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yo so i totally just saw THIS post about this and I am game for it. 

okay but like Sana and Isak working on biology in the living room of Sana’s house, minding their own businesses, getting into idk mitosis or whatever theyre learning about and then all the sudden, they hear laughter in the hallways and Sana drops her head to the table and groans loudly (but genuinely thinks about asking Isak if her make-up is smeared because where there is loudness and laughter, there is usually Yousef fuck) but then the boys sweep into the house and Sana yells at them to shut up. Which ofcourse means they all converge on the living room.

And Isak is like- whoa hey guys hahaha and they all give Isak nods and make loud noises and Elias kind of stares from Isak to Sana in a like ‘yo what the fuck are you doing with my sister’ kind of way and Sana snorts loudly and slaps him upside the head. So Isak is fist bumping everyone and then the last of the boys looks weirdly familiar? So he kind of cocks his head and is like sorry have we met before? And the floppy haired Mikael shrugs and is like ‘have I slept with your girlfriend at one point?’ and Isak laughs and shakes his head. And the Mikael is like ‘oh, how about boyfriend?’

And then Isak just- starts because he remembers. Best buddy Mikael. Fuck. So Isak looks away really fast and kind of laughs because Even hasn’t really mentioned him since that one text message conversation, but would it be weird to not bring up that Isak knows him?

And then Miakel kind of laughs and before Isak can even think of it, ‘You know my boyfriend escapes his mouth. And Mikael just raises an eyebrow and is like, ‘Do i?’

And then Sana cuts in uneasily, clearing her throat and almost scooting herself in between the two boys, “Mikael this is Isak He’s uh- Even’s boyfriend.”

And then there is complete silence in the room.

anonymous asked:

I discovered this blog on Tuesday and I've been checking it for updates EVERY DAY I'm OBSESSED and even showed my best friend. Could you do SHINee at IKEA? I can't remember if you've done it yet lol

you are too cute anon! i’m so glad you and your best friend are enjoying!! also I LOVE IKEA what a weird magical swedish wonderland 


  • must sit on every sofa 
  • judges them like some sort of sofa connoisseur “ah yes, just the right amount of squish and support for the butt”  
  • keeps pretending to live in every display 
  • unpopular opinion: swedish meatballs are just ok 
  • sitting on the flatbed cart while members push him grinning like a damn fool 


  • complaining that no one’s room looks like this
  • is that a jar of hay
  • looking forward to getting an ice cream cone on the way out 
  • oh there it is
  • he was wrong, they were just here he could tell by the impractically small stools 
  • “found this lil plant i love it it’s mine” 


  • before entering chants “kibum you will not buy things you don’t need you will NOT BUY things you don’t need!!!!!!!!!”
  • buys a stuffed broccoli, a shower curtain, and two of those plastic garbage cans that everyone has (”dammit kibum why have you lost all control over your life YOUR SHOWER HAS A GLASS DOOR FOR GOD’S SAKE”) 
  • crawls into a bedset with a fluffy duvet cover 
  • “i live here now”


  • failing very hard at pronouncing the names
  • “if we pool our money and don’t eat for the next month, we can redo our kitchen” 
  • found a HUGE picture of a scribbly cat?? not really sure what it is?? (minho: ”hahaha hey guys look how ugly this is” / shinee: “hahah omg” / minho: *looks at it again* “i must have it”) 
  • buys a set of 100 forks 


  • there is too much furniture, they all look the same, he is overwhelmed 
  • turns “on” all the faucets of every sink he sees bc he knows it’ll bug someone eventually 
  • chaotic evil 
  • “that’s a really big fridge” ….. “wonder if i could fit in there” 
  • he can
  • bye taemin


  • everyone looks at their purchases in the sunlight and they’re like damn you ikea and your strange magnetic power 
hello people

as u guys may have noticed i have been gone for a pretty long time and i’m so so sorry but actually this wasn’t planed since i only wanted to take a short break but when i wanted to come back tumblr would’t let me log back in aaaah i still have no idea why exactly someone probably tried to hack me or smth but nevermind it’s fixed now and i’m so glad i can be back now just right in time bc muse will be back this fucking week with a new song i’m so fucking excited i’m gonna explode!!! anyway i hope some of u guys still remember me lol and i rlly hope i haven’t lost too many mutuals tbh :( i rlly missed this blog

and just in case i’ll have problems again u can always follow me on my personal blog @idiotxque ily guys


ENFP comes into the room to find that the lights are off, and INTP has fallen asleep in the middle of the day. He tries to gather his things and prepare to leave again as quietly as possible when INTP starts to stir.

INTP: *Stretches, and looks out the window*

ENFP: *Freezes*

INTP: *Looks over at ENFP and dazedly waves*

ENFP: Awww, duuuuuuuude, did I wake you up?

INTP: Huh?

INTP: Oh… I don’t know…

INTP: It’s fine, though…

INTP: *Looks around, distractedly*

ENFP: I’m really sorry man, I saw you were sleeping, and I tried to be quiet, I didn’t mean to, I’ll be out in a second, you can go back to it if you want.

INTP: *Getting out of bed* Huh?

INTP: Oh, nah, it’s fine, really, don’t worry about it.

ENFP: :/


ENFP: Well, now I feel really shitty…

ENFP: I promise I was being as quiet as I could be, I really didn’t want to mess with you, or anything.

INTP: *Waving away the comments* Haha, ENFP, it’s okay, trust me. I have some things I have to work on anyway.

ENFP: *Sigh* Okay… I mean, as long as you know…

ENFP: You sure it’s okay?

INTP: Yes, I’m absolutely sure.

ENFP: Okay.

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I’m looking for a new theme so if you guys have any suggestions that would be great. Also, my one year is on Wednesday, and I’m gonna do a fic giveaway so get yourself PUMPED AND READY TO WIN (and it would be hella rad to hit 2k by then and I need like 200 more followers omg this is crazy).

AND here’s part of a fic that was abandoned a long time ago:

Percy was sitting on the couch watching a movie and eating popcorn when he was embarrassed to death.

And he could say that with certainty. He had been close enough to death plenty of times for him to know what it felt like. He thought that he would rather have it right now. He was blushing, and his hair was standing up on the back of his neck, and his breathing was short, and he was sweaty and—

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♥ First of all we just want to say we love the Harvest Moon games and this video is just a joke we made about all those little irritating things in these games that made them… lovable hahaha! ♥

Hey guys, it’s been a while! But it’s summertime now and since school is out of our way for a while we have time for cosplay again, yay! we hope you enjoy this little video we threw together. If you enjoyed this video please leave a comment perhaps describing something else you “hate” about Harvest Moon so that we can make a part 2! 8D