When I’m not watching trted I start thinking “yeah it’s a kinda sorta bad film…” more and more but then I watch it again and I fall in love with it all over again and honestly I’m so easily swayed by other people’s opinions (yet another of the many bad traits I have) I shouldn’t be on tumblr tbh with almost every post I make I worry that I’ve said something wrong and someone’s gonna call me out and attack me for it

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Oh god Virgil probably completely on accident gets a reputation for being really standoffish and rude and snobby when he’s really just painfully shy and anxious and he hATES that people think that but he has to turn down party invitations and interview requests, and he knows that it upsets people but the guilt just makes his anxiety worse and then even harder to deal with 1/

And I don’t know there’s angst and he spends some time crying with his bros about it and saying how much he wants to tell people and be honest (and a lot of that is because he knows what a huge stigma there is about mental illness and he wants to help end that) but the words just stick in his throat. 2/ 

But then eventually! They come up with an idea! And they get in touch with an old reporter pal, someone who’s been doing pieces for and about Roman for years, and set up an interview: it’s over the phone, so Virgil doesn’t have to worry about being face to face, and he puts the phone on speaker while sitting at home with his brothers around him for comfort and support and anyways it’s lovely the 3nd

(This took so long for me to reply to im so sorry hahaaaaaaa)

BUT YES He does get QUITE The reputation because of his anxiety. For a while he refuses to even do any sort of interview after so many people point out every little detail he does wrong and he just cant take it and goes under the radar of any kind of news stuff-

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Solangelo 27 ;D

“I’m pregnant”

Nico opened his eyes groggily and groaned. The Hephaestus-cabin made clock on his bedside table read 4 AM, and yet, someone was knocking on the door of Cabin 13.

“Nico!” A voice shouted. “Open up!” Nico grudgingly lifted himself out of bed and shuffled to the door. Nico opened it to find Will Solace standing there with a hand over his stomach.

“Solace, what do you want?” Nico grumbled.

“I’m pregnant.”

“WHAT?!” Nico shouted. “We haven’t even–” It was then that Nico remembered the date he had seen (and initially disregarded) on the clock.
“SOLACE. YOU ASS. YOU DO NOT HAVE A UTERUS AND IT IS APRIL FIRST.” Nico promptly punched Will in the face, silencing Will’s laughter. As if in a cartoon, Will fell face-first on Nico’s floor.

Nico grabbed Will by the ankles and dragged him across the grass back to the Apollo cabin. “I really hate you,” Nico whispered to Will’s unconscious form.  Nico stormed back to his cabin, leaving Will’s dirt-covered body in front of the door, where someone would surely step on him in the morning.

“Solace, you deserve it, nerd,” Nico whispered to himself.

Thanks to wearetheseven for beta-reading! 

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Could you do 21 for iwaoi or 40 for klance, please? n.n♡

40 - “I made this for you.”

Hahaaaaaaa…. I’ve been playing Dream Daddy, and so far Robert is my favourite… so it’s pretty obvious where I’m going to go with this (if you’re at all familiar with robert’s dates)

Keith finds Lance on the flight deck. He sits in front of one of the large windows, looking out into the expanse of space, with his knees tucked into his chest. Keith checks his watch.

11:47 pm UTC-05:00 … perfect. 

His boots clink on the hard, metal, floor as he approaches Lance. Lance looks up. His expression is neutral. He moves over a bit as Keith sits next to him.

“Hey,” Keith greets. He tucks his feet under his legs so he sits cross-legged.

“Hey,” lance replies. He relaxes and lets his legs stretch out in front of him.

“I was hoping I’d find you here.”

“Oh, you miss me that much?”

“Is it so hard to believe?” Keith’s response knocks Lance’s smirk off of his face. He chuckles and leans back on his hands.

“Sometimes.” He grins. “I wonder if you secretly hope I fly out an airlock.”

“Only when you’re running your mouth.” Keith elbows him in his side.

“I run my mouth because what comes out of yours would get us killed.” Lance shoves right back. The both of them laugh.

