hahaha no

in history class
we talked about ruthless dictators,
calling them villains,
an evil we will never understand to its fullest.
but i must say
i do know what it’s like to be ruled by someone,
what it means to live in terror,
fearing for my life,
remember the feeling of helplessness.
and i must say,
i do. i do understand.
—  thank god my father wasn’t a politician // m.p.
I hope I end up with someone willing to check for shit that moves in the night because I’m sure as hell not fucking doing it

Was having luncheon with my parents’ friends and obviously, their dreadful offsprings were there as well and they were talking about Austria so I started to talk about Habsburgs. These plebians were flabbergasted because -apparently- ‘Maths people’ knowing about history is so terribly astonishing to them and they find it somewhat useless to clutter one’s mind with such stuff and I had the most distressing realisation. There are people (actual human people) out there who are simply not interested in history!!! BLIMEY!