💛💘💕❤ I’m ❤💕💘💙

💜💘💕💗💓 so 💓💗💕💘🖤

💚💘💕💗❤ fucken ❤💗💕💘💙

💖💘💕💗❤ angry ❤💗💕💘🖤

🖤💘💕💗❤ all the ❤💗💕💘💚

💜💘💕💗❤ timeEeEeEeEeEe ❤💗💕💘💚


this is a serious au

Deviant hunters au, featuring 3 androids sent by Cyberlife, Connor, Markus and Kara. Hank has 3 new kids and detective work just got more interesting. More details here . (As for their specialities, these are canon hahahah Probably have more distinct roles than this but ahhh idk i need sleep)

More doodles of this AU


make me choose: 

[anonymous asked]  → Tom Hiddleston or Tom Holland

Why: I love both these dorks equally and I can’t choose either of them, so here’s their beautiful friendship.

And then they held hands

something silly because I got stuck trying to draw the deviant hunters in their outfits. (anatomy is hard y’all)

Anyway, Hank reads fluffy fanfic. (i know Carl’s out of the age range but heyy pretty sure this hip old man is pretty up to speeds about trends lol)