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👀 ((my ichimatsu))((if your still doing these))

(( IM GONNA F UCKKING KIL L YO U *SOBS* but yeah i’ll do it. in rp. bc i cant draw for shit ))

Send 👀 for my muse to wake up blind in a hospital room with your muse at their side.

It was almost funny. One minute, Jyushi was trying to walk home and the next second; everything was dark. Really dark, even when he woke up. Which was odd, as it was clearly morning.
He rubbed his eyes, thinking that maybe something was just in his eyes. Nothing. That’s when he realized there was soft sniffling from next to him-

“Hello..? Someone there?” He was quiet, the usual happiness in his voice gone. It was worrying- everything’s dark, someone’s crying.



Happy Hyuk Day!! 

Thank you Hyuk for always being so forward with your thought and feelings. You’re weird yet fun was of expressing yourself always brought a smile as well as a few laughs. I hope that although you’re growing up you won’t change too much; stay true to yourself! 

(my fail at an attempt of a congratulatory note orz. Also, the drawing. Long story short: this was the first image I got when I heard that Hyuk was going to appear on Laws of the Jungle. Needless to say that I knew nothing about the show, but I thought that Hyuk would own it xD Im sorry hahah I fail at fanart) 

Les Twins in Sydney on October 31, 2013. I tried not to put the camera directly towards them… Hahah I failed miserably. This was when the workshop finished and they were giving last minute autographs and pictures. It was funny when Lau was staring at the cards with their pictures on it, he points at himself and sarcastically says “That’s not me” and makes a silly face towards me while the cameras on Larry. LOL! Marco (the guy in charge of organising the workshops around Australia) asks me if I got a picture with them and tells me I should get one. Meanwhile, Lau walks up to me as you can see at the end of the video, and starts talking to me. I ended the video like an idiot, but I got nervous! In my mind I was like, fuck! He’s looking at me, hide the video, don’t look into his eyes, you’ll die! But I couldn’t help it. I moved against the wall behind me from nervousness. He was signing pictures on the wall by leaning on it which meant that I could touch his body and face like that’s how close we were. P.s. By this point I was dead. Dead. But in all seriousness we had a really good conversation. I was really happy with that.
Enjoy lads!