hahah bless you

09.01 happy birthday jeongguk 

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Auntie tumblr somehow made me unfollow you and I still got notifications from your blog! I just now noticed and I feel terrible! So sorry!


Awww honey- don’t you even worry about it! Tumblr does crazy crap all the time and it makes me unfollow so many people that I want to keep following! I don’t know why! You aren’t the first to tell me this has happened to them and I doubt you will be the last- but I’m so happy you wanted to refollow me (especially after you were free from my shit posting hahah, bless you!) 

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last night I was thinking of that Lucaya New Years moment, so my current mood: 😢😭😩.

hahah Bless. I feel you though. That gifset of the lucaya new years moment hit me in the drunk feels last night apparently. 😂

In all seriousness, it really is such a good moment. The level of honesty and vulnerability (especially on Maya’s end) is HUGE. She’s not a character who opens up easily, but that night, when Corpanga told her to stay close to the people she trusts, she went up to the roof and made it clear to Lucas how she felt about him and about the possibility of being with him and he reiterated the sentiment. That moment was huge for them.

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You receive the most creepy, personal asks and yet you're totally chill about it. Bless you, good sir. Bless you.

Hahah yeah, nothing really phases me haha XD

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AHHHH, your skin is so perfect and you don't even wear foundation? You are blessed! hahah do you have any go-to face products or do you just have naturally clear skin?

I use Noxema with a clarisonic face scrubber.

Aveeno lotion

& I sometime use Oxy alcohol pads for any pimples that do appear!