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Concept: yuuri wants to start using contact lens all the time but victor wont allow it bcz "YUURI UR EROS IS SHOWING EVERYWHERE ASDFGHJKL" but then yuuri uses his glasses and victor whispers "omg ur eros is still showing ive created a monster"

yuuri’s reaction to all of this probably lmao:

Before I go give writing a shot tonight I thought I’d share another one of those extra NWY ficlets. Have some Shrunkyclunks! :D

[first] [second] [third]

Steve Rogers has a broken faucet.

The Universe clearly doesn’t spare anyone from mundane inconveniences because Steve Rogers, Captain America, man out of time, Avenger, Superhero, has a broken faucet, no toolbox to help him fix it, and currently finds himself needing to borrow his neighbor’s.

The only problem, broken faucet aside, is that his neighbor is kind of cute. Kind of impossibly, right-out-of-a-fairytale cute, and Steve’s about 88% sure they’ve been low-key flirting for at least a month now.

It goes like this:

Steve Rogers finds a beautiful grey Norwegian forest cat chilling atop his sketchpad one day. Her name is Winter, and it looks like she climbed up the fire escape and into his living room from the apartment right below his. When Steve brings her downstairs, her owner greets him with the brightest, most beautiful smile he’s ever seen. “I can’t say I’m surprised she picked your place to break into,” Cute Neighbor says. “She’s always had great taste in men.”

Steve might’ve blushed.

The second time he sees him, Steve’s just getting back from his morning run when he bumps into Cute Neighbor as he steps out of the building, hair up in a bun and a huge, brown newfoundland dog at his heel.

“Oh, hi!” Steve says, probably a tad more cheerful than necessary.

Cute Neighbor looks like he’s still half-asleep, but returns the smile anyway, and introduces himself as Bucky and his cute pup as Hagrid. Steve has a bit of a crush on him already.

“I’m Steve,” he says in turn, and kneels so he can pet Hagrid. It gets him a kiss from the dog, and laugh from his owner. Win win.

“You know, I kinda hate you, Steve…” Bucky tells him then, and for a moment Steve’s face falls, but then Bucky winks at him and goes on. “No one should look as good as you do this fucking early in the morning.”

This time he totally blushes.

The third time he sees him it’s when Bucky comes knocking on his door. He’s smiling sheepishly when Steve opens, looking a bit on edge and holding a small parcel.

“Um… the postman left me this, but I think it’s yours,” he tells him. “It says they’re art supplies?”

“Oh! Y-yes, they’re, um, they’re mine,” Steve answers. “Thanks.”

Bucky shrugs like it’s no big deal, and then shuffles a bit on his feet before asking, “So… Steve Rogers?” Steve winces involuntarily, and Bucky’s quick to hold his palms up. “No, no, it’s okay, I just—I was surprised, s’all. I promise your secret’s safe with me.”

“It’s not…” Steve sighs softly. “I don’t mind people knowing that much, I just… I don’t want anyone treating me differently.”

“Ah well, you don’t gotta worry about that,” Bucky says, smirking. “If the landlord raises my rent cause there’s a famous guy living in the building, I’ll be kicking your ass whether you’re Captain America or not.”

Steve is infinitely thankful to Miss Reyes for picking this exact moment to step out of her apartment across the hall, effectively ending their conversation, because he’s not sure what he might’ve done about his racing pulse otherwise. Bucky shoots him one last reassuring smile and a “See you around, Stevie,” and offers to help Miss Reyes down the stairs.

He’s run into Bucky another three times, and the man has been just as charming and gorgeous every single one.

Steve really, really wants to ask him out.

Hence the nerves while standing at Bucky’s door, even if his reason for being here is entirely different. He takes a steadying breath before knocking, and after a few seconds Bucky opens the door. His face seems to light up when he sees Steve.

“Stevie!” he greets him. “What’s up?”

“Hi,” Steve says, unable to hold back his smile upon seeing him. “Listen, I was, um, I was wondering whether I could borrow a wrench? My faucet broke.”

