hahah trolling

athene-ergane  asked:

Trolling around the interwebs the other day I came across "janinegon" which looks all right, but sounds terrible. But it got me thinking that "janegon"/"janigon" isn't such a bad combo. Thought I'd throw that out there...

I kinda like Janegon. I might start tagging stuff like that just for the sake of being able to find my cheesy stuff in one place. Thanks!

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                                  huh  ,    y’know  i  have  NEVER  seen  a  troll  like  you  before  .    usually  they’re  short  ‘lil  guys  with  crazy  hair  n’  junk  .    or  like  …    big  goblins  .    depends  on  the  troll  .     — — —    i  don’t  know  a  lot  about  troll  species  ,    hahah  …     i’m  just  gonna  stop  talkin’  .      

printerer  asked:

is it just me or in the video of harry talking about his teachers, later on when he asks if there are any man united or city fans he tells them not to fight inside but to do it outside the stadium and you can hear louis sayin "great message" ??? around the 2 min mark?

(x) omg i’m laughinggg so harry is joking telling people not to fight inside but to wait until they get outside to fight and louis goes “great message, what a great message” and then liam says “straight in the daily mail tomorrow morning!” total trolls hahah