@kyluxtrashcompactor said: I love you got heckled for your first order wear.  It’s like, the fandom arrived at Disney.


I’m going to give y’all a list of everything this hat got me- here we go!

- like 500 children stared at me with either fear or awe 

- random dude on the bus said he liked it, thanks random dude!

- cast member working outside Star Tours asked me where I bought it, I told him I made it, he seemed impressed

- cast member working inside Star Tours saluted me (I touched two fingers to my forehead back bc luke did that in return of the jedi and it seemed fitting (??))

- cast member working with the BB8 meet and greet told me I belonged in a trash compactor

- BB8 beep-yelled at me

- Star Tours cast members recognized me when I went back for Fastpass, we talked a bit more about Star Wars, etc

- stormtroopers that walk around the park stopped and saluted me, then said ‘that’s nice, that’s real nice.’

- cast member called out ‘hello, general!’ as I walked by (honestly a fav)

- met a girl wearing an Imperial command cap!  felt like a real connection between generations of star wars villains :’)

- chewbacca was taken aback at the sight of my hat, I BS’d a story of how I just got back from spying on the First Order for the Resistance (he bought it)

- kylo looked at me like :/ until I asked about hux to which he became >:/

- why kylo….why did you not tell me where general hux was…….

in conclusion: first order hat + disney’s hollywood studios = profit 

anonymous asked:

But Maya, your shady anons are never wrong! Don't you remember Freddie's acting debut in the JHO video? And Eleanor looks so beautiful in the back to you teaser!

Janjahgsybai how could I forget the JHO anon about Freddie being 100% in the video. I wonder if antis are still zooming in to find him between scenes