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pick up line series! seongwoo

member: ong seongwoo 
genre(s): fboi!ong, romance, school!au 
pick up line series: yoon jisung | ong seongwoo | park woojin | kang daniel |

he was notorious around the campus grounds for playing with girls’ hearts; he was confident and charming, melting hearts in a single conversation and one smile then eventually leading them onto nothing as he approaches another girl to mess with. but even so, they still swoon over him and remain hopelessly waiting. 

he was ong seongwoo: the guy everyone knew and loved. he might not be an academic achiever but his looks, humour and talent in areas of creative arts has definitely caught the students and teachers’ hearts. 

all except one. 

the first time he notices you was when he was in front of the entire class telling something so amusing that it caused an uproar of laughter from everyone in the room. though his inflating ego immediately ceases once he notices you in the back corner, looking back at him with no emotion etched on your face.

you’ve managed to catch his eye from that moment and since then, he would wink at you, pull funny faces, flash adorable smiles and even approach you with his sweet-talk that seongwoo was sure you would crumble yet you remain unfazed, intriguing him even more. 

months pass and you find yourself in the library, waiting for your assigned tutee; as one of the top students, the teacher considered you to do it and she’d even give you extra marks to which you agree. people knew you and even if you did seem aloof, you were generally nice. 

and, as if fate planned it, walking towards your way is the school’s beloved playboy ong seongwoo, your eyes never leaving him as you inwardly admit to yourself how good-looking he actually is before preventing yourself of showing any sort of admiration.

once he’s seated in front of you, seongwoo leans forward towards your way and in return, you immediately back away. “i’m in a relationship.” you say out of impulse, not knowing how, why or where you got the idea.

though his laughter begins to ring in your ears and his response causing your heart to somehow flutter, “well after you tutor me, let’s talk about how we can get you out of that.” seongwoo smoothly replies, flashing you a smile. 

the damned smile that’s finally got your knees weak.