hahaha adding the yuri tag just because

anonymous asked:

Why don't you ship otayuri? (I just wanted to ask, not trying to sound rude or anything)

Why would I?

Ok ok ok, because Yurio is 15. Otabek is 19. 

And at first I wasn’t downright against the ship, I kinda let it slip by and such. Then of course the shippers decided to harass antis, one person (a freaking grown-up woman) hijacked an anti’s post, which they kept in the anti tag and added some gross nsfw ota//yuri to the post on purpose, because hahaha it is so much fun to trigger younger fans. Then other shippers applauded that. Then a mutual of mine had to deal with some serious harassement and name-calling from the person who started it all and that just did it to me.

Since then I’ve been so viciously against the ship and everything associated with it. 

And that is not to mention all of the posts these shippers make about how their ship is the power couple, the true otp of the show and many of them literally try to debunk victuuri for some reason and they are gross and homophobic. :)

Aaaaaand now today happened and wow. I’m beyond done.