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how Agatha probably finds out
  • penny: *opens door* well, here we are.
  • agatha: mhm nice flat. It's yours and Simons, isn't it?
  • penny: yeah, and kinda Baz's too. He's always here. A l w a y s.
  • agatha: speaking of, where are they?
  • penny: *sighs* they're still taking a bath.
  • agatha: oh... y-you have two bathrooms?
  • penny: no, they're-
  • penny:
  • agatha:
  • penny: ...
  • penny: wait we haven't told you yet ?

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I was wondering if you have any good victuuri fics to recommend? :D i love kic btw, i've read it more than i've read my thesis and that's saying a lot! (Mostly about how I definitely make good life choices shhh!)

omg fkdjfdk thank you i’m so glad you’re enjoying kic!!! here are some awesome oneshots i’ve read recently:

  • Hey, Jealousy by @rcmclachlan
    gen / 3k / yurio pov fic about russian hockey team being in love with yuuri and victor is Absolutely Fine Of Course Why Would There Be a Problem ? ?  ?  (yurio voice is srsly on point) 
  • A Hitman’s Guide to Emergency Gift-Giving by @exile-wrath
    not rated / 2k / vicyuu are hitmen, it’s victor’s birthday, yuuri gifts him the decapitated head of his longtime rival; can u say, romantic? 
  • all you’re giving me is friction by @alykapediaaa
    teen / 2k / scruffy!victor…. need i say more
  • Laundry Day by @lucycamui & @victorsporosya
    explicit / 7k / vicyuu does the do on a washing machine… seriously folks… this is not for the Delicate Cycle-hearted… this is strictly for the Auto Soak of us 👅💦😩 👏  (seriously this is spicier than the ghostiest of ghost peppers)
  • Stay the Night by @dystopiansushi
    mature / 6k / speaking of ghosts… victor is a ghost who haunts a hotel. yuuri stays the night (WARNING this GOOSED me so if u are EASILY GOOSED then… then u have to read this too ok come and suffer w me dkafdkfjaskdfj) 
  • To Wine and Dine by @kiaronna
    gen / 3k / victor is a renowned chef and yuuri is a food critic who thinks victor’s only giving him a grand dining experience because he’s figured out what yuuri’s there for and i am absolutely sobbing this was so beautiful hECK and its in paris [heavy sigh]

my album’s here!!!!!!!!!!!

Little-Big Brother
  • Ventus: Remember that time you two treated me like a baby and it turns out I survived the Keyblade War?
  • Ventus: Uh, excuse me guys, wHO was entrusted by one of the original Foretellers to carry on the Keyblade's legacy?
  • Aqua:
  • Aqua: Terra, you know I love Ven, but...
  • Terra: You want to dunk his head in a toilet.
  • Aqua: So much. So. Much.

“cute, sexy, and handsome” main vocal

a few days ago i caught a brand new shiny wishiwashi while trying to spawn a chinchou at a bubbly fishing spot. i named her mabushii cuz of yamato nadeshiko shichihenge (she’s shiny HAHA do u get it hahaha). this is mabushii with my trainer, kumo. ( ; u;) took a photo of the drawing because scanned colored pencils look so awful.

more sketchos about the crossover that i will never do sketchos about, which by the way is marble hornets, i didnt put that in the text of the last one and that was a mistake. we decided btw that the bubble protects u from teleportation and all