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He’s come a long way. :D (The last time Sakuya tried watching the kiddos….lol)

welp took me awhile…. been working on this one whenever I could cause it’s one of the age au comics that’s necessary for the “plot” to continue. One more comic closer to the Kuro and Mahiru confession. EHEHEHEHEEH I can’t wait too. 

Tiny Lily and Sakuya’s friendship comes in handy later I promise. (it’s a part of what helps Kuro and Sakuya get along a little better. Cause trust me they don’t really from what we have seen so far.) Meeting the kiddos a second time he’s figured out how to calm down each one of them, plus they are now used to “Mamahiru’s” weird green friend. ^^ hahaha “Sakkun”….childhood friends like to tease each other. But to be fair Sakuya said “Mahi Mahi” first. 

Stayed tuned for the next one~ ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Also some hints for certain characters we’ll see more of in future comics. wink wonk. 

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Headcanon• Yuuri was once masturbating in the shower, thinking about Ice Daddy Victor™, and it felt so good that he started to scream. Yuuri's family was home, so to cover up the screeching moan Yuuri began singing— correction: he began screaming— AH Zabenya from the Lion King

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goodbye childhood hahaha this is fucking hilarious I’m screaming

send me your fluffy, kinky, or hilarious headcanons and scenarios (nsfw or not)


“C’mon! Your heaven is somebody else’s Thanksgiving. Okay. It’s bailing on your family. What do you want me to say?” (5x16)


Ben Solo & Poe Dameron

“It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” 


I was rereading tfios, haha, lets suffer.


Ahh at long last we get to share these cosplays with you!! They are not at 100% yet but we decided to do a shoot anyway! Elf!Sasuke and Dwarf!Sakura from Kishi’s LOTR AU chapter 679 cover!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Everything pretty much made by me except our shoes and the chainmail! It was a lot of hard work and I really did struggle at some parts so I apologize that it’s not completely accurate yet, we just wanted to share our work because we are so excited and LOTR and Naruto have been a big part of our lives since childhood hahaha. More to come soon! Hopefully with videos and the rest of Team 7 :D 

We really hope you like the pics! Thank you so much for your support!  Much love always ♥ ♥ ♥


Sasuke’s Facebook || Sakura’s Facebook || Photos by us!



hahaha these are my old drawings from 2004!! i was  freaking 9 years old!!! XD




HAHAH XD … i think i’m going to remake some of these someday hahaha

Some Random Chrestomanci Headcanons

Because why not.

•  It is so cute to me that the Castle/department is like, rehabbing orphaned dragons?? I am sure that Christopher feels permanently, super guilty about what his uncle did, including stealing dragon eggs, and does what he can to make up for it. Pretty sure Gabriel would not have been rehabbing dragons right there in a government building haha. The remaining mermaids probably get compensation pay or something.

•  Jason cursed like a sailor when he was a teenager. Gabriel hated it with a passion and he was always having to do tedious chores to make up for swearing at everything. He grew out of it. Eventually. Except when he’s had a few drinks.

• Throgmorten is still alive, incredibly ancient and incredibly irritable, probably living in Christopher’s office or something. He mostly just lies around on comfortable beds hissing these days. I KNOW HE’D BE LIKE 35 BUT HE’S A SPECIAL CAT OKAY. THE OLDEST RECORDED CAT WAS 38 AND THAT ONE WASN’T EVEN MAGICAL. We never hear about him because let’s be real who would ever want to see him.

•  Christopher is Chrestomanci but Millie runs the castle. She organizes everything within the castle, including directing the department operations that are actually based there. Most people assume she’s just the hostess but she is actually phenomenally important, and that is what she and Christopher agreed upon when they were married because she never wanted to sit on her hands.

• Michael and Conrad do not get along, to Christopher’s ongoing exasperation. (Michael acts like Christopher’s right hand man in the castle and Conrad is appalled the first time he visits, sort of teasingly, then sort of jealously, then he doesn’t even know why anymore but he just doesn’t like him okay Christopher leave me alone.)

• Tom is the most reliable secretary in the world and is really really good at making tea appear from nowhere, perfectly prepared with honey, and Christopher really does appreciate him most of the time. He’s also sweet on one of the maids, and Millie and Bernard have a great time conspiring to set them up (Bernard can’t be boring all the time okay).

• Roger & Joe become a couple. I’M SORRY, I KNOW I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO HEADCANONS THIS. They just hit it off so well and squirrel themselves away in their blowing-stuff-up workshop, and they just seem like an adorable inventor-y couple and they’d be really gruff and informal about it and then Christopher would catch them making out in the tool shed much to his horror hahaha

•  Christopher spent his childhood traveling through different worlds and being treated better by very different people and cultures than he ever was at home. He learned the words, like heathen, but I always imagined that he didn’t internalize 12A’s prejudices and biases nearly as much as you would expect. This has to do with how he sees Millie, sure, but I also always imagined that when Conrad came out (because there’s no way Conrad is straight), Christopher would be the most nonchalant about it because presumably there are super gay worlds out there where it’s totally accepted and they probably gave him hot chocolate when he was a kid awwww.
(I have seen excellent fics where Christopher is the prejudiced/old-fashioned one and honestly I go back and forth on this; I think he’s definitely an upper society old-fashioned British snob in many ways but I also think he can be quite ‘live and let live’ about other ways of life in the books, and I can see that being the result of his early exposure to different cultures and the lack of a real parental effort to install 12A values. I know his mom talked to him about heathens and stuff but if you just see someone every few weeks for a little lecture that’s not quite the same as hands-on parenting.)

• Jason did not get along with Gabriel due to being a bit of a rebel as a teenager, and as soon as he was able he went off to faraway jungles to study plants and got really good at ignoring all mail, including the 15 letters inviting him to the ceremony of the changing of the title, and he just kept ignoring all his mail until his assistant was like, “Chrestomanci is here sir” and he was like, “Shit can’t take a hint can he” and then he had a heart attack when Christopher walked in and was like “WHY DON’T YOU ANSWER YOUR MAIL MORON YOU MISSED EVERYTHING”

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Reminds me of a book way back when I was a child. I don’t know why. Hahaha. It kinda gives me those childhood memories. Hahaha.

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Since na I don’t know you, I’ll just give my impressions and I’ll rate your blog. And I must say na ang astig ng blog mo. Ang astig din ng photography skills mo. Paturo! Hehehe. I’ll give it an 8/10. :) Please do PM me if you want to. Lol!