hahaha can i be you


Right now, I just so happen to have an empty seat for Greed.”

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Been playing a lot of Mystic Messenger and named my MC Todoroki.

So have this sketch~☆


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again

A very self-indulgent thing I did today during classes.

I never saw the actresses clearly so that’s partly how I imagine them ?? And the dresses are anachronic as hell, my bad. I’ll just say this is my first try at drawing Angelica and Eliza !


Kageyama Tobio for my dearest friend, Seda ♡♡


Everybody ~ SMTown 170708 ~ Taemin ditches his jacket mid performance but doesn’t quite get it out the way, but the other member quickly take care of it. Jjong moves it slightly, then Minho tosses it back to Taemin, who throws it off stage…all still while seamlessly performing their choreo. 

Jimin: [comes home crying]

Jin: Oh my god, what happened to you?

Jimin: [wiping tears from his eyes] A little girl came up to me at the grocery store. You know what she said?

Jin: [with slight alarm in his eyes] What?

Jimin: She said “Someday I’m gonna be tall like you”.

Jungkook: What the fuck

Rhys: *Heading to the library* Cass come on, you said you’d help with some research. I promise Bryaxis isn’t down there anymore!



“The fan reaction to this show has been like massive, I mean, people are obsessed with it. I told you, like my entire office every Wednesday is like “Oh, it’s The Handmaid’s Tale day!” I mean, have you started to noticed, you know, because you were on a show that had a very, very, very, rabid fan base and still does to this day in a lot of ways. Have you noticed like a wavering in the amount of people coming up to you now and being like “Serena Joy is the worst. I love you”? Just like that – it’s more Handmaid’s Tale now that people are getting into it?” []


for daichi rarepair week - day 5 : college au 

i love the idea of iwaizumi and daichi going to the same college so i immediatly thought of iwadai for this prompt lol
(i reposted it because the other version kinda hurt my eyes lol sorry)

25.04.17 // Since I don’t have enough time for having a bujo, I decided to start a doodle journal! I love doodling (it calms me so much) and I thought it would be a good idea to make some kind of theme series and post them so maybe anyone can find inspiration for their journals or use them directly.

Soo, this is the first series I made, it plants (I love them hahaha) and you can download them HERE for free in pdf, jpg and png if you want them in a better quality! Have a lovely day!

Ps: If you have any suggestions about what themes we could doodle next, send us an ask and tell us please!