hahah im not funny

introducing hong younghee 😂 


JEONGHAN: ah, since joshua’s here, let’s have him do the younghee thing too
JOSHUA: …am i younghee?
SEUNGKWAN & JEONGHAN: ???? why would YOU be younghee? *LOL*
SEUNGKWAN: okay then hyung, you can be younghee! get ready… start! younghee-ah~
JOSHUA: oh, you’re here? (◕ᴗ◕✿)
MEMBERS: …what the heck…
JEONGHAN: *asking younghee* what were you doing?
JOSHUA: i was leaving *LOL*
DOKYEOM: Nagasaki~ (play on words: ‘get out’ in korean = 나가 = na-ga)
JOSHUA: Nagasaki~~
MEMBERS: *dying*

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