlight was pretty much buying the Ichiraku bowl. Now, I’ll be using this for all the instant noodles I’ll be eating at home. WHOOPDEEDOO! Also bought a limited edition of a Sasuke and Naruto Petit Chara Land figure there, and oh some more postcards too. Since I bought ___ yen of Naruto goods, the staff gave me a bunch of free postcards so I have around 8 extra, I think (the right most ones of the pic). I’m thinking about sending these to some of you guys…?? Though of course, I’ll be needing your addresses hahaha. Still thinking about it though. Pretty much a waste it hoard it haha.

And finally, me and sis went to the Naruto guided tour of an attraction in Jump World and were able to take photos with the official Naruto and Sasuke cosplayers/tour guides. Sasuke was our tour guide since Naruto was already fully booked when we got there. Still, I had to give my hat off to Sasuke since HE WAS ABLE TO MIMIC NORIAKI SUGIYAMA’S TONE OF VOICE. That, and he was pretty funny w/out being OOC HAHAHA. There was a game where you hit characters with “rasengans” and someone in group threw at the sasuke one and my Sasuke tour guide responded with “itai itai” in a Sasuke like answer LMAO. Someone touched the books in the Hokage office too and he scolded her saying “This isn’t a museum, but don’t touch that”. LOL. Was able to understand around half of what he talking about so I was pretty happy.

And that’s about it for all the Naruto stuff I’ve bought. Hopefully, there’s still more since not all anime shops are selling Naruto goods anymore. Thanks for reading and goodnight!

(A Part-Two Sort of Thing)

Messages to people I consider friends :D

well-damn-luke: Clara Grace, words can’t describe how awesome you are, okay? I’m like 99.9% sure no one else would put up with me the way you do. From being able to send the weirdest shit to your ask to just talking to you whenever to wanting massive cuddle sessions, I feel like you’re my best friend. You give the best advice when I need it, you’re gorgeous, and so talented and sweet and I love you to bits.

bitchassluke: Pooja! You, my friend, are one of the greatest people I know. I am so glad we’re friends because wow, you’re incredibly funny, you are stunning (even if you think or say otherwise), and you’re there for me. Let’s also not forget the major feels you bring with your incessant text posts. I love you so much and I love how we can rant to each other about things and not give a rat’s ass. Our friendship is great. Stay rad.

ash-iwin: Jenna okay you are literally one of the very first 5sos blogs I followed (I think it was second!) and I am infinitely happy that I didn’t unfollow you from that point for any reason because we wouldn’t be where we are today! You are a fabulous person who runs a fabulous blog and gosh darn it you are so beautiful. Self-esteem issues arise when you post selfies. But yeah I love you and you’re fab.

blazecal: Geneva girl. I swear the conversations we have should be like monitored or something – they’re so frickin weird. Remember though, we have a garden gnome and cat army to assemble to take over the world. Hahaha okay in all seriousness, you are hilarious and so fun to talk to and I absolutely love you. (I also think I’ve picked up saying “hellza” because of you.)

orgascal: Crystal, you’re such a major sweetheart and I love you so much. I know I told you this before but I followed you when you were still burritoirwin and I was like :( she’s so cute and awesome and she’ll never notice me. So you can say I flipped when you did! You put a smile on my face and you make me really happy and I love you lots and lots and yeah stay beautiful, darling.

starbucalum: Kayla! You’re such a babe and I love talking to you. From our fruit talks about how I eat grapes with a fork (not off the vine) to having lots of feels to just whatever? Like I don’t even know, I love you so much, and are we married? I think we are. There’s some post about it or something. Maybe it was on a selfie. But yeah okay anyway I love you and I love you and I love you.

stopitcalum: Ki’i oh gosh where do I start. You are like. Probably my favorite Calum girl. Like ever. And I fangirled really hard when you followed me because you are so wow and I am so not. I don’t think you consider us friends but I listed you as a friend anyway. Let’s see okay 1. you make a bunch of text posts that make me cry and give me severe feels. 2. your selfies also make me cry bc beautiful. 3. your tags often make me laugh 4. why’re you so awesome, like bye. (Ily.)

cuddlyhemming: Jenna aye okay so I just scrolled through our text conversations and like 90% of it is in caps. I love talking to you and I just love you a lot in general and it’s great that our conversations always consist of us yelling at each other about 5sos and how great food is and how you’ve never hit post limit before? Is that a thing?? That you’ve never felt the frustration of post limit??? Anyway, you’re cute and I love you okay.

calumoxide: Nalisha babe okay I haven’t been following you for a very long time but so far you are g9 okay so keep up the good work. I love you like a lot and also we need to talk more because you seem hella rad (sorry I stole what you said about me in your follow forever heh but it’s true). Also remember, we are dating. You said it yourself. It’s official.

acousticirwin: Sydney okay first of all, your edits are A+. Second, your AUs make me cry all the freaking time okay and I don’t even know how you come up with that many like you just bang them out one after the other and it kills me. Anyway, I’m really glad I followed you because you’re super awesome and yay fronds :D

assholuke: Kathryn… *lets out big sigh* as much as we banter and throw sarcasm at each other, I do feel like we’re good friends, I mean, who else am I going to be an asshole/assholuke to? (Sorry, I had to.) You’re pretty rad, if I do say so myself, and I’m glad there’s someone who puts up with my shit, even though you don’t have to.

lucahemming: Sarah I know we’ve at least a few interactions but for some reason I can’t remember any of them. But despite that, I know I adore you and you are going to be my cuddle buddy if you’re ever in New York…I do remember comparing heights though which was obviously a crucial factor in the cuddling! You’re awesome. Stay awesome.

pengirwin: Kristen, hey girl hey. Okay sometimes it feels like I’m reblogging all of your stuff and other times it feels like you’re reblogging all of mine…so…I’m glad it’s mutual? Haha anyway I love you and I loved talking (or rather, yelling) with you about All Time Low and how frickin good their music is and we also yell at each other about 5sos and yeah it’s always a good time.

spiritcal: Faith hello alright this is a perfect example of how being nice to people can turn into friendship. I don’t think we’ve spoken in a while but you’re still a kickass person in my book and I love you okay.

barakalifford: Julia we haven’t talked in a while and I do miss your snapchats! But I love you loads and thanks for being a friend :-) (Heartbreak Girl starts playing in the background)

Other mentions!

420calum: Aly. You’re one of the first 5sos blogs I followed I think, and I followed you when you were at 4k followers, and that’s where I am now, which is weird if you think about it. I admire you a lot and hope we can talk more in the future :)

assston: Raquel. I thought it was cute when you said you were really happy that I followed you, and I’m also glad I followed you back! You’re awesome and that preference made me cry (the one I reblogged a while ago).

comfortcal: Sage. You’re such a cutie and I love all your outfits and selfies and you’re so rad okay. Plus you’re also one of my top Calum girls aye *wink wink*.

darlinglucas: Nicole. Wow your voice is stupendous and thanks for loving my blog and if you held the New York 5sos ticket for me, thanks for doing that as well, I love you.

fallenfor5sos: Sandra. We haven’t talked like ever, but I want you to know that I think you made the most wicked edits/gifs, so thanks for being awesome.

michaelgclifford: Molly. I sort of love you from afar and I talked to you on anon a couple times and off anon a couple times. You’re lovely and cute and sweet and I really admire you :)

mikashton: Silvia. You’re great okay for doing everything. Your gifs are marvelous and I love how you can gif things in like 3 seconds. Love you lots.

touchmyash: Sam. You’re a babe oh my gosh and I love you tons. I hope we get to talk more! I feel like I never talk to you…which I don’t.


That absolutely came out longer than intended but I wanted to say some stuff to friends, so yeah I love you all wee