Bucky doesn’t reply right away, just eyes him for a few moments, and then, eyebrow raised and an amused smile on his lips, he asks, “You’re friends with Tony Stark and you have to borrow your neighbor’s wrench?”

And yeah, okay, Steve should’ve seen that one coming. It does sound an awful lot like a half-assed excuse, and if Steve’s bathroom wasn’t currently such a huge mess he totally would’ve run with the chance to flirt with him. But.

Steve opens his mouth but his face alone must be pathetic enough to make Bucky believe him, because before he even gets to say anything, the man’s expression instantly changes, and he says, “Just gimme a sec, I don’t know where my toolbox is. I’ll be right over.”

“Thank you!” Steve tells him, almost reverentially. “I’ll leave the door open.”

Not even 3 minutes later Bucky’s letting himself into Steve’s apartment and meeting him in the flooded mess that’s currently his bathroom, toolbox in hand and looking like he’s trying really hard not to laugh at Steve’s predicament.

“I can’t believe this is really happening…” he says as he hands him the wrench.

“What, you thought it was an excuse to get you to come over?” Steve asks, too focused on what his hands are doing to stop to think about his words. “Cause I might be 99 years old, but I totally could’ve come up with something better. Sexier.”

“I just meant it’s hard to believe that someone like Captain America could find himself in this situation,” Bucky says playfully. “But I don’t know what to tell you, man. Your shirt is soaking wet, it can’t get much sexier than that.”

It takes Steve two seconds to fully process what they both just said.

It takes him another second to blush down to his toes, which seems to just be the effect Bucky naturally has on him, really.

It takes them less than a week to start officially dating.

Instagram AU

Okay but imagine best friends Keith and Shiro, they love messing around online on Instagram when someone posts and the other comments. They’re not together but everyone thinks they are.

[photo of Keith sprawled on a sofa]
RedRanger Too tired to do anything at the mo. :/
BlackRanger Do you want me to massage you, babe? ❤️

Only close friends know nothing’s going on, but is there really nothing? 

[photo of Shiro climbing his bed]
BlackRanger Time for bed!
RedRanger I’m ready. 😘
Pidgeon GET A ROOM.
Hunkules @Pidgeon they kinda are.
Lancelot Disgusting. BUt cute. lmao

However, their friends play along.

[photo of Keith holding a cup of coffee]
RedRanger Always yours. ☕️
BlackRanger I already know that, baby. 😏
PinkAllura Awww, you two are so sweet. 😊
Lancelot Sweet? I’d say Keith is fucking bitter. GET IT?
BlackRanger Don’t be mean to my bae @Lancelot ☹️

But later on… it turns into something more and their friends see it unfold.

[photo of Keith’s pinky caressing Shiro’s knuckles]
RedRanger Why are your hands so big?
Pidgeon Why are you holding his hand?
Lancelot Technically he’s NOT holding it.
BlackRanger He’s holding it. 

[photo of Keith in class giving a peace sign]
BlackRanger Isn’t he the most beautiful? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lancelot NO.
BlackRanger @Lancelot YES.

People started noticing that Keith stopped posting photos and that Shiro’s account is full of nothing but photos of Keith.

[photo of Keith asleep]
BlackRanger God. I love him so much. Just the cutest and most adorable thing in the world. I’m so happy he said yes. We’re officially #boyfriends.
Pidgeon HELL YASSS! @Lancelot OWES ME 100 BUCKS!
Hunkules I always knew there was something fishy going on. You can’t just fake those thirsty comments. 😏
Slavalicious 👀  Whose bed is that?
RedRanger I swear to god Mr @Slavalicious NOTHING IS GOING ON.
BlackRanger BABE ☹️  You telling me last night meant nothing?
RedRanger DON’T MAKE IT SEEM LIKE WE DID SOMETHING! We just played Snake and Ladders! 
Lancelot Snake and Ladders, huh? 😏