So hyped! The homie Esteban just put their new video TAPE: An Homage to the Original Zoo York Mixtape online. The hahafuntime crew kills it. Be sure to check this out, Heinert, Kadow, Maximillian, Dom, and Nabi are all bosses. 


Sister location doodles

soo.. i doodled craps cuz dem yellin at my room

mostly i did ft foxy, forgive me for i have ruin ur au //cries i just like them suddenly 

also.. there’s a joke at the end but no one will get it haha… ha…

Funtime Foxy/freddy : @bell15yusvita

funtime freddy by: @springy-chan11(i suddenly drew her, see if you could spot her :“3c)

funtime foxy, baby and ballora by: me


Skateboard cool guy