hahah dont look at me

Very boring short headcanon:(set in true end)) While samekichi is currently dating wadanohara,sometimes she thinks samekichi prefers the “bigger” ones.She worries about this sometimes.One day she asked him if he preferred girls with big boobs.Then he freaked out and said no,which makes wadanohara relieved. On the other hand,samekichi is still confused why she asked that question.

so,uhhhemm, yeah :F


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Gosh I’m so sorry for this late tag haha but i was so busy that I couldnt take photos hahah XD So here I am today!! I’m glad I dont have much dark circles now hahah i was with such bad face on last weeks XD fdvbfdhcj /hides on a corner.

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getting over my insecurities, one day at a time

(the first time in my whole life that I’ve ever smiled with my teeth in a picture)