Keith sighs and looks out into the stars with his friend. It’s been a rough few months, and an even rougher few weeks, but they’ve both clawed through it. These silent moments are becoming rarer. 

“Anyway, I wanted to give you something.” Keith speaks quietly. He begins to fumble with his utility belt. Lance perks up and watches him curiously.

Keith undoes the latch on one of his pockets, and pulls out a small, wooden, figure. It’s a lion. Whittled crudely out of wood and clumsily painted blue. Keith hands it to Lance. 

“I made this for you.” He whispers. A blush begins to creep across his cheeks.

Lance takes the lion. He examines it closely, beaming widely at the rough cuts Keith has undoubtedly made with his marmoran knife. It’s crude… but Lance adores it. He holds it with both hands and brings it close to his chest.

“I know it’s a mess, it’s a lion by the way! I know you probably can’t tell but I…!”

“I love it.” 

Lance’s bright smile shuts Keith up.


“Yes.” Lance nods vigurously. He chuckles as he looks at how Keith has tried to paint the lion’s eyes. Despite his best efforts, they’ve come out a bit lopsided.

“I uh… I know this whole lion swapping thing might be hard. You seemed to love your lion more than any of us, yet you were the one who had to move… so I thought…” Keith sighs. “I thought you might be missing her.” He smiles kindly. Lance smiles back. He runs his hands over the lion’s surface.

“I do.” He remembers himself. “I mean I love Red! I do! I just kind of miss…”

“I get it.” Keith pats his leg. “She understands, I’m sure.”

“I wish you could fly her with me.” Lance confesses. He’s thought about it countless times now… but never admitted it out loud. Keith in the black lion seems… distant somehow. Untouchable. Even higher than their days at the garrison.

Lance misses him.

“Well here!” keith excitedly digs in his other pocket and pulls out a second lion. This one painted red. He’s also gone to the effort of making it smaller than the blue lion. He hands it to Lance.

“I also made you this one!” He beams. “Now you have both of your lions to watch over you.”

Lance chuckles. He holds both of the lions in his hands. 

“Nah. Red’s not mine. I’m just keeping her company until we get Shiro back.”

Keith looks concerned.

“Lance,” His hand is back on Lance’s thigh.

“But she’s now my second favourite lion.” Lance grins. With a mischievous look, he starts to move the lions in front of him, pretending their flying through space. 

“ssccchhhkk! Oh no, Keith! Stop! You’ll never make it through that black hole!” Lance imitates the sound of his voice coming through the radio. He flies the red lion at ridiculous angles and speeds.

“Sccchhkk!” Lance mimics radio static. “Shut up, Lance! I know what I’m doing! I’m the greatest pilot this universe has ever seen!”

“I do not sound like that.”, Keith laughs.

“Sccchkkk! Sorry Keith! I can’t hear you! Hang on and I’ll come save you like always!”

The two boys laugh as Lance flies in Blue next to Red and makes some laser gun noises. He also tries to make the sound of Red’s fire canons, but it comes out garbled and with a lot of spittle.

“The day is saved!” Lance announces. “As gratitude, Red bestows a congratulatory kiss onto Blue.”

Lance knocks the two lions together continuously and makes many kissing noises. Keith blushes.

“Wha… Why are our lions kissing?!” He blusters.

“Because they’re in love, Keith.” Lance rolls his eyes like it’s obvious. At Keith’s dumbfounded expression, he bursts into a fit of giggles. Keith shakes his head and punches him in the bicep.

“Don’t disrespect our lions.”

“I’m not. I love them far too much for that.” Lance sighs. He looks at the lions in his hands once more and smiles softly. It’s Keith’s favourite smile.

“Thank you, Keith. This was… I’m really grateful… for this…” He swallows. “… For you.”

The ship hums in the silence that yawns between them. Keith feels like the wind has been knocked out of him. Lance continues to smile sheepishly.

In a feat of incredible courage and reckless abandon, Keith leans forward. 

He kisses Lance’s cheek.

When he pulls away, he brandishes his watch in Lance’s face. The time reads 12:01am UTC- 05:00.

“Happy Birthday, Lance